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Father, please help us maintain our boundaries while also rejecting bigotry. Help us to love our neighbors, Lord, but also to stand firm on Your truth.
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Analysis. A rightwing Christian colleague once said to me, “America needs a left wing and a right wing. Otherwise, we can’t fly.”

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This is similar to the saying, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re young, you don’t have a heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re old, you don’t have a brain.”

Put another way, with clearly defined boundaries, there could be bigotry, but without clearly defined boundaries there will be anarchy.

Let’s take physical, national boundaries as an example.

The moment you have these boundaries, you have insiders and outsiders, us and them, the legal and the illegal. And with such boundaries, it’s easy to demonize the “others,” the ones who are not like us, the ones who potentially threaten our stability and safety.

But without boundaries, we have chaos and anarchy.

Boundaries must exist, otherwise we do not have nationhood and we cannot exist as a people.

Or let’s consider the subject of same-sex “marriage” (and yes, I’m still using scare quotes, despite the passage of the “Respect for Marriage Act”). More broadly, let’s think about LGBTQ+ rights.

From the viewpoint of solidarity with those who identify as gay or bi or trans or other, what is there to discuss? These are fellow-human beings who simply want to live their lives. They want to form relationships, have families, go to work, enjoy life, and be treated like everyone else.

For those who are same-sex attracted, they would say that their love for each other is as natural as is the love between a man and a woman.

They care for each other deeply. They want to spend the rest of their lives together. They would give their lives for the children they are raising together. In short, aside from some of the ways they perform sexual acts and the fact they are biologically the same sex, they are like any other heterosexual couple.

In keeping with this mindset are sayings like, “Love is love.” And, “Love wins.” And, “I have the right to marry the one I love.”

Accordingly, if you have a gay friend or relative and if you have no moral or religious reason to reject same-sex relationships, of course you celebrate his or her happiness. Of course you attend their wedding. Of course you recognize the validity of their relationship. Why wouldn’t you?

Your friend or relative is happy. Their spouse is happy. Together, they make a great couple, and they will likely make great parents.

Are you going to tell me that we should reject the validity of their love and commitment because of what they do (or how they do it) in the privacy of their bedroom?

Other than homophobia or religious bigotry, why would anyone reject their love? And isn’t it the religious people who demonize the LGBTQ+ community as if they were all sex-crazed, pedophile-supporting groomers?

On the other hand, the moment you remove or minimize the God-given boundaries of male and female and the God-given plan of male-female marriage, you have anarchy and chaos. In short, the trajectory of LG soon moves to LGB to LGBT to LGBTQ to LGBTQ+++.

  • It leads to an attack on the religious freedoms of those who cannot affirm same-sex “marriage.”
  • It leads to aggressive, LGBTQ+ curricula in our schools, from preschool to university.
  • It leads to 13-year-old girls getting full mastectomies and 10-year-old boys getting chemically castrated for life (because of puberty-blocking hormones).
  • It leads to biological males trashing biological females in sports competitions (and costing the potential scholarships, not to mention fulfilled dreams).
  • It leads to drag queens shaking their hips for toddlers in libraries and engaging in inappropriate touching in gay bars.
  • It leads to a boy who claims to identify as a girl raping a girl in the girls’ restroom.
  • It leads to an 18-year-old girl telling me, “Before the Lord changed my life one year ago, I was gender fluid, omnisexual, and polyamorous.”
  • It leads to reality TV shows celebrating polygamy (think of Big Love or My Five Wives, for example). After all, if marriage is not limited to male and female, why limit marriage to two?

The list goes on and on. In fact, it is endless.

What, then, are we to do? We cannot exist without boundaries. Yet bigotry will also destroy us.

Still, the solution is simple.

We must have clearly and rightly defined boundaries while still committing to love our neighbor. 

On a national level, this means that we have secure physical borders while recognizing the beauty and diversity of other cultures and while continuing to employ compassionate immigration procedures.

On a relational, societal level, we must recognize that there is a fundamental, God-ordained order to human relationships and families (only one order can reproduce biologically) without rejecting the humanity and worth of others who deviate in some way from that order.

We can treat our gay neighbors with respect and love while still believing that God has a better way, just as we can treat our Hindu neighbors with respect and love while rejecting their polytheism.

We can maintain our convictions without demeaning others, recognizing them as people created in God’s image and not minimizing the positive aspects of their character and gifting.

In sum, if we deviate from clear societal boundaries, our society will soon implode. If we deviate from treating others with compassion and kindness, our humanity will quickly degenerate.

The goal, then, is boundaries without bigotry and clearly drawn lines with love.

What did you think of this article? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Used with permission. By Dr. Michael L. Brown from AskDrBrown. Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)

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December 19, 2022

The Ten Commandments were enforced in the U.S. at one time! Deviant sexual acts were criminalized outside of marriage. Gradually these laws were over tuned as with Sodomy, perhaps being last in the South, I believe. The reasoning was that if it was
consensual between two adults, then it wasn’t harming anybody else. Leviticus 18, God said these perversions were practiced by the
Egyptians and Canaanites and were part of their laws, 18:3. God told Israel to keep His Statutes and not the statutes of these Pagan nations or they’d be vomited out of the land like them 18:4,24-28! God said that these practices defiled the land and would bring His punishments to bare on it because of iniquity. 18:25.

Interesting that LGBTQ+ want to criminalize Christians or anyone who opposes them. And if this behavior is not criminalized as it once was, then it only exacerbates as we continue to witness. Rulers need to punish lawbreakers and protect the law abiding. Good laws restrain evil, Romans 13:4-5! With message of Salvation, God changes the heart! Both are needed.

Darlene Estlow
December 19, 2022

Thank you for this article! Excellent. We so need boundaries–God’s boundaries!

Sandra Sierra
December 19, 2022

This is an excellent article that is one of the best about the subject! Thank you for your simple but Godly explanation! Blessings

December 19, 2022

The story of Sodom & Gomorrah clearly demonstrates what happens when there are no boundaries. Man’s innate tendency is to seek pleasure when, where and how they chose and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Moreover, when you begin to accept what God has called ‘wrong,’ and you call it ‘right,’ your mind looks at the world entirely different. How many people have changed their mind about same -sex relationships (can’t call it marriage since God does not consider this marriage) when their child or someone they knew was practicing this lifestyle? The battle remains in the mind and it turns the heart, and unfortunately the soul and spirit of man is lost to depravity.

Father, I pray that your people’s (true Christians) minds would stay faithful to your Word and not be so easily swayed by the guiles of satan. While we still love others as you love us, let us not be tempted to condone that which is evil in your site and call it good. Let us continue to be the light by knowing, speaking, and acting on your Word for we know that one day this will all come to an end where you indeed will issue the final Judgement and we better be on your right side. Amen.

Lola F Pierce
December 19, 2022

If we only had same sex- marriages; soon the earth population would deminish to zero because that’s how the Lord intended it when he created the first make and female and said be fruitful and multiply

Bill Johnson
December 19, 2022

Very well stated. We must have certain boundaries to be able to function properly. Without clear boundaries we end in confusion and conflict and chaos and disrespect.

Lori Meed
December 18, 2022

Dr.Michael Brown is one of my top 3 reads. He is lucid, compassionate, laser sharp scripturally and practical. We must hear his clarion call to wise action.

    Patty DeGroot
    December 19, 2022

    Me too! When I see Dr. Brown is the author of the article I read it ASAP!

Katherine Anderson
December 18, 2022

This article clearly explains my own opinions & beliefs better than I can. The saying, “Love the sinner but hate the sin.” is a true goal. Unfortunately what I have seen is when humans hate the sin it spills over onto the person with the sin. Not all, but too many times. I am choosing to reject the sin & avoid actions or words that condone it. The latter takes a commitment to obedience. Not only to the obvious law regarding the sin. We also must obey the commands of God on how we treat the people. That is when Christ love flowing through us is required. Katrina Anderson

December 18, 2022

It is a very sad world especially for our children. Behold come, Lord Jesus!

Ben and LaValda
December 18, 2022

Please remove this email from all of your lists. We are receiving too many emails.
we do pray for america.
Thanks so much.

Donald Vader
December 18, 2022

Help us Lord to love every one of our neighbors and also to stand firm in your truth and your boundaries that you set before us in the mighty name of Jesus… Amen


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