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Lord, we thank You for this incredible discovery! Continue to use these archaeologists to verify Your word, God!

As many continue to doubt the biblical narrative, one archaeologist set to prove the existence of one of scripture’s most infamous cities.

From All Israel News. Many people are familiar with the account in the biblical Book of Genesis about the two sin-filled cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and their cataclysmic destruction.

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Yet many in this modern, scientific age struggle — or outright refuse — to accept that the cities ever really existed, much less that God wiped them out with fire from heaven. …

But last week — and again this week — on THE ROSENBERG REPORT, I sat down for an exclusive interview with Dr. Steven Collins, the archaeologist who claims that he and his team have actually uncovered the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Kingdom of Jordan.

If he is right, Collins is responsible for the most dramatic — and controversial — archaeological find of the 21st century. …

As Collins explained in the interview, he first rejected the notion that Sodom and Gomorrah are fictional, mythical cities that were made up by ancient writers. …

Second, Collins said that the wealth and size of Sodom as described in the Bible meant that Sodom would have been one of the largest and most influential and powerful cities of its time. And thus hard to make up to ancient audiences who knew the history and the geography of the region well.

Third, Collins noted that the apocalyptic destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ought to be verifiable, if the cities really existed.

So, Collins told me, he simply followed all the location clues laid out in Genesis and boom — he uncovered the biggest Bronze Age city in the entire Middle East, a city that comports with the Biblical account of Sodom in every respect, including its sudden and cataclysmic annihilation. …

Another clue the Bible gives regarding the location of Sodom, he told me, is the description of the meeting between Abraham and Lot before they parted ways.

“The proper question to ask in the location of Sodom is, ‘Where was Lot standing when he lifted up his eyes and saw that the whole plain of the Jordan was well-watered?’ It was Bethel and AI,” Collins explained. …

All this led Collins and his team to dig in a site called Tall el-Hammam, with the permission of — and under the supervision of — the Kingdom of Jordan.

And what did they find?

A massive series of cities, including the biggest and wealthiest city of the Bronze Age in the entire region.

What’s more, they found a massive metropolitan city that was completely wiped out in a sudden firestorm and then uninhabited for the next 700 years. …

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(Excerpt from All Israel News. Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

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Susan S.
July 8, 2023

I is an interesting site.
1. There is a site nearby called Beth Haram AKA Beth Haran. Haran was the father of Lot. Possibly Zoar? I know the traditional site is at the southern end of the Dead Sea but I do not believe that is correct.
2. Hammam is also associated with Abel Shittim which was the last camp of the children of Israel before they crossed the Jordan River and the place of the Baal peor incident. See Numbers 25
3. It is near where Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire.
4. It is also near the probable site of the baptism of Jesus.

July 8, 2023

I recently read that another archeologist had found Gomorrah. Samples of ceramics were encrusted with microscopic diamonds, only possible by a burst of incredible heat and energy. Theory is that a meteor exploded over Sodom and Gomorrah, totally wiping them from the face of the earth in an instant. Pray that archeologists continue to see success and prove to the world that our God reigns. Don’t let them cover up the facts.

July 7, 2023

I believe it was in April of 2021.. maybe the summer of 2021.. Eric metaxis had Dr Stephen Collins on his program” the Eric Metaxas radio show.”. and they talked about this in enough detail to make it pretty fascinating.. the show was about an hour long.. and Metaxas has a way of insisting that people draw out the details -as he leads them in the conversation. Sometimes it is irritating-but metaxas is really concerned about the audience understanding the enormity( details generally) of the discovery-,and what Dr Collins was able to unearth-,in terms of archaeological proof-,and described how the artifacts were fused on the outside with a glass coating- from the Heat- and that’s only a very minimal description ..I searched through his old programs and found the video- and had it booked mark for a while-,but it’s really worth looking for.. you have the time.. highly recommended- it is fascinating

Christine Gallagan
July 7, 2023

Let this go down in the Smithsonian institute’s gay pride history!!!

Charles Coleman
July 7, 2023

Do you have any videos or pictures to share? This is wonderful and would be a blessing to see it!

July 7, 2023

I believe if you research, that Ron Wyatt discovered this place decades back.

Lisette Matos
July 7, 2023

Theses are signs of the times, as well as indicators of need for change God is faithful to keep His WORD. Thanks be to God for the living way, through our Lord Jesus Christ we can intercede for America and other Nations to turn back to God as well as ask God for Mercy to spare our land. Let us (and all Believers) be reminded that Jesus went to the Cross for ALL mankind and paid sin debt for ALL sin. God’s desire (Bible says) is that none should perish but that ALL come to Salvation through Christ. The Blood of Jesus Christ is So powerful to redeem restore and revive ( just to name a few) ALL to reconcile mankind with Almighty God The Creator, The One and Only Real GOD who Himself is LOVE. Prayer: LORD GOD Mark us today to be conduits of your love to reach those around us and to be active partners with Christ to spread the Gospel and ADVANCE the Kingdom Of God on earth as in Heaven according to your perfect Will. AMEN 🙏


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