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Lord, may our citizens be united in support of Israel! Drown out protests like these with love for Your people in the Middle East.

After anti-Israel protestors entered the Pennsylvania Capitol and obstructed the main stairs, many were arrested by the police.

From WGAL8. Dozens of protesters, calling on the state to divest itself of Israel, entered the Pennsylvania Capitol on Monday. …

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When members of the crowd were told they needed to leave immediately and that the protest was now an unlawful assembly, they cheered.

Eventually, Pennsylvania state troopers removed those gathered, handcuffing them with zip ties as others chanted, “Free, free, free Palestine.”

Capitol Police said 126 people were detained and cited.

WGAL reporter Tom Lehman was there as everything happened and posted the following videos on X.

Before entering the Capitol, organizers called on the Pennsylvania Treasurer to stop investing money in Israel.

In October, Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity announced that her department would be investing $20 million in Israeli bonds—for a total of $56.4 million in Israeli investment. An additional $8 million is invested in securities with companies based in Israel. …

What do you think of this protest and these arrests ? Share your thoughts and prayers with us.

(Excerpt from WGAL8. Photo Credit: ronstik/Getty Images via Canva Pro)

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Andrea LS
February 8, 2024

It is so sad to see the result of woke teachers handiwork on their students, when they do something so despicable to stand against a people who were murdered and tortured horribly. It is unthinkable people can be so distorted and sick in their thinking that they would act this way supporting the murderers! This is brainwashing of the first kind taught by the same teachers. I am sure the evil spirits Christ spoke of all through the Bible, had much to do with these riots as well (they’re not just sitting around doing nothing but are influencing these people that’s why they are so riled up).

Linda R.
February 7, 2024

We bless Pennsylvania and the actions of its Treasurer Stacy Garrity, for investing in Israel. We thank you Lord that the protest did not lead to the loss of life.

We pray for a divine covering over those governing the state of Pennsylvania who are standing for and with Israel, that they would not acquiesce to the pressures of the anti-semitic and will stand firm for Israel. We ask that You frustrate every attempt of the enemy for destruction and chaos. Instead, cause blind eyes to be opened throughout the state such that those who were numbered among the protestors and others like them will proclaim the high praises of Jesus and direct their energies and passion toward the defense of Israel.

February 7, 2024

Let every anti-Israel protest in America backfire and now produce a double portion of support and stir up double love in people’s hearts for our sister Israel. In Jesus’ name.


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