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Lord, we ask that You would accomplish Your purposes with the school system. We pray for direction for our elected officials in making these decisions and that You would speak clearly to them.
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield on Thursday said he believes shuttered schools present a greater public health issue than reopening schools.

“I’m of the point of view as a public health leader in this nation, that having the schools actually closed is a greater public health threat to the children than having the schools reopen,” he said to Steve Clemons of The Hill.

“I think really people underestimate the public health consequences of having the schools closed on the kids,” Redfield reportedly said. “I’m confident we can open these schools safely, work in partnership with the local jurisdictions.”. . .

Redfield has indicated that while the CDC is not altering its guidelines it is releasing more information.

“It’s not a revision of the guidelines, it’s just to provide additional information to help the schools be able to use the guidance that we put forward,” Redfield said during an interview Thursday with ABC News.

Students in New York city may return to in-person schooling in September, but not every weekday. The plan would have students attend in-person some days while engaging in remote learning on other days.

According to Johns Hopkins University there have been more than 3 million coronavirus cases in the U.S. and more than 132,000 deaths.

(Excerpt from Just the News. Written by Alex Nitzberg.)

What are your thoughts about the recent news about the school system.

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July 15, 2020

I pray you pay attention to science. Israel opened schools and had to close because of outbreaks teachers have already died because of exposure. Dont forget medical staff have to put there lives at risks for people that don’t wear mask contract the virus and give it to others.
LUKE 6:31
And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

About masks protections:
But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?
But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Please provide safety for our children teachers and health care workers

July 14, 2020

As a teacher, I agree kids need to be back in school. They need to be at school learning. However, there are several concerns I have. 1) What procedures will be implemented to keep all safe 2) are kids asymptomatic carriers? My past experience is many are taken to school with fevers, and sick. 3) Many teachers, administrators and staff have health ailments which puts them at “high risk”, how are they going to be protected? Given Arizona teachers teaching summer school implemented CDC guidelines and still ALL 3 ended up with Covid-19 with 1 of the teachers dying. This is concerning. I don’t want to be fearful but do believe we need to be wise and proceed with caution.

Barbara Hesch
July 14, 2020

My younger daughter is a teacher at a Queens, N.Y. elementary school, and I watched her at home while she was doing remote learning with her students. I heard the difficulty they were having, and saw my daughter crying by herself. When I asked what was wrong, she gave me several reasons. First, she missed them terribly and they missed her and also their friends. She said that she could tell some were depressed and some scared. She had parents asking if and when school would re-open. All in all, I can only say this has been hard on everyone involved. We need to return to some kind of normal very soon. They really need our prayers.

Linda Hanratty
July 14, 2020

There is nothing written about the coronavirus being dangerous to children, and no evidence they ate passing the disease. Father, restore godly order to every area of our schools and society. We ask for widespread herd immunity to come forth. Vaccines would not be needed. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, equipped to run the race You have set before us. In Jesus Name amendments

    July 15, 2020

    Say that to children who have died from this Virus and there family in this country

Kim Quintana
July 14, 2020

I believe it is more harmful to keep children isolated and without healthy social interactions. I also believe that the schools that are opening but not allowing recess is ludicrous. People need to be in the outdoors. It is my belief that any virus is more likely to spread when we are cooped up inside together. I believe that with good personal hygiene and practicing common sense, life can and should go on as normal.

July 14, 2020

Heavenly Father, Thank you for exposing the problems with our education system and government etc. The inequality in our education system and work forces etc. Lord God we ask for your wisdom and truth.

Not all schools are set up equally nor provide good/adequate education. Let us not go back to business as usual. Lord help all states revamp and come up with a better system of educating our children (NOT teach how to pass a state test), help the church and parents stand up and do their part in each of their communities. COVID-19 came to reset the world and for us all to repent, reevaluate our walk and relationship with you God and renew to redo things differently (church, government, law enforcement, and education etc.).

Oh Lord help the church leadership see what you are doing and call them to do in their communities. Holy Spirit helps us not miss what God is saying and shows us all as it relates to revival in our communities’ schools and education process.

Holy Spirit guide us into all truth concerning these matters. Lord our God thank you for releasing your strategies as to how we should move forward in Jesus name. Amen

Mel Teoh
July 13, 2020

Father God, please put in parents’ heart to support school opening and help our body to create immunity against this virus. Help parents, teachers to work together to help these children to attend school. Please give Your wisdom to these parents or teachers who are the citizen of Heaven in order to help parents and teachers who have not know or accept You to receive Your free give of salvation. In Jesus’ name I thank You.

July 13, 2020

Children NEED to be in school, for many reasons, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically, to name a few good reasons. There are a lot of children who look at school as a safe place; as many of them are in unsafe homes of abuse and/or neglect. Many depend on the schools for some of their meals, as too many parents can’t afford to provide every meal for them. Many parents do their best but it often isn’t enough.
Teachers quitting for 1 reason or another is discouraging to the parents and the children. The parents MUST work. Local school boards MUST and NEED to concentrate on simply doing everything they can to just get the teachers and children back in the classroom so learning can be achieved; aka: reading, writing, arithmetic, Geography (America 1st then World),
History (American 1st then World), Civics (American Government 1st then World), Sciences, Languages, Music (vocal, instrumental), Art, Sports/gym for all classes.
Children need to learn the how-to of many things, as well as facts BUT the 1 thing I find missing in education today especially, is that children of all ages are not taught how to think for themselves, to question, to figure things out, etc
I will keep praying for them all and that the Federal control of education be eliminated and especially something called Common Core—this certainly is the dumbing down of all children to the lowest level and THAT IS SO VERY WRONG!!!! ENOUGH!!

    July 13, 2020

    Oops, I left out; Friends are vital to all children, to all of us, but especially to an only child in the family.
    Please open the schools and let’s just move forward without jumping through all these “hoops” They really aren’t necessary. Look at all the numbers from various sites—they don’t add up. OK?
    Question—-didn’t anyone die of the flu, pneumonia, heart attack, cancer, auto accident, etc in the last 6-7 months?? Only covid-19……………..hmmmmm

July 13, 2020

Lord, please hear our cries. Help us to overcome this virus and stop living in fear. Please break and unfold all the plans of the enemy and raise up leaders who are righteous, courageous and faithful followers of Christ. Make way a path that will restore our communities and allow families to function freely. Lord, please grant parent patience and wisdom as they navigate the transition back to school this fall. In Jesus Name, we pray! Amen

Karen Wyatt
July 13, 2020

Consequential choices of this plan are children left alone at home or parents cannot work and feed them. Another hit to the family unit and economy.
Father God please give a solid plan to the Secretary of Education. She needs your wisdom.


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