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Lord, please restore the value of life in America and our laws. Preserve this Texas law.
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The Supreme Court has already agreed to hear a major challenge to Roe v. Wade, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Mississippi case that will be argued December 1. It has already once turned away a request to rule immediately on S.B. 8, the Texas abortion law that allows private individuals to file “private attorney general” civil damages lawsuits rather than enforce its abortion restrictions through government action. The latter decision was based largely on the Court’s skepticism of the procedural hurdles to the lawsuit looking to enjoin the Texas law.

Since then, the Justice Department under Merrick Garland has filed its own lawsuit to stop the Texas law. That lawsuit, as I have discussed, has its own problems, but the Court today ordered an aggressive briefing schedule and an emergency argument on November 1. Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented from the decision not to enjoin the law in the interim.

(Excerpt from National Review.)

This is even more reason to join 50 Days of Prayer for Life!

Meanwhile, what is happening in Texas while this pro-life law is in effect? Fox News reports, “Loveline, a Houston-based charity started by former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, told Fox News it saw a 50% nationwide increase in calls in the month after Texas’ law was enacted on Sept. 1. Thirty-three percent of those came from Texas.” They also reported that pro-life pregnancy care centers in Texas saw an increase in women seeking services. The heart of pro-life care for women in Texas was expressed well by Jennifer Shelton of Real Options, “With the help of our national affiliates NIFLA and Carenet, the pregnancy centers in Texas are linking arms to provide a safety net for women who feel like their options are limited. We want them to know that we have always been here for them and will continue to be.”

Praying for life has never been more important. Will you join us?

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Marsha Bashor
October 26, 2021

Dear Lord we lift up the Texas heartbeat bill to you and to you alone, the creator of life here on earth. There is no one else we can trust but you, in regard to asking that the Supreme Court justices would rule with Godly righteous values, and according to our Constitution, to keep this bill. Give them all your wisdom and guide them in the right decision.
Thank you and all praise belongs to you, Our compassionate Lord.
In Jesus’ name💔

October 26, 2021

It is a sad commentary when the Attorney General files a suit against a law that has been established to protect human life in Texas. Just one more piece of Federal government’s overreach. It also shows the depravity of people like Garland, and how our current Administration has no regard for the sanctity of human life. To me, and many other praying Christians, this practice of abortion is just pain evil. There is no place in our society for this immoral, wicked behavior. Lord Jesus, please, cause the Supreme Court Justices to be lead by You in this decision-making process. Please, let them hear the still, small voice of Holy Spirit. Please, Lord, may their ruling be made upon YOUR will and not the loud, angry voices of the pro-abortion backers. In Jesus’ name.

Maynard Beck Sr.
October 26, 2021

Thanks to IFA and National Reveiw for reporting the truth!
Justice Sotomayor seems to be walking point for the pro-abortion regime on this case so I would like to express my opinion on the matter:
Sotomayor’s dissent:
“There are women in Texas who became pregnant on or around the day that S. B. 8 took effect. As I write these words, some of those women do not know they are pregnant. When they find out, should they wish to exercise their constitutional right to seek abortion care, they will be unable to do so anywhere in their home State. Those with sufficient resources may spend thousands of dollars and multiple days anxiously seeking care from out-of-state providers so overwhelmed with Texas patients that they cannot adequately serve their own communities. Those without the ability to make this journey, whether due to lack of money or childcare or employment flexibility or the myriad other constraints that shape people’s day-to-day lives, may be forced to carry to term against their wishes or resort to dangerous methods of self-help. None of this is seriously in dispute. These circumstances are exceptional. Women seeking abortion care in Texas are entitled to relief from this Court now. Because of the Court’s failure to act today, that relief, if it comes, will be too late for many. Once again, I dissent”
The facts:
Justice Sotomayor must not be privy to Planned Parenthood’s current business model – Mega-abortion Centers:
“Planned Parenthood targets women of color for abortion by placing 79 percent of its surgical abortion facilities within walking distance of minority neighborhoods. The abortion giant has accelerated this targeting of minorities near its 25 abortion mega-centers.The populations within walking distance (2 mile radius) of each of these 25 abortion mega-centers have an alarming 88 percent (22 of 25) target women of color. Disturbingly, 80 percent target Black communities, 56 percent target Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods and 80 percent target one or more colleges. In total, 96 percent (24 of 25) of the mega-centers target women of color, college women, or both.”
Hardly the “hardship” Justice Sotomayor presents.

Susan CC
October 23, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, You are Creator and have a plan and a purpose for every life. When these courageous men and women, who fight for the lives of the unborn go before the Supreme Court, I pray they can see the great cloud of witnesses supporting their argument. And I also ask that the righteous power and authority of these who have gone before them, would be an encouragement of supreme value. Father, You said, “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay,” and again, “The Lord will judge His people.” May it please You Lord to avenge these lives and may it please You Lord to remind all in that place YOU ARE JUDGE. For those who do not love You, “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” For us who do, keep us in Your hands. May November 1st be remembered as a Day of the Lord. I ask this and so much more in the Name of Your Blessed Son and our Blessed Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

Hebrews 12:1, Hebrews 10:30-31

October 23, 2021

Yes! Father , please cause thousands more join in the concert of prayer for Your justice to reign! We know You hear our prayers to work in the hearts and minds of the Supremes and every state to desire to turn from death to life! It’s Your work! We thank You we can join together and we praise and honor You, our good and sovereign God.in the name of Jesus, Amen


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