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Father, thank You for rescuing these children. Please put an end to the evil of human trafficking!
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Trafficking is one of the greatest evils of our time. Thank You, Lord, for rescuing these innocent children from the schemes of the enemy!

From CBN. The FBI has recovered more than 200 victims of human trafficking in a nationwide sting operation known as “Operation Cross Country”, federal agents announced Tuesday.

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During a two-week operation to battle exploitation, the agency found 59 victims of child sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation and 59 missing children. …

The operation was in collaboration with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Agents were able to identify or arrest at least 126 suspects facilitating child sexual exploitation, along with 68 suspected human traffickers. …

According to officials, the youngest person found was 11 years old, with the average age being 15 years old.

This recovery operation comes as President Biden has been under fire with critics saying his administration has essentially allowed an open border policy that has fueled human trafficking. …

One study estimated that 60% of unaccompanied migrating children are caught by cartels and exploited through child pornography and drug trafficking. …

The FBI states “Operation Cross Country” is just one facet of the Bureau’s ongoing efforts to protect the trafficking victims. …

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(Excerpt from CBN. Photo Credit: ia huh on Unsplash)

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Mary Ann Canfijn
August 4, 2023

Thank You, Father!!

August 3, 2023

I think law should start changing by now, It is not enough 20 or 25 or whatever the law decided that day how many day or years in prison they should do. when we see the numbers of children that suffered this kind of abuse and trauma that will have to carry with them for the rest of their live; (those who are lucky to survive). Not, to mention all those innocent that has being abuse and still the law are to weak with those criminals. I forget them of course, so, My Heavenly Father can forget me but, if you touch an innocent live you should get rotten in prison so at least parents can breath knowing that those who commit that crime isn’t going to go outside to commit the same crime again. It is not children’s fault neither to born in this world surrounded by sick people possessed by satan. I know how the evil works to destroy children but, still that doesn’t neither justify people’s actions. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Law should change for this kind of crime. Thank you Lovely Father for your Love, and Mercy and Our Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for all the people that you use in different way to make Justice and protect the weakest.

August 3, 2023

This is wonderful news but I would like to know where were these children taken after being rescued?
If they can’t be reunited with their families, they have to live somewhere and receive ongoing help to recover physically, mentally and emotionally. This is best facilitated within a compassionate and knowledgeable Christian environment.

I bless and support the incredibly brave and strong people who are called and equipped to rescue children‼️

Project Rescue and All Things Possible ministries rescue victims of sex trafficking and run safe houses in other countries. They provide long term commitment and care for the restoration of these children.
We need to prepare places here in the United States where these young victims can receive healing and opportunities for a good life. through the love of Jesus.

Father God,
I ask You to raise up people to meet this need for safe houses in the USA. Thank You for exposing the evil and making us aware of what a huge problem it is. Give divine strategies to stop child pornography which fuels the lust and perversion.
Provide all the resources needed for those You have called to rescue children. I pray not only for their physical protection, but also for You to keep their thinking and emotions guarded by the power of Your Holy Spirit from the darkness they are dealing with.
Help Your Church answer the call for homes of refuge.
I ask all this to be done in the name of Jesus who loves children.

August 3, 2023

Good start in tackling this evilness. Most of these children are innocent and don’t deserve this traumatic time in their lives. I pray that GOD turns the perpetrators’ hearts and that the many children are brought home.

Barb Mendillo
August 3, 2023

Glad to know there are still some good people working for the FBI,
God bless them!

Toni Kushner
August 3, 2023

Exodus 2:24 say “and God heard their groaning and He remembered them.” Father hear the cries of the people for for freedom, for healing, for deliverance. Set Your children free and may the healing power of Jesus envelop them.

Victoria Z
August 3, 2023

Father I thank you for this but as I read the article I could not help but ignore what my spirit was sensing about those in high places of the government and FBI being bribed, threatened, and coericed, and involved in cover ups and not performing their investigative justice roles as expected, and I pray that all these are exposed and brought to justice with he guilty with sufficient proof their knowledge. Father with all the Big Brother surveillance tools and technology there seems to be no reason why this evil has triumphed, it is as if the tools and surveillance are used to protect the criminals instead of find them out and we declare: NO this will not be, we declare honesty and integrity in the FBI, and the American justice system, shaking and breaking the powers of corruption in all the ranks, exposing and bringing them to justice, in Jesus name I ask and receive this. Thank you Jesus.

August 3, 2023

Jesus, the most vulnerable among us need angel rescue. We may have failed them but You never will. Your angels be dispatched to STOP 🛑 this unconscionable practice. You came to free the captives! We too are slaves to mind control but are slowly awakening…show usA our next steps each moment of every day, nationally, state, county, city, village, township, parish, church, school, business, home and as individuals how to be Your hands, feet and change agents in this crisis. We need You desperately for forgiveness and action for our children and our children’s children

Pamela Chavis
August 3, 2023

I am thankful to Abba for the rescue of every child.
His discernment is telling me that this is also just a drop released by the FBI to try and relieve some of the pressure they are under. Do not stop praying for exposure of the deep state. Press the gas pedal and keep going hard at the truth being revealed. But be ready, because when this evil is exposed, it will be so shocking we won’t want to believe it’s real.
Father expose and reveal the infection of corruption in this nation to rescue millions from trafficking. In the name above all names, Jesus!

    August 3, 2023


    Ms Mary
    August 8, 2023

    Yes, we are thankful, but isn’t it a little bit strange that it’s such a nice round number? 200, not 195 or 206 or whatever.
    Rescue all the children, Lord, and give them safe places to go to. Wrap Your arms around them and let them know Your love.

Shellie Maheu
August 3, 2023

After seeing the movie “The Sound of Freedom, it has caused me to PRAY every single day for these children. LORD GOD, Please put an end to the evil of human trafficking! LET YOUR WILL BE DONE LORD GOD, ON EARTH, JUST EXACTLY AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, IN JESUS CHRIST’S MIGHTY NAME!!! PLEASE BRING HUMAN TRAFFICKING TO AN END!!!!!!!!!!! IN JESUS CHRIST’S mighty name amen and amen


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