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1106 People Prayed
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Holy Spirit, guide our prayer! Show us how we can pray about the spiritual battle behind the elections.

As we have watched the beginning of the 2020 election cycle with the first two democratic debates, let’s pray the God would expose and protect our nation from any unholy, demonic alliance that any candidate might have.  These alliances may be by conscious decisions or by unwitting circumstances. (As we move toward the 2020 elections, we will also pray this for all candidates on both sides of the aisle.)

Pray about the candidates who are seeking to earn the Democratic nomination.
CLICK BELOW to get your copy of the all-new Special Report.

What unholy alliances might we find or need to watch for? Anything that partners with an anti-biblical position or principal, relationships between funders of evil agendas and candidates who take their support and money, or a spirit of Jezebel, death, division, anti-Christ or other that permeates a candidate’s messaging. We need to be praying for the spiritual battle behind the campaigns. We have created a resource so that you can be praying for each Democratic candidate by name and pray about such issues that may be hidden from the public. The Special Report, “Who Will Face Trump in 2020?” is available for instant download here. As you read through the report, listen to the Holy Spirit and be sensitive to how you are guided to pray.

Share any impressions or how you are praying through this Special Report below in the comments!

1106 People Prayed
6655 People have read this article

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  1. Yes Lord, we pray for your intervention as we humble ourselves before you and ask you to heal our land. I pray for your wisdom and a spirit of discernment to reveal that which is holy and justified against what is deceptive and damning. Please lift the veil of delusion over the heads of moderate Christians and compel them to see you are revealing darkness in the remote corners of the earth. And as we witness this exposure help us not to breath in the contempt and disgusting lies of the enemy. Instead, help us to lift up our weak brothers and sisters and bring them back to the bosom of your heart. Let us rejoice over every prodigal who “comes to him or herself.” In the name of Jesus, we give you the praise and the glory for your constant and abiding love for us.

    1. Amen! Excellent prayer! Yes, Lord, I agree with Ronda that You intervene, that by Your grace we, the body of Christ, can be humble and continue to ask You to heal our land! Yes, I agree what You give Your wisdom and spirit of discernment to our leaders in political office and to our leaders in the pulpits so that there is a renewed understanding and clarity of what is sinful, deceptive, evil, which brings Your wrath upon us, so that those in office, those in our church leadership, will lead the way of following in Your paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake. Please cause the church especially to wake up, to no longer be asleep, and to pray like never before, that the evil one and his plans be exposed, so the world will see, trust and fear in You, knowing You will soon judge the quick and the dead. Please bring revival, Lord, and cause those weak in the faith to walk in faith and in truth, in the name of Jesus Christ, we beg You to intervene while it is still day, since the night is coming when no man can work. Amen!

      1. Yes, I agree it is an excellent prayer. We can also pray Acts 26:18 that You, Lord, would open the eyes of your people and turn them from darkness to light from the (deceptions) of Satan to God(and His ways and principles) that they might receive forgiveness of their sins (of apathy or agreement with the enemy)and that they might enjoy the heritage of those sanctified by faith in the Lord Jesus (and be able to stand for righteousness and pray in accordance with the insight of the Holy Spirit). Amen

        1. Yes, Lord, I agree! Open the eyes of Your people, bring them out of darkness, so there will be many who sincerely repent, and thank You for Your promise to use evil for good. May all those involved in Satanic worship be exposed and not be placed in any position of leadership in this country. Uproot these perverted leaders for the sake of the children in this country, so they are not the prey of these evil doers. Please protect the youth and raise up the prayers necessary so that there will be a revival for the sake of Your kingdom to advance especially among those who are Satan worshipers. May these lost people repent in droves, those who are in positions of leadership in the government, in the churches, in the universities, in the schools. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. Please Lord, expose the lies and hidden agendas. Open the eyes of those who do not know You. Give them spiritual knowledge they do not now have. If their hearts are so hardened they cannot change, then put them away from gaining any power; but give power to your people.

  3. Father God,
    Thank You for ending abortion, and for sending revival! Continue to let Your revival begin with me, our marriage, our family, our church, our state, our nation, and our world! We pray that we will get and keep our hearts right with you, and right with all others, so that others will see Jesus’ love in and through our lives. So that men and women, boys and girls come to faith in Jesus Christ. This is all about people’s salvation. Wake up the church. You have called Your church to be salt and light. Help us, Dear Lord. Expose the lies, and reveal Your truths. All for Your honor, power, glory and thanksgivings. In Jesus Name we pray this. Amen and amen!!!

  4. Father God, If it be your will, I come to you to ask you to heal our land. I ask that you touch the hearts and rid the evil of those fighting against you. Help us to fight the demonic ways of those whose eyes don’t see, whose ears don’t hear and whose hearts are closed off from you. We humbly ask that you forgive us for taking you for granted. We know you love us and will never forsake us. Please God, take charge of this upcoming election. Please weed out the evil ones, and clear the the minds and thoughts of those of us that are confused of those that are true in spirit. Please clean up the corruption and political bias of those that are supposed to be working on our behalf. We trust in you, oh Lord. We know that you are there with us. I pray God that we ALL stand with you and your loving ways. In your precious son, Christ Jesus’ name. AMEN

  5. How can you advocate for abortion, let alone abortion up to and after birth, how can you advocate to remove “In God We Trust” from our currency and official forms, how can you support removing “Under God” from our pledge, how can you delete “so help me God” when swearing an oath of honesty and not be under demonic influences?

  6. Every democratic candidate is under influence of deception and perversion some more some less so. This influence causes them to put forth policies that are harmful to the American people. Open borders, health care for illegals, aid to Iran, etc. etc. The movement against Trump is also based on deception, smoke and mirrors. For instance the basis for the Russian investigation is suspect. The phony Dossier filled with lies was used in a strategic way to try and convince the American people that Trump was colluding with Russia. The russians hacked the election. Another lie. The DNC servers were never even seen by the FBI. Crowdstrike, a company paid by Clinton, said they determined the Russians hacked it. But Bill Binney, a former NSA expert in data transfer who analyzed the source files said the data was not hacked through the internet, but transferred directly to a flash drive or hard drive then given to wikileaks. He determined this by the speed of data transfer encrypted in the source file.

    The media and democratic party have used these lies through deception to try and turn the country against Trump. God hates deceptive behavior. I believe it is necessary for the Truth to be revealed concerning every lie the enemy uses to try and support the Democratic platform.
    Dear Lord, I pray for your Spirit to move on our country to allow the Truth to be revealed. Expose the lies of the enemy that has our country so confused. Expose the entire Democratic platform that is based on lies.
    Shine your light of Truth. We bind every demonic influence of deception, perversion and witchcraft being used by any candidate for President. Remove those that knowingly promote deception. May every lie spoken set up a trap for each candidate and at the proper time, may they fall into it. May the American peoples eyes be opened to discern. May the media be exposed, chastised, even criminally prosecuted for breaking laws that protect innocent people from being falsely accused. Lord, allow the Truth to be shouted from the housetops. Allow it to be spread for everyone to hear and see. I pray you destroy the intentions of those that are trying to control the narrative with lies. Make all their plans fail. Bring confusion and chaos. Turn them one against the other. Render them ineffective and powerless. We thank You for already turning the tide and exposing the lies. Continue until every lie is exposed.

      1. A few weeks ago the Lord showed me a huge octopus resting on the USA. Its huge arms reached out towards countries all over the globe. The head with its bony mouth was crunching and destroying the States. It could change colour and form to camouflage itself and to prevent discernment.We need the gift of discernment of the spirits. Dear Lord, we pray that You open the eyes of our understanding, and send Your Spirit of wisdom and discerment. Please remove the veils that are clouding our vision so that we can see the Truth. Please bring everything out of the darkness and into Your Light and reveal Your Truth to us. We know that the wicked one is the master of lies and deception and only Jesus our Saviour can bring the Light of the Truth to remove the darkness. We plead the Blood of the Lamb of God, our Lord Jesus Christ over the USA. Amen

      1. We pray everyday the Lord will expose all the lies, deception and illegal acts against President Trump by the Left, the RINOS, the Deep State and the dishonest media. We pray all will be revealed in a public way that no one can deny.

  7. Father, thank You that You are Lord Sabbaoth! The God of War and God of the unseen armies of angels. This is war! and we engage as the Ekklesia of God to declare and decree Your will over each of these candidates and the United States destiny.

    We declare the Sword of the Spirit Ps 58, over those these with a demonic agenda to destroy our nation and pervert the generations.

    I release the precious Blood of Jesus over each of us on this forum and myself as we pray with pure hearts and the Sword of the Lord. The battle is Yours. The victory is ours.

    Ps 58

    “God’s justice? You high and mighty politicians know nothing about it! Which one of you has walked in justice toward others? Which one of you has treated everyone right and fair? Not one! You only give “justice” in exchange for a bribe. For the right price you let others get away with murder.

    “Wicked wanderers even from the womb, that’s who you are! Lying with your words, your teaching is poison.

    Like cobras closing their ears to the most expert of the charmers, you strike out against all who are near. O God, break their fangs; shatter the teeth of these ravenous lions! Let them disappear like water falling on thirsty ground. Let all their weapons be useless. Let them be like snails dissolving into the slime. Let them be cut off, never seeing the light of day! God will sweep them away so fast that they’ll never know what hit them. The godly will celebrate in the triumph of good over evil. And the lovers of God will trample the wickedness of the wicked under their feet! Then everyone will say, “There is a God who judges the judges” and “There is a great reward in loving God!””
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭58:1-11‬ ‭TPT‬‬

  8. Father, in Jesus Name I pray that you will open the ears of the people in Our great nation to hear the lies, deception and deceitful plans the enemy has to destroy our nation through these people. I agree that confusion increase in the enemy’s camp and they turn on each other exposing that evilness. Cause their tongues to expose their hearts as they listen to the enemy.

  9. Father God indeed we pray that every spirit that is not like you operating in any candidate be interrupted from it’s evil agenda to overthrow our nation! LORD God may we all stand in agreement, and against every evil agenda, assignment, plot, ploy, and plan of the enemy! may all candidates mindsets be on the bettering, protection, and development our nation into all that you would have it to be, may all minds be covered under the blood of Jesus, may their minds be sound, and sober, and may they come know Christ our Savior if they don’t him that our nation will be pleasing on your site, in Jesus mighty name!

  10. Father, in Jesus’ Name we pray that the kingdom of darkness will be divided against itself from today and all the way through the 2020 elections. We know that a house divided against itself cannot stand.
    We decree in Jesus’ Name that every candidate being influenced by ungodly spirits of witchcraft, Jezebel, theft, death or destruction, knowingly or unknowingly, will NOT prosper or be elected.
    LORD God Almighty, Your Word says that You raise up one and put down another. In Your great mercy, in Jesus’ Name, please raise up only those who will serve the USA with Biblical values and standards.
    Our eyes are on You, O Most High, merciful, Holy One of Israel! Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it us in heaven!

    1. Kathleen, I come in agreement with you and your prayer in Jesus Name!! Thank you Kathleen!
      Glory Glory Glory to our Lord God Almighty to whom we look to unify the Body of Christ that is in the earth for such a time as this!! Dressed in the full Armor of God and a double edged sword in our hand we stand firm on the Truth and the Light of the World overcomes any darkness no matter where darkness dwells!! In the Mighty Name of Jesus and in authority of Jesus’s Name we cover all candidates with the Power of the Blood of Jesus!! Stand up Body of Christ!! Stand firm in the Truth, the Word of God!!!!
      Glory to God!! Hallelujah to Jesus!!

      1. I stand on The Holy Name of Jesus with you all. I believe the Democrats are imploding. Lord, may anyone Not of You fall away. We declare America 🇺🇸 for Your Kingdom and we stand with Israel 🇮🇱
        In Your Holy Name: Amen

    2. Thank you …I really stand with you in this prayer…powerful.
      I could see the marching soldiers in unison, steadfast and surefooted moving forward; the enemy being trampled literally under foot as they fell to the ground. With undivided focus on commander and chief. God bless.

    3. Yes! This is basically the same word the Spirit had me praying the beginning of this year. I stand in agreement with you and this prayer. Thank you Jesus for interceding and for uniting us as intercessors!

  11. God bless America in this time of real need. Give our leaders wisdom Lord like never needed before. Thank you for our leaders who came before who put their trust in you for help for our nation, May we return to a time like that. President Trump needs our prayers. Let us give him that
    support as God directs us to do.

  12. Abba, we come before you and make our request in the mighty and holy name of Christ Jesus our Savior who shed His blood for forgiveness of our sins. Father we pray for our people Lord that their heart is inclined to Word and to vote with spiritual wisdom. We also place before you in prayer our nation, under your Devine Providence, to be totally under Your ever present grace and mercy. We pray to soften hearts of stone to make stiff necked people aware of righteousness, justice, and of your good and perfect will. We also pray Lord that all of resources be used to glorify You and that Your people have no fear as the Victory is already Yours in Christ.

  13. I pray Father, that you will restore all things according to your perfect will and timing. I pray for our nation’s leaders to only be those who will make wise decisions to protect our freedoms and values. Renew our people to have wisdom and discernment in electing good leaders.

  14. Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm against our government. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground, in Jesus name. Amen.

  15. Every day I pray for ALL under the umbrella of federal (executive, legislative, & judicial branches& any others under “Federal Employee” heading) & state leaders, & my fellow citizens in every state of this country (from Alaska to Hawaii across to Maine& down to the tip of Florida & the Florida Keys) and then specifically for my own state & federal representatives as well as all the other representatives in congress across my state (NY), for their hearts to be opened & softened, for them to turn back to God, & for them to repeal these depraved laws being passed that are indifferent to life & the laws of God!

  16. What unholy alliances might we find or need to watch for? Anything that partners with an anti-biblical position or principal, relationships between any funders of evil agendas and candidates who take their support and money, or a spirit of Jezebel, death, division, anti-Christ or other that permeates a candidate’s messaging. We need to be praying for the spiritual battle behind the campaigns. This is so vital and true for the deciding voters to comprehend correctly for their 2020 presidential vote. Please vote pro-life issues that are moral. I am praying for the children in the holding facilities at the borders.

  17. Lord I pray you raise up or tear down candidates according to Thy will and purpose for the United States of America. Expose the deception, hidden ajendas, corruption, lies,false statements made against any candidates. Lord I pray for mercy and Grace over this Country and forgive the sins of it’s people. Please heal our land, heal the Church, heal the people too Lord. Thank you for a President that honors You, Your Word and honors the forefathers and the Constitution. Bless the work of his hands that agrees with Your will and protect him especially from this in our government, news media and anyone else. In Jesus name. Amen Psalm 91

    1. Amen, may we dwell and live faithfully under His wings. I declare no destruction shall come near our dwelling place or the President’s, or any of God’s people serving in Washington and every State office. We include the dwelling place of our hearts, may they be filled with purity so that our prayers will be effective. Father God, bless this prayer ministry and the saints who faithfully lift our nation before Your holy throne. There is no small prayer when prayed with great faith to our Great and Mighty God! With love and praise to You, Jesus, the author and finished of our faith. Amen.

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