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God, we pray that You would protect us from any kind of woke discrimination. Prevent our government from funding and promoting these harmful "equity"-based agendas.
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As more and more people wonder about the future of artificial intelligence, President Biden is insisting that AI must promote “diversity” and “equity.”

From Fox News. President Biden signed an executive order on Thursday that critics warn will allow for the creation of woke artificial intelligence (AI) that “promotes racial division and discrimination.”

Pray for your fellow intercessor.


The order directs all federal agencies to establish a yearly “equity action plan” aimed at helping “underserved communities.”

In one section under “Embedding Equity into Government-wide Processes,” the Director of the Office of Management and Budget is instructed “to support equitable decision-making, promote equitable deployment of financial and technical assistance, and assist agencies in advancing equity, as appropriate and wherever possible.”

The section gives further instructions regarding AI, “When designing, developing, acquiring, and using artificial intelligence and automated systems in the Federal Government, agencies shall do so, consistent with applicable law, in a manner that advances equity.” …

Manhattan Institute fellow Colin Wright claimed that such a technology could be fatal for our society.

“Biden is not a moderate. This is a legal sprint to inject as much radical ideology as broadly and as deeply as possible in our government. This cannot be allowed,” he wrote. …

What do you think of Biden’s executive order? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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DeShawn Charmele Weekly
July 7, 2023

Good Morning, I am firm believer that Transgerder citizens and Important and they have rights. I also agree with the way the constitution rights have been given. I was brought up in Oakland California. And feel that things will work out. Prayer is the key unto many man doors. Thaks you tocthis great country for affording me opportunities to speak and have own right of freedoms of press, religion rights, and human trafficking. That you for leader President Biden and Kamala Harris. Blessings on America. Now I now know that is gits and 🔑 keys that knowledge do obtain.

February 23, 2023

we already have that, it’s called Congress

Darlene DeAngelis
February 23, 2023

Father God I lift up this president that has no idea what he’s gotten himself into the devil in his imps control this man dictate to this man he is not a president he is a puppet to these people father God change his heart into doing the right thing father God Shake him to wake up father God this man is for abortion father God change him completely from the inside out father God he needs to work for you not for enemies father God his son Hunter needs a violent shaking to the core of his soul along with any past presidents that are involved in all of this evilness shake them viciously is your scripture says vengeance is mine saith the Lord and you will have your day with everyone that has done wrong yes we are all doing wrong but the deepness of this evilness needs to go in Jesus name I pray

Wayne Erickson
February 23, 2023

Why is this person still in office?!!!!GOD, please intervene and end this tyrants incompetent service!!!

February 23, 2023

They’ve already done it with ChatGPT.

David Ortiz
February 23, 2023

@”What do you think of Biden’s executive order?”
Here is what I think of Biden’s executive order:
It is an ABUSE.
It is a LIE.
And it is an attempt at sheer reverse discrimination. Or of sheer reverse-discrimination-in-waiting.
I am beyond disgusted with all these diabolical compulsions and impulses. ENOUGH.
My prayer: Our Father, I entreat You, bring all these offensive EVILS to an undeniable, irremedial END.
To God be the glory. Let the days and hours of satan be finished — as God has said.

Peg B
February 23, 2023

Dear LORD, You are the one, true God and You alone. So we gladly bear witness to You alone. Dismantle the “idol worship” of A1. Man’s technology holds no power against Your Wisdom. Remove the deception placed before President Biden’s eyes and his staff. Cause continual malfunction of this divisive plan. Let the prayers and praises of Your people come to Your throne LORD and reside with You. See these things which have come upon us Father, by Your Spirit in us we take our positioning with You. We have overcome by the blood of the lamb and by our testimonies. Our victory is securely found in You. This technology will not proper nor the plans of the wicked. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

    February 23, 2023

    I completely agree with this prayer. I think your last sentence was meant to read, “This technology will not prosper nor the plans of the wicked.” Amen!!

R Finley
February 23, 2023

Soooo…they want a clown..er, clone Biden? Well, theres nobody on earth more artificial then Biden the Brandon!

February 23, 2023

Lord, We ask you to block this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

DeShawn Charmele Weekly
February 23, 2023

Peace in the midst of the Storm.
Psalms 91

February 23, 2023

Beware of words, they mean things. Our country was founded on equality of opportunity for all men, not equity of outcomes. While many see the two terms as interchangeable, they are not. Lord, help us to be aware of what is going on around us and continually point to Jesus as our model.

February 23, 2023

FATHER GOD please sit biden down and remove him and his entire obama cabinet from office in JESUS NAME! Amen! First, until GOD removes them, the office of president answers and serves Americans, not we serving a president. That would make him a dictator, which he is not! Write Congress to undo all of this man’s illegal executive orders! Then impeach him as a treasonous traitor to our Constitution! FATHER GOD thank YOU for totally healing America from these people even as YOU send laborers to teach them of JESUS WHO will save their souls in JESUS Name! Amen!

February 23, 2023

I pray that the democrat party for the ones who say they’re Christians to come to a “Saving Knowledge,” that you can’t be a Christian and a Democrat. The Democrat Party’s Platform is Abortion (the murder of innocent children) and Same Sex Marriage (ungoldy lust of same sex attraction) and they’re both SINS of abomination. You can’t condone what God condemns and call yourself a Christian. When Jesus says, “I Never Knew You,” He’s not speaking of the world which is already gong to Eternal Hell, Jesus is speaking of those who think they’re Saved but put their Seal of Approval on what God condemns. That’s why Jesus said, “They honor Me with their lips but their heart is far from Me.”

    Bob Huseby
    February 23, 2023

    Agreeing wth you 100% Valencia!!
    Al of these satanic ,Baal products of worship must come crashing down. Our enemies strongholds WILL be defeated in our savior Jesus name!!!


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