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Give thanks to the Lord for the honoring of the life of this precious child.

“In the sight of God, who gives life to everything, and of Christ Jesus” (1 Tim 6:13)

“Newborn Emma Wren Gibson was conceived more than two decades ago as one of several viable embryos for a couple undergoing in vitro fertilization.

The fertilized egg from which Emma grew was cryopreserved on Oct. 14, 1992, and thawed by scientists from the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC), a faith-based group that facilitates ‘embryo adoptions.’

The previous record-holder was a boy born in England from a 20-year-old frozen embryo in 2010.

Researchers at the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library concluded that Emma holds the all-time record for longest-frozen embryo to come to birth, the NEDC said.

Emma’s embryo was transferred March 15 into the uterus of Tina Gibson, 26, who was born the same year Emma was conceived. Mrs. Gibson is about 1½ years older than her daughter, from the date of conception.

Mrs. Gibson and her husband, Benjamin, weren’t aware of their daughter’s world record until after doctors confirmed that Mrs. Gibson was pregnant….

The embryo that would develop into baby Emma was frozen on Day 1 of conception as a single-cell organism, as were two other sibling embryos.

Any thawing is expected to yield between 75 percent and 90 percent success, Dr. Sommerfelt said, but the three embryos all survived and divided normally into eight-cell embryos, which made them viable for implantation.

While all three were transferred into Mrs. Gibson’s uterus, only one implanted — which is a typical result, Dr. Sommerfelt said, with a success rate about 25 percent to 30 percent.

‘So everything was normal it was just that the time frame of the embryos had been … that’s what’s phenomenal about this whole story is that the embryos indeed, seemed to be suspended in time, frozen in time so to speak,’ she said. (Excerpted from The Washington Times, reporting by Laura Kelly.)

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Rosalie Skwiers
January 3, 2018

I find this amazing. very amazing. It RARLY came up, the term back in 1955 into the 1990s. The term for an un wed Mother’s offspring was called illegitimate. Which was me. Personally I always felt God gave me life and there is nothing illegitimate about that. The way I came to be was in sin, but I was NOT a sin.. My life was legitimate. Thank God my Mother prayed and listen to God and did not abort me. (And my Mother did not listen much, she was a free spirit and basically did her own thing). This is a perfect example how life begins at conception. That is why I believe I know women suffering emotionally, sometimes years after an abortion, because life has been ripped out of them. And women are nurtures and life givers. All this Pro Choice advice. Where was my choice. I LOVED my Mother and am grateful for the life she gave me. I love my life !

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