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God, we pray for wisdom for elected officials, medical professionals, and parents across America. We ask You to cut through the lies about drug usage and reveal the truth about marijuana.
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Recently an unprincipled and desperate Joe Biden (whose own son almost destroyed his life by addiction to marijuana and cocaine), went on the oft-degenerate Howard Stern radio show to try to salvage his sinking political campaign. Attempting to appear “cool” and attract younger voters after his unconstitutional student loan forgiveness failure, the “doctor of deception” now tries declassifying marijuana. What’s next, giveaway weight loss gummies?

Have you taken your place on the wall?


Franklin Graham, who himself could have ruined his life through marijuana and being a self-described “hellraiser” who got thrown out of high school and college, now warns us of deceptive and dangerous drugs, “Drug addiction has become virtually an epidemic in cities and towns, rural and urban, across America.”

Making marijuana mainstream is the goal of aggressive advocates of marijuana legalization. After all, they tell us smoking weed is “safe, harmless and fun.”

Hollywood liberals are almost obsessed with reefer madness as pot-centric shows propagandize children and youth. Cannabis comedies are coming at us at breakneck speed. Now the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) proposes their biggest policy changes in 50 years, lowering marijuana from a Schedule 1 to a 3 to remove the stigma and rake in more revenue.

Today the THC content (the chemical getting people high) in cannabis is different than the 60s and 70s. Then it was 2% now it’s over 15%! Documentaries reveal that Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Carlos Santana and Justin Bieber all started on a road to destruction toking up a joint. Carlos and Justin survived; the other two are dead.

Remember the Trojan Horse?

The phrase, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” has relevance here. Just like the Greek army in 1200 BC destroyed Troy through subterfuge, marijuana advocates are doing the same with their seductive logic.

In Homer’s epic Odyssey, Grecian soldiers were unable to get into the seemingly impenetrable city of Troy for over a decade so they pretended to sail away, leaving a victory trophy of a giant hollow wooden horse for their victors. The gullible people of Troy pulled it inside and then as they slept Greek soldiers inside the horse came out, opened the gates and the rest of their army returned under the cover of night to destroy the city.

The “Trojan Horse” symbolizes a deception wherein an unsuspecting people, not vigilant, lets an enemy slip in bringing destruction. Because the targeted group is more dumb than discerning, they suffer serious consequences.

Consider Consequences

“Cool” hipster parents shrug off the dangers of weed, some even indulging themselves, of course in secret. One day their kids enter their teens, start experimenting with drugs, and dad and mom have second thoughts.

Their once spry and sharp-thinking child starts displaying some telltale danger signs:

  • Grades start dropping
  • Personality changes – nervous, lying
  • Accidents at home and on the road with those suspicious new friends
  • Money mysteriously missing
  • Mood swings – withdrawn, fidgety

Time to Wake Up and Wise Up

In just one year nearly 100,000 children lost a parent to drug use and accompanying gang violence. (Journal of the American Medical Association)

When marijuana proponents glorify drugs and celebrate its “harmless”, even “beneficial” effects, we need to reject their fallacious reasoning. Dr. Ed Gogek, an addiction psychiatrist said in the New York Times:

“I’ve spent 25 years as a doctor treating drug abusers, and I know their games. They are excellent con artists.” He went on to call marijuana activists “phony scientists,” adding, “For years they claimed pot was good for glaucoma and never apologized when research found it could actually make glaucoma worse! They still insist weed isn’t addictive, despite every addiction medicine society saying it is. They even produced their own flawed scientific studies supposedly proving that medical marijuana laws don’t increase use among teenagers, when almost all the evidence is just the opposite… It sends the message that weed is harmless, even though research shows that teenagers who use it regularly do worse in school, are twice as likely to drop out and earn less as adults. Teenage use has been shown to permanently lower IQ.”

Drug addiction, including marijuana, heroin, cocaine and opioids, is a serious public health crisis claiming nearly 100 people each day in the USA. While marijuana usage and addiction are often minimalized in public debate, honest individuals don’t discount it but identify it as a gateway drug putting people on a path to addiction and stronger intoxicants.

In 2020 Oregon “jumped on the bandwagon” and officially decriminalized drugs but now the governor signed a law to recriminalize drug possession because in one year overdose deaths doubled! And Canada just made public drug use illegal again.

The National Institute of Health makes it clear: “One in six youth who try marijuana before age 18 will either abuse it or will become addicted.” Those are dangerous odds. Is this really what we want for our children and grandchildren?

Warning to the Wise

Marijuana easily becomes habit forming in the lives of vulnerable and impressionable young people. Listen to the words of Jack Smith, president of Teen Challenge USA Missouri, representing the most successful ministry bringing deliverance to thousands of drug addicted young people for over 40 years:

“Our experience is that marijuana is a gateway drug leading to harder and more damaging drugs. Well over half our students indicate the first drug they really were involved with was marijuana.”

Legalization of marijuana puts people on the road to destruction.  Don’t be taken in by this Trojan horse; it’s downright dumb and dangerous.

Pot Proponents are Wrong!

Throughout our history there have been individuals advocating certain drugs later proven to devastate lives, marriages and families. Think about just a few:

  • Thalidomide was promoted as a “wonder drug” to help women experience better pregnancies until over 3,500 severely deformed babies were born in the early 60s and it was pulled off the market.
  • Cigarettes were promoted as healthy and relaxing by doctors and superstar icons like Mickey Mantle, Clark Gable, Bette Davis and an actor named Ronald Reagan! Fred Flintstone even puffed cigarettes in cartoons for kids until tobacco’s cancer-causing elements were exposed.
  • 100 years ago doctors okayed heroin and cocaine as non-addictive drugs prescribed for ailments, especially as a cough remedy. Major corporations advertised heroin-laced products and cocaine toothache drops. Now we rightfully label them lethal and illegal.
  • Smokeless chewing tobacco has been a popular part of major-league baseball for decades. After Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn died of salivary gland cancer from using the product MLB executives finally enacted the first ban of smokeless tobacco, the “Tony Gwynn Rule,” to save lives from the toxic substance.

Here’s the Deal: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration spokesman, Mark Rosekind asks,  “As marijuana is being legalized in more and more places, what does that mean for drivers, pedestrians and law enforcement?”

May we not be taken in by the deception of marijuana legalization.  To further your understanding, I encourage you to watch the 6-minute video and read chapter 29 of the Bullseye Challenge which addresses this subject in a more in-depth way. Watch it as a family and follow it with discussion.

Share your prayers about marijuana and drug legalization in the comments below.

Larry Tomczak is a cultural commentator of 46 years, an IFA board member, a bestselling author, and a public-policy adviser with Liberty Counsel. His innovative video/book, BULLSEYE, develops informed influencers in 30 days (see www.bullseyechallenge.com). Hear his weekly podcast here. Photo Credit: CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash.

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May 20, 2024

Just look at the history of pot legalization in The Netherlands since the early 70s. The world’s worst drug gangs (e.g. Triad from China and others) are now well established there. These organizations have wreaked havoc on their society. Plus, Law Ennforcements’ hands are tied. Further, The Netherlands is now the well worn path for Heroin and Fentynal traffic into Europe.
Starting in the early 2000s, the country finally admitted to, quote, “making a ‘hash’ of their Marijuana policies” and the damage may be irrevocable…
Just some dirty little secrets you won’t hear in the news or from “scientists”.

T Mc
May 19, 2024

Yes indeed. The problem is complicated by the fact that it is less dangerous than alcohol and guns

Darlene Estlow
May 19, 2024

Father, deliver us from ignorance and the desire to do our own thing, not believing facts. Deliver our nation from the false idols of comfort, pleasure, money, and all the idols we hold dear that take the place of you in our hearts. Help those who are addicted to drugs to find you as the answer and turn the hearts of those who promote lies about marijuana. Turn our hearts to you and gratefully live for you.

May 19, 2024

Lord of Life, We come before you, giver of all goodness. You give us wisdom and understanding whenever we submit ourselves to you. Give your truth about marijuana and all drugs to medical and law making professionals and guide them in all decisions. Help and heal our nation’s social conscience with your Truth that sets us free to walk in your Love. Amen.

I experienced the addictive power of marijuana from the sixties. Inner Spirit warning set my heart against a creeping demonic influence. God has the power to free them!


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