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Lord, guide us with Your Spirit of discernment and truth. Help us navigate these issues with your grace. We ask that no plan of the enemy would prevail.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign is establishing a major new legal operation, bringing in two former solicitors general and hundreds of lawyers in what the campaign billed as the largest election protection program in presidential campaign history.

Legal battles are already raging over how people will vote — and how ballots will be counted — this fall during the pandemic, and senior Biden officials described the ramp-up as necessary to guard the integrity of a fall election already clouded by President Trump’s baseless accusations of widespread fraud. . . .

Inside the campaign, they are creating a “special litigation” unit, which will be led by Donald B. Verrilli Jr. and Walter Dellinger, two former solicitors general, who are joining the campaign. Hundreds of lawyers will be involved, including a team at the Democratic law firm Perkins Coie, led by Marc Elias, which will focus on the state-by-state fight over vote casting and counting rules. And Eric H. Holder Jr., the former attorney general in the Obama administration, will serve as something of a liaison between the campaign and the many independent groups involved in the legal fight over the election, which is already raging in the courts.

(Excerpt from NY Times. Article by Shane Goldmacher. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

For months we have heard those on the left say that President Trump would not accept defeat. Have you heard of the Saul Alinsky tactic of accusing your enemy of what you are doing? Share your comments Biden’s plan below!

1651 People Prayed
8769 People have read this article

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  1. The over exaggerated lies and false accusations that are spewing forth from this lying spirit of hatred and wrath, I bind you up in the name of Jesus, by the authority given to me through his bloody, sacrificial death on the execution stake, I ask Father that you will equip and send a special forces type of warrior angels who have been given the power of the Light of God our Father to eliminate this accusing demon from the heavenlies and capture and remove you. I ask that this false accuser, this demon who is causing people to believe lies even in the face of truth, be chained to the walls of hell where he will wait for his judgement by King Jesus. Remove him and all his network from the heavenlies. Oh Father restore truth and justice to power over our nation. I pray that you extend our time on earth so that the workers of the Lord of the Harvest may go out into the fields and glean more people for your Kingdom.

  2. Father, I pray in the name of your Son, Jesus, please bring confusion and division in the enemy camp. I ask that You will not allow any plan of evil to succeed. May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and bring dishonesty to the light so that it may be stopped.

  3. Lord, In the name of Jesus I bind any efforts of evildoing in the upcoming election. Please build a hedge of protection around President Trump and his family. Please let any opposers to President Trump have a change of heart. Please intervene because WE NEED YOU!


  4. I’ve been concerned for weeks now that the Dems will attempt to steal the election, even though Trump will win “by a landslide”.
    Fake polls that Biden is ahead btw. And also, they have threatened already to remove the President by military force from the WH after the election.
    We must occupy our lands by getting involved, please VOTE!! And do what God is calling you to do to be involved in your regions.
    And make sure to be covering the lies that the arm of BAAL (which is the lying wicked media) by TELLING the truth. #awoke and stay informed.

  5. Father , continue to expose and weaken the wicked agenda. It is those who are mounting up opposition who are fearful of defeat. I stand in agreement with Heaven to dethrone the evil agenda against God’s elect. Turn the hearts of the wicked to a heart of justice and righteousness in Jesus name.

  6. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39

  7. Lord,
    I pray a spirit of justice over this election. Bring the darkness into the light. May truth and life triumph. I pray your mighty hand fall heavy upon our nation and our leaders. Convict us, give us pure hearts. Give both Republicans and democrats a heart that is for you and your ways. MAY YOUR KINGDOM COME! amen!

  8. Father God I pray Your intervention in this mess called and election Father God I pray You bind the strong hold behind all of this in the Mighty Name Of Jesus we know we are fighting against principalities in high places and we take authority over them InThe Mighty Name Of Jesus

  9. Yes I think everything they accuse the republican’s of they are guilty of themselves. I just pray that the Lord opens the eyes of the church. It upsets me so much when I hear Christians are going to vote for Biden they are being so blinded. My own brother and his wife are voting for Biden they feel all the unrest is coming from President Trump. Yet he is the one fighting for our religious freedoms, pro life all the things that are important to The Lord.

    1. Father give your elect, your children eyes to see and ears to hear. I bind the lying spirit of deceit in Jesus name!!! May your church wake up from sleep and stand united, as one accord behind Your purpose, Your kingdom come and Your will be done!!! Protect those you have put in authority over this nation, give us a Spirit of boldness to stand in this wicked day. In Jesus name!!!!

  10. Lord. Please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling fraud in the election. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground In Jesus name amen.

  11. My husband and I have commented that we always know what the Dem Liberals are up to since they accuse the Repubs of whatever it is those donkeys are up to. Also, Saul Alinsky was a huge hero to Hillary and Obama.

  12. Lord, You know all. You orchestrate all to accomplish Your ends. We rest assured in this and yet we are commanded to pray. We pray this election will not be one fraught with fraud. May we see You fight our battle for we have seen You grant victory with small numbers which brought You greater glory than if the numbers were evenly matched. You are able to confuse our enemies in ways unimaginable to us. I praise You for Your awesome, unfathomable power. In Jesus name, Amen

  13. Utterly disgusting! I fear the ground will open up as in days of old and swallow them. Righteousness, Justice, Truth, Grace, and Mercy will be the pillars that will stand in our nation and by God‘s direction our nation will be lead forth in peace..

  14. May no weapon, nor tongue that rises up against him take hold but be bound in the Name of Jesus, May the very tool used against our President turn upon the ones who rise up against him, may Your Kingdom come, Your will and purposes be accomplished for Your Name Sake. That the nation will know You are God.

  15. As committed Christians listen to the voice of the Lord, we can easily detect the demonic mindset that continues to expand and proliferate in today’s Democratic party. It gives me no pleasure to say that but the foundations of deception and those listening to demonic voices have been built into and within the Democratic party for the last 25-30 years. All one has to do is examine their history of political decisions and their strategic appointments of certain people – it then becomes evident without question.
    That can happen to any individual, group, nation, etc. that abandons God’s commands and relies on their own “wisdom”.
    Any person, organization or other that fully embraces lying and deception loses their conscience in their lustful quest for power and control. We are being assaulted daily by a saturation of deceitfulness being peddled to our nation as “normal”. Many people in the Dem party have completely lost their moral compass and know full well that the vast majority of America doesn’t agree with them. When anyone is “given over to the lie”, then they cannot see the road to repentance and therefore, they will ignore the path to correction.
    This spiritual blindness affecting so many leaders within their party must be battled against daily by the prayer warriors of the Most High God. It cannot begin to come down without first assaulting the forces of hell controlling those participating in the deception.
    As Christians, I suggest that we pray for the spirit of God to descend heavily on those who are preparing for legal battle. In conviction against what they are about to do (Biden team). I pray that the Lord will allow confusion to be the “norm” amongest those who are waging legally to battle “deceptively” against the people…to take away the vote of the people and the electoral college. I pray for every move they make to push forth another version of a lie… that they will be inundated with a heaviness and conviction that will cause them to change course. Pray they will have no success and no favor. None! And most of all, pray for the works they do to be exposed for all to see.
    Pray for those that fight against them to be filled with wisdom direct from heaven. (for the people, the electoral vote and for Truth and Justice) Let those working, supporting and contending for truth and righteousness be blessed with clarity, knowledge and a peace that passes all understanding.
    We ask all of this in the name of Almighty God.

    1. Thank you for this Spirit-led, Spirit-filled prayer and instruction from the Lord! I am copying it to declare with two other prayer warriors who are praying with me for our leaders and their families as well as against the wiles of the Evil One and his plans for destruction. The Lord is our Victorious King! His light shall shine and expose the wicked and His Righteousness will reign! Glory to His name – Jesus!
      Bless you!

    2. I did copy a lot of what you said into my prayer journal that I look at in the mornings to pray. I have been praying for the President and his staff, but pretty generic. Your prayer had some really good specifics to pray about. It was really good stuff Cole. Thank you!

      1. I thank God that he directs us to pray in certain specific ways at critical times in our lives. If I have learned one thing about God in my life, it’s that He is a God of “details and specifics”!! And He wants us to pray in the same way. Amen and glory to our Holy God!!

    3. Excellent response to this article, Cole. I pray your words touch thousands of people and give them wisdom to understand the deception that goes on with this Democratic Party. The words Jesus spoke to the Jewish leaders of his day are applicable today to these people. He called their father the devil, the father of lies. He also said their is no truth in him. These people literally do not do anything with right motives anymore. Everything done is to further their power. They care not about anyone but themselves.
      Father I agree with this prayer above.

    4. Amen!!!! Thank you !!! Beautifully and Truthfully stated … Lord hear our Prayers and lets not forget the Battle of Gideon – God will lead us and charge thru the enemy with God’s Word!!!

  16. We praise your name that the enemy is defeated. Foil the work of those who would sow discord into the election results. May we stand firm in our prayers for righteousness and peace to win over evil and chaos. May we be faithful to pray no matter how it looks and have joy and peace that you are in control.

  17. Father God
    We thank You for being the one who decides which person will be our president. So we pray Your will be done in the presidential elections and nothing Wil thwart Your plans for our nation. You Lord sit in heaven & laugh at Your enemies.Praise,glory & honor to You Lord Jesus!

  18. President Trump has not said that as far as I know. However, we all know Hillary has told Biden to never concede.
    It is goibg to be a rough ride the next few months and we need to be on our knees,and in the polls both voting and working for a righteous election.
    I declare, this election will result in a righteous result and America will arise and defend the rightly elected President, VP and every member of national and state governments.
    We decree every ungodly person that is running for office is brought down and silenced and godly constitutional men and women will take their place. IJN!

  19. With God, nothing is impossible. The Democrats and the Deep State have every intention of stealing this election, one way or another. We must remind ourselves of the many times in Scripture that apart from divine intervention, victory for Israel was humanly impossible. That’s when God acted. Let us never forget that, and pray with confidence.

  20. Lord we know that a large spiritual battle is going on and we seek your power to be the immediate victor. Please move through the Holy Spirit to convict all souls of our sin a repent, making you the priority in the process. We deserve what we are experiencing, but we pled for your mercy to intervene and save us from the ruler of this sinful world. Please reveal your almighty power. We praise you oh Lord.

  21. Father God in Heaven we seek your mercy and grace during this election. God we know you are in control. We pray that President Trump & VP Pence will have a landslide victory in the electoral vote as well as the popular vote, so there can be no argument on their victory. Father we pray for a revival that hearts filled with hate and power will fall to their knees seeking your forgiveness. Thank you Father for your love and grace. I ask this in the name of your son, Jesus. Amen.

  22. In the powerful name of Jesus. You say, “who do you say I AM?”, Peter replied, “you are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God”, You replied, “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not come against it”. Thank you Jesus for this truth. In the name of Jesus, I ask the democratic left ie the gates of hell will not be given permission to do anymore damage. You are our VICTORIOUS KING. You have the final word. For our children and grandchildren for generations, BIND AND CAST TO THE PIT OF HELL, the assignment of the evil one. Hallalujah!! Amen and Amen

  23. Only GOD can see this election through. Our voting yes, but with the massive hatred of our conservative values and the man who vows to uphold the law-the Dems will stop at nothing. God we need you! Pray like we’ve never prayed!

  24. We already know President Trump is Father Yhovah’s chosen one to lead us to the Day of Wrath. Jesus prophesied how this battle with the left will end! Those on the left will be destroyed.We just have to wade through the mess to get to the other side!

  25. Hillary Clinton’s remarks to Joe Biden, “Do not concede at any cost”
    Her hate and anger are overwhemling any rational thinking she may have. The Dems. Will bring out all their weapons to try and destroy Trump and any that voted for him. I trust my Lord,if Trump is who God wants in office he will be (pardon the pun) triumphant. Our strong Religious leaders and all Christians need to step to the forefront and rebuke these Demons who are running wild. Only then will God release His Angelic army.
    Pray people, pray.

  26. ABBA Father nothing is hidden from You! The enemy is forming alliances to destroy this Nation of Yours. We know Father that nothing absolutely nothing can thwart Your plans. We humble before You
    Father asking Your Divine intervention, Your direction, wisdom andprotection for Your appointed one. Father help us to be faithful when the battle seems harder, specially in the days to come before and after the elections. Awaken those who are indifferent to join us and participate in the battle through constant surrendering to You, listening to Your voice and letting Your Holy Spirit to work and lead us all to repentance and prayer. We need You more than ever Father! We love you Lord!

  27. I did not know that this is an Alinsky tactic but I knew that leaders on the left studied him. It is what I have been seeing as the tactic of the left for some time. The outrageous accusations that the left makes of the right appear to be the very choices that they are making. Christians need not only to pray for and encourage all Christians to vote but also to seek to be a part of ballot counting in order to be a force for integrity. Father we pray that you would stop all attempts by the enemy of our souls to thwart this election and enable a fraudulent “win” in Jesus name!! Please convict every single potential voter that knows you that they must vote under your directions. Convict those that could make a positive difference for truth that they must make active efforts to ensure it. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, Lord. We pray in the name of the holy God, Amen.

    1. My husband and I work the elections on election day. Our area (Dallas) is in need of workers for this election…partially because of covid. Pray about considering volunteering to work elections in your area. Poll watchers are needed as well as clerks that check the voters in. As Israel did when rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem…work with one hand, protect with the other and PRAY!

      1. Thank you so much, Carol, for your husband and yours commitment to the integrity of our nation. I watched a video with Lance Wallnau about this he saw the strategies being devised and told of previous such actions being caught in ONE place. He urged Christians to do this very thing. With his assistant they said how to sign up to do so. Presumably however one can find this information.
        Thank you for the apt biblical reference! Bless you all.

  28. Dear Lord Jesus, we pray right now, in agreement, that the money that the Left is planning on spending will disappear in scarcity. We pray right now that their plans to move the ancient boundary stone that our forefathers placed will go up in smoke. May scarcity chase them and may they be caught up in their own corruption, immobilized and unable to proceed with the plans they have made. Let Justice and truth prevail and righteousness prevail in Jesus’ Name!

  29. Father in Heaven, You alone know and understand all things. Nothing is hidden from Your sight and nothing will stop Your perfect plan from being accomplished. You are Lord. Please be merciful to our nation and deliver us from these attempts to deceive and manipulate and confuse. Uncover and thwart every evil scheme to undermine our elections—on local, state and national levels. Overcome the wicked, frustrate their plans, and defend the righteous. Lord, I pray that DJT’s re-election victory would be overwhelming and indisputable. Give him favor. Vindicate him and continue to protect him and uphold him with Your righteous right hand. Empower all of our leaders to govern justly with wisdom and courage. Give us the strength to stand and keep standing in these evil days. We need You, Lord. And we are not afraid. We praise You, our Sovereign King, and ask these things in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


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