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Lord God, please open the eyes of those who have succumbed to the fear that has been spread and return us to a place of wisdom, common sense, and integrity.

black·​mail | \ ˈblak-ˌmāl – extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution

My husband and I went to a theme park recently. As we entered the park, we were reminded again and again—while outside in the fresh air–to keep our masks on. This was not because the park officials agreed with the mask mandate, but because they were forced to comply with it, or be shut down.

That is called coercion and blackmail. And it is happening all across our nation.

Businesses are not the only targets of these threats. Medical practitioners have been some of the hardest hit.

I wrote about my friend’s daughter who needed a medical procedure this spring. Originally, she was told that she did not need to be tested for COVID before she could enter the medical facility. The next day,  she was told she had to be tested or treatment would not be given. When she questioned the practitioner, his response was, “This isn’t coming from us. We don’t agree with it. We are simply forced to comply or be shut down.”

Over and over I hear the same frustration coming from business owners who are forced to require their employees and patrons to wear masks, even when they have caused harm. Such as when my aunt passed out in a local area Wal-Mart because of lack of oxygen. She was dutifully wearing her mask and now has a cracked pelvis because of it.

Or my friend who runs a beauty salon and began experiencing intense headaches. They became so severe she went to the doctor, concerned she might have an aneurysm. She was told the migraines were due to the mask she was required to wear at work. Her body was telling her something the CDC refuses to admit.

Are these mandates helping? Increased reports of migraines, nausea, and fainting due to masks isn’t making the news, but ask your friends who are in jobs requiring them to wear the mask for hours at a time. This. Is. Not. Healthy.

Credentialed OSHA law experts, Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan,  OSHA Occupational and Environmental Toxicologists, began to raise flags when medical experts, including Dr. Fauci, went from saying masks were not necessary to a complete flip-flop that everyone should be wearing them.

“Doctors specialize in medicine, but OSHA professionals, PPE experts like Kristen and myself specialize in PPE and respirators,” Clark began.

“It was all very concerning to me because it didn’t make sense. Originally when the experts including Dr. Fauci were saying, ‘Healthy people do not need to wear masks. There is no need for that.’ Then all of a sudden we started getting this COVID fatigue and we were kind of getting over it at about week 3, 4 and 5, right? All of a sudden now everybody flip flops… And I was saying Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! We don’t just mask up. That is not only illegal and violates our civil liberties, it is incredibly dangerous and unsafe and unhealthy…”

Kristen Meghan continued, “In my career field I also used to work in hospitals, and I’ve sat on numerous infectious disease boards, and what I did is I sat and educated nurses, doctors, surgeons on how to deal with flu outbreaks and the SARS outbreak.” She explained that in such instances PPE is a last resort.

“When you are dealing with infectious disease patients, these are not the masks that you wear. Even N95’s are not fully rated to protect against the virus…They are not approved for this use.”

“Not only is this a bad idea,” she continued, “But there are numerous studies based off of flu outbreaks across the world several years ago that (show) not only do these e-loop masks and cloth masks not work, but they are increasing the spread through fomite transmission which is a form of cross contamination.”

“These things increase the spread. You’ve re-inhaled your exhaustive gaseous waste. And you can increase your viral load,” she continued. “So if you are ill, not only can you continue to spread it, because you are not understanding the hand hygiene, but you will be sicker longer,” she concluded.

Numerous doctors have come out against masks. Yet we are told repeatedly that “all doctors agree” they work. This is more propaganda. Manufacturers have printed disclaimers on the boxes which state: “Warning: This product is an ear loop mask. This product is not a respirator and will not provide any protection against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or other viruses or contaminants.”

Del Bigtree, host of the show “The Highwire” did a mask safety test with his eleven-year old son when the mask mandate in their city changed which required children ten and up to wear them. Bigtree purchased a carbon dioxide monitor and had his son don one of the standard white masks.

At the beginning his son’s CO² level registered 847. Within forty-five seconds his level had jumped several times until it reached 8486. The machine was not able to register higher and zeroed out. Who knows how much further it would have gone?

Compare those numbers to the OSHA warnings for carbon dioxide levels and potential health problems listed below:

250-350 ppm – Normal

350-1000 ppm – Typical level found in occupied places with good air exchange.

1000-2000 ppm – Level associated with complaints of drowsiness and poor air.

2000-5000 ppm – Level associated with headaches, sleepiness, and stagnant, stale, stuffy air; poor concentration, loss of attention; increased heart rate and slight nausea may also be present.

5000 ppm –Unusual air conditions where high levels of other gases could be present. Toxicity or oxygen deprivation could occur. This is the permissible exposure limit for daily workplace’s exposures.

40,000 ppm – Exposure may lead to serious oxygen deprivation, resulting in permanent brain damage, coma and even death.

So, in just 45 seconds, his son’s level was beyond a toxic and/or oxygen deprivation level.

Despite this, in many cities across America there are now mask ordinances in place, non-compliance fines, and signs posted, warning: “It is a violation of the law to enter the premises without a face covering.”

Mask mandates persist even though evidence indicates the danger of these mandates.

But the masks are not the only areas in which American’s are being blackmailed and held hostage.

Retail businesses in some states are required to limit the number of patrons inside their stores. When shopping this weekend, we discovered the doors of a shoe store were locked because they had reached the maximum of 20 inside the massive store. Locked. Isn’t that a safety issue for those inside? Is this to protect us, or is this just one more intentional act to control, lock down, and cause businesses to fail to keep our economy from recovery?

These mandates are not about our protection, but about an agenda.

Let’s consider the lack of logic behind the random rules, which change almost weekly:

  • Hotels can no longer serve breakfasts to their patrons because of COVID, but everyone uses the same coffee and creamer dispensers for their morning coffee.
  • Doors are locked inside areas at some medical facilities because they don’t want to transmit COVID on the doors. Instead, everyone is required to use a wall phone–everyone must hold the receiver, dial, and speak into a mouthpiece that is not sanitized after each use, just to ask the workers inside to open the door we are not allowed to touch.
  • We must go in a store through one door, and exit through another—in some cases the doors are right next to each other. This accomplishes what?
  • We are forced to wear a mask into a restaurant as we are seated, but can take it off promptly after being seated.
  • A small fiberglass shield is placed between us and clerks at retail establishments. But if COVID is airborne, do these small shields do anything to protect them or us? Can’t the tiny COVID microns go around it? Up and over it? Or are they somehow stopped in their tracks after particles escape from the ineffective masks we are forced to wear?

Think about it.

What happened to common sense? And yet we comply because of the threat of being denied service, removal, or even arrest if we don’t.

Some of the areas of blackmail held over our heads if we don’t comply include:

  • They may prevent us from flying on an airline in the future.
  • They may prevent our ability to travel on the interstate.
  • They may prevent our children from attending school.
  • They may prevent our ability to worship or attend church.
  • They may prevent us from receiving needed and sometimes life-saving medical treatment.
  • And the most extreme I have heard was they may shut off our access to our own bank accounts if we don’t do what they say as we are move to a cashless society.

All these are stated as rules to “protect” us. More accurately, they are rules to control us. They are threats. This is how life under socialism and communism works.

But there’s more. Even now, in some states, doctors are prevented from giving life-saving nebulizer or inhaler treatments to patients in need. Candace Owens, an asthmatic, experienced this recently when she was denied a simple breathing treatment in her doctor’s office when the machine was sitting right there—unused. She was also told an ambulance emergency crew could not administer the needed treatment either, which had been standard operating procedure prior to COVID. Instead, she was told she had to go to an Emergency Room and pay thousands of dollars for a simple five-minute treatment. She could have died from their refusal to provide the simple treatment even though the ability to administer it was right in front of her. Doctors across the nation are now forced to comply with these nonsensical restrictions, risking patients lives, or have their licenses revoked.

What we are now experiencing are governors, mayors, and congressional leaders on the Left willing to let Americans die in order to press ahead with their political agenda—and then blame President Trump. There is only one word for those actions. EVIL.

Make no mistake, the threats they now apply to masks are simply a precursor for the untested vaccine which they plan to require. We will be forced to take it or be denied (fill in the blank.) America, we are being blackmailed. The question is—are we going to continue to comply?


Lord, we ask for Your divine intervention against this evil and against the lies perpetrated in the name of protection. Reveal truth. Expose the lies. We pray for all who have been denied medical treatment as this virus has been politicized to shut down our nation and to attack the president. Heal them, Lord, and allow them to receive what they need. Please open the eyes of those who have succumbed to the fear that has been spread and return us to a place of wisdom, common sense, and integrity.


Karen Hardin is a literary agent, author, and intercessor. Her work has appeared in USA Today, World Net Daily, Intercessors For America, Charisma,, The Elijah List, etc. To order her new book: “INFECTED: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity” click here.

To join the city-by-city prayer movement to save our nation go to:

For additional information on her ministry, business or to sign up for her prophetic blog go to: or you can contact her at

(Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

2801 People Prayed
30382 People have read this article

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  1. Claire Edwards took this even further this week in a news conference in Vienna. It’s been removed from several sites, but I still found it on a couple. If you look at the whole news conference, the document they presented to the government starts about 1:06 (hr, minutes) and is truly frightening if someone thought this was just a health issue.

  2. Father, may the truth come out and lies be revealed. May we intercede for our nation, trusting you to deal with the lies that keep us prisoners. We ask your mercy as we look to you. May your truth come alive in each heart and the understanding that you are Lord and Ruler of the earth and we owe all to you.

  3. Father, conformity has been a given for most of us. We obey traffic laws, pay our taxes, mow our lawns, shovel sidewalks (for those with snow!), donate blood, give to charity, donate to politicians of our choice but when we the people finally wake up and say “No, God did make us to be stupid but to think for ourselves.” Help us speak kindly to our neighbors about the importance of health for those who are vulnerable especially nursing homes. The quality of workers has been low for uneducated workers who do cleaning, bathing and shampooing, feeding and diaper care. Yet they are the love givers our family members get when visitors are restricted. I lift up these workers and ask for them to see themselves as angels of mercy. The touch the elderly need. Father may families begin to keep their loved one at home, which is Your plan to honor father and mother. We have each one gone our own way and now realize a TURNAROUND is needed in our thinking, lives and care for one another. We choose Your Way over our way.

    Amen! 2
  4. I have not been in favor of forced mask wearing from the beginning, but SOOOO many people around me are! So, one day recently I prayed, “Okay, LORD, I want to know the TRUTH about mask wearing.” Within a minute, I believe He gave me these two words: False security.
    Amen, LORD, amen.

    Amen! 5
  5. I KNEW it!!! And, I REFUSE to wear a mask. My son-in-law tells whoever is asking for compliance that her is exempt because he “self-identifies” as a pregnant woman!!!!!!!!!!!!! According to him the response is priceless!!! (He hasn’t worn one yet!)

    Amen! 4
    1. I love it! We need more humor! Abba Father, we are made in Your image, and I guess You have a sense of humor, too. Thank You so very, very much for giving us the ability to laugh. It is a great, and wonderful way to help us survive difficult things.

      Amen! 3
  6. Democratic LEFTISTS have an agenda to lead America into compliance with the Whore of Babylon / one-world government. Friends, this is not the Democratic Party of 40 years ago. This is different. Either we are voting for the Whore of Babylon or we’re not. No middle ground, no other choice.

    Amen! 8
  7. LORD, not only do i pray along with the brethren here concerning this ongoing problem, but i ask that You grant uncommonly good sense, Your discernment, to help US all navigate what is best for each individual that has been uniquely created in Your Image. Following so many unproven rules and regulations seems to be a form of bondage to the law. Thank You, Jesus, for redeeming US from the curse of the law. Please break the spell that has been cast over the bewitched, so that they and our nation can be truly free to worship You in spirit and in truth in Jesus’ Name.

    Amen! 15
  8. Thanks for saying this – we run several business and its really absurd to have to operate with less sales and more costs to fix what
    I cant believe how people have just bought into this

    Amen! 7
  9. Father, In Jesus Name, I pray soon the “mask mandate” will be a thing of the past. I pray differences of opinions regarding issues of “blackmail” and “tyranny” will not separate Christians from each other. I pray for understanding and wisdom to rain down on all Christians so we can be “salt and light” to a dark world
    no matter what is happening around us. So many need to know Jesus as Savior, and I pray You will remove all deterrents from continuing witness to faith in Jesus no matter what comes. Strengthen and guide Your people
    to give wise counsel to family, friends, neighbors, and in all places in the communities where they live.
    Thank You for delivering us from evil. Thank You for all intercessors, and their prayers, Lord. Thank You for encouragement I receive when I read their prayers and know someone out there is praying because prayer changes things. Amen.

    Amen! 12
  10. Psalms 9. ADONAI is a stronghold for the oppressed, a high tower in times of trouble. Those who know Your Name trust You. For You ADONAI never have forsaken those who seek YOU. Sing praise to ADONAI, who dwells in Zion. Declare His deeds among the peoples. He who AVENGES BLOOD REMEMBERS. He will not forget the city of the afflicted. Be compassionate to us, ADONAI. See our affliction from those hating us. Lift us up from the gates of death. Then we will tell all your praises. Rejoicing in Your salvation. Our Nation has sank into the pit they made. Let The net they hid catch their own foot. ADONAI is known for executing judgement. Let The wicked one be trapped in the work of his own hands. Let The wicked turn to Sheol, that forget God. For the needy will not forever be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor perish forever. Arise, ADONAI, do not let evil men triumph. Let the nation be judge before You. Strike them with terror, ADONAI. Let the nation know they are only humans and YOU are GOD. Amen

    Amen! 10
  11. Father who are in Heaven HOLY is your Name, YeHoVah. Your Kingdom will come and Your Will, will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Father I pray that your will in regards to mask and the coming vaccine, and the virus will be done. Father have mercy on us as a nation. We deserve your judgement for our sins, but I ask for mercy in judgement and that you would not turn us over to the will of the enemy. That you would deliver us from evil. Father the numbers are against us more so than those that are for us. This is a battle that no man can fight. This battle belongs to your Father. Fight for us I pray. This battle is to great for us. Fight for us Father as you did for Gideon and David. For if You are for us, who can be against us. Send forth your Holy Angelic host and fight for us I pray. Do for us what we can not do for ourselves. Have mercy Father on America, on our children and our grand children. Please do not turn us over to the will of the enemy. In Yeshua’s name, our mediator, Amen

    Amen! 12
  12. This is SO accurate. If shared, social media will censor it 😖 I went to ER for strong persistent side pain and was told I had double pneumonia even though I was NOT examined and had NO breathing issues, no fever ; dr. Didn’t come bear me! I was forced to be tested for virus. They shamed me by making me walk through entire ER dept to the back of the building- to the garage!!!! Yes, I was tested in the hospital garage! Demeaning!! This was not health care. I will never go back there again. We the People MUST rise up!!!

    Amen! 8
  13. Seek Truth, look at those that are reporting and or conducting the studies.
    1. How many patients?
    2. Age, Sex
    3. What state of health is each patient in study in at the time of the study.
    4. What kind of mask did they wear, was it always in pristine condition while being worn.
    5. Side effects each experienced while wearing the mask.
    6. Adverse effects reported
    You get the idea. God says in scripture for us to be cunning as a serpent, and innocent as a dove. Mt 10:16
    Also to ask for wisdom and knowledge and understanding. James 1:5
    We cannot be fools or victims, and none of us would want to leave this as a heritage to our children and grandchildren.

    Amen! 6
  14. If satan is using the COVID-19 mandate to wear masks as a test and a precursor to the ‘666 Mark of the Beast”, he is probably happy with the results. The Body of Christ has every right to question the legitimacy of a demand especially when it impacts the gathering of the Church and just not sit back and say, “Just do what the governor says.” Daniel and his friends did not follow the mandates nor did Jesus and the apostles. As the evidence mounts, hopefully the truth will prevail and the Body of Christ will discern fact from fiction.

    I must say that as an attendee at the Prayer Walk in Washington, it was so refreshing to see that many of the saints did not wear mask 24/7 and there was such a freedom in worship, praise and prayer. Additionally, the atmosphere was free of fear. None of the 1000’s of people we were with have reported any symptoms or been in quarantine. When God sets you free, you are free indeed.

    Amen! 36
  15. Personally, I believe that we should be wearing masks as evidence of Christian responsibility to reduce the spread of the pandemic. This the very least we can do to be salt and light during this difficult time. May God’s protection and grace surround us during these challenging times.

    Amen! 6
    1. Did you read the article and infirmation from OSHA mask professionals? The masks not only dont prevent the spread, they can increase it. It’s vital we understand what is happening and not allow misguided compassion to keep us in this unhealthy and dangerous practice.

      Amen! 19
      1. I read it. Just one opinion. Other studies show that they do help. Cities where mask wearing was recommended or required, have shown reduced numbers in the spread of Covid 19. I for one am tired of being bullied by the anti-mask Christians who make me feel like less than a believer and criticize me because I have a different view: Love your neighbor as your self. This article quotes “OSHA Law Experts” not doctors or scientists. Medical personnel have been wearing masks for years. Do you want to have surgery without your surgical staff performing it without masks on?

        Amen! 2
        1. Dear Cat, I’m so sorry that you have felt bullied. That is not my intention at all. This is simply a discussion in which we may have differing views but can still discuss and walk away valuing each other. I understand that my article is one opinion, but an important one from those who are experts and trained in mask usage which is why I felt to write on the subject. They are the ones who train doctors. Doctors are not mask experts. OSHA teams are. I have seen in my own city where we were told that mask usage actually lowered the numbers. But this came on the heels of the health department notifying city commissioners that they were raising the numbers, falsely, by adding in POSSIBLE COVID cases from as far back as six months prior. This caused Oklahoma to suddenly jump in numbers and we were labeled a “hot spot.” The problem was the numbers were all false. They were not confirmed cases. When some city counselors cried foul, the health department had to come out and make a statement to try to justify their actions, which in the end were all about additional money coming into the state. That is all factual and documented information. So its hard to believe the reports of COVID numbers or mask help, when the actual professionals in this area state they don’t work and when the numbers of COVID are falsified because of money. I refer back to the tests that have been done with carbon dioxide monitors which reveal that we can be at toxic levels in less than one minute when we wear a mask. Due to that, I would not ask anyone to wear a mask. However, I agree with you that these are perplexing times and that we need to all be willing to allow each other grace to either wear a mask or not wear a mask based on our own convictions. Thank you so much for your comment and for being an IFA reader.

          Amen! 3
          1. Totally agree, Karen, on your article and your responses. In response to the “doctors wear masks” view, we need to remember that the typical doctor/surgeon is in a sterilized environment at a medical facility. The hospitals are kept at certain temperatures (that’s why it’s always so cold!) and sterilization procedures are in place. The surgical environments are even more sterile. They wear the masks during surgery and sometimes while examining patients so they don’t accidentally project their body fluids onto or into a vulnerable patient, thus ushering in contamination. So to compare their mask-wearing to those that choose to wear them outside a sterile facility is like comparing apples to oranges. And, I absolutely agree that no one should be bullying someone else…on either side. We can agree to disagree and still “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

            Amen! 5
      1. I actually researched that and you are correct—even though SNOPES says it is false. For those reading these comments here are the details of that report:

        The CDC study surveyed symptomatic COVID-19 patients and found that 70.6% of respondents reported “always” wearing a mask, 14.4% say they “often” wear a mask, 7.2% say they “sometimes” wore a mask and 3.9% said “rarely” also 3.9% said they “never” wore a mask. The test group was further proof that wearing a mask actually increased the possibility of getting COVID.

        Amen! 5
    2. Socialism is knocking at your door. Please don’t answer. Please don’t use “Christian responsibility” out of context. If you are looking at msm & believe the constant, blatant lies, I suggest you Check out Phil.4:8.

      Did you read the statement? Blackmailed & (brainwashed, I say). This covid mess is a hoax and a lie from the pit of hell. The msm numbers are scued, a lie. The death toll did not reach epidemic proportions as was reported. 65, 000 people died from flu this past season & covid deaths with underlying conditions are about the same.

      Besides we don’t know what they are doing to folk because we are not allowed in hospitals. Did you know that hospitals get money for covid cases???

      The church has literally left the building & are at homing sheltered in place in mask.

      Thank God for Pastor’s who are on to this lie. And have opened their churches. The evil folk rely on folk who are saying oh we must obey scripture. Yes but if it goes against Gods word, we obey God not man.

      This whole scam is election year politricks at its worse.

      Amen! 12
  16. Thank you Lord for your saint being willing to speak out! Lord please visit all Governors in the night! Wake them up to the enemy’s plan. Give our Governors courage to say “No I won’t tow the party line one more day!!!” Lord rise up more Esthers and Davids to fight the giants! We know that you can take them down when your people pray. Thank you Lord that you never lose a battle. And that you are not surprised by any of this foolishness. I pray that you Lord—Jehovah God, would rule and reign in every country around the world!
    In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.

    Amen! 31
  17. One issue I have with this whole thing is that society screams for the right for a woman to do what she wants with her body (even aborting an unborn child) yet when it comes to putting on a mask in public places (at least in my state) there is no “right”. You either do it or you can’t enter the building.

    Amen! 28
    1. Not a good comparison. A woman’s painful choice about an abortion has no potential to harm YOU or anyone else in her vicinity. Your decision not to wear a mask could infect dozens of other unsuspecting citizens. One of my best friends was hospitalized with covid-19 and even though she could go home, months later she is still short of breath, in constant pain, unable to work or attend church or even cook meals. People don’t seem to care until someone they know and love is sick.

      Amen! 2
      1. I am very sorry to hear about your friend and truly hope she recovers soon. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered with COVID. However, there is no real evidence that wearing a mask over your nose is effective for stopping to spread COVID. What it does do is restrict oxygen from getting to your brain. With chronic sinus allergies year round, I need all the oxygen getting to my head possible.

        Amen! 1
      2. Abortion does harm those in her vicinity: it harms her, it kills her pre-born child and it deprives any of her prior children of a brother or sister. Many women are coerced by someone in their life to ‘choose’ abortion, that coercion is a great harm to her, and we should care.

        However, I agree with you that we should care about those who catch COVID-19, especially those who are elderly, or have preexisting conditions. But we should not harm ourselves or convince others to do so simply because of a virus. If people have symptoms, they can and should stay home. If a test is available, take it and if you are still contagious, stay home. We need to find a way to help people remain healthy while protecting the vulnerable. The Zero Aggression Blog has a plan that would help all, both those who are vulnerable to the virus, and those who suffer from allergies (Like CR, below) or other respiratory diseases.

        Amen! 1
  18. Father, we ask that our country repent of its great sin against you and be restored to a Biblical standard for how we live. Your ways are just and good. A nation thrives when it lives by your word. May our desire to please you exceed our desire to please ourselves. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

    Amen! 22
  19. I am reminded of the old hymn and its soothing rhythm: “I need thee every hour…”
    Indeed, every hour seems to be a new challenge during Covid!

    “I need Thee every hour,
    Most gracious Lord;
    No tender voice like Thine
    Can peace afford.
    I need Thee, oh, I need Thee;
    Every hour I need Thee;
    Oh, bless me now, my Savior!
    I come to Thee.
    I need Thee every hour,
    Stay Thou near by;
    Temptations lose their power
    When Thou art nigh.
    I need Thee every hour,
    In joy or pain;
    Come quickly and abide,
    Or life is vain.
    I need Thee every hour,
    Teach me Thy will;
    And Thy rich promises
    In me fulfill.
    I need Thee every hour,
    Most Holy One;
    Oh, make me Thine indeed,
    Thou blessed Son.”

    Amen! 20
  20. The covid is a ‘plandemic’ for a more evil UN plan and the citizens have been held hostages by ruthless and Marxist governors and mayors. A study recently released this past week by CDC cited that 70% of patients who were ‘diagnosed’ with an unreliable test, too…wore masks 100% of the time…yet they still got covid? Satan and his minions are very busy with propaganda promoting intense fear including the media,, who are agents of the fear mongering. I am praying for a very soon Rapture out of this insane and corrupt world.

    Amen! 26
    1. The CDC did not say that and again it needs to be repeated the mask is to protect others from you. And just to give you a chance at some credibility please provide a list of the “ruthless and Marxists governors and mayors” you speak of.

      Amen! 2
        1. Wrong, those are cities, not governors or mayors. I live in one of those cities and we do not have a “ruthless Marxist mayor”. Hurling accusations out of ignorance is the same as bearing false witness. Words matter so choose them responsibly.

          Amen! 1
          1. Do you like seeing rioters and looters burn down your city, without anyone trying to stop them? That’s what we’re talking about.

            Amen! 1
    2. The UN is riven by internal competition and too disorganized to have any kind of universal plan, evil or otherwise. If you knew anyone who works at the UN, you would know better than to ascribe well coordinated plans to it!

  21. Once again, Karen, thank you for your boldness to expose the truth. I have sensed all along that masks are not good. I refuse to wear mine over my nose because of not being able to breathe properly.I pray for a return to sanity and good common sense in this nation. The proliferation of evil is unacceptable. We need to take precautions, but we very much need to take authority over these issues in intercessory prayer. In Jesus’s name we pray.

    Amen! 27
      1. Masks are a real problem for me. I am a CO2 retainer and with all the re-breathing, it is near impossible to get to fresh air because of the mask. I now stay in a lot. Good luck & God’s peace to all.

        Amen! 1
  22. What is the big deal about wearing masks? Why do we wear seat belts or put our children in special safety seats? When driving, why do we, or most of us, stop when the light turns red? Does it not make any difference that thousands have already died? Some say that COVID-19 is a hoax and the numbers have been inflated. We can’t ask those who have already died, but for those who are still battling with it, ask them. When we have not been affected ourselves, it isn’t so important. I am sorry for the things that have happened to the writer’s family members. It amazes me that we as Followers of Christ can blame the Democrats for this virus on the one hand and then pray to God. Was President Trump tested positive or not? Shame on those terrible Democrats who will stop at nothing, even allowing thousands to die, to prove a point and make the President look bad. It is so sad. We are more concerned about his feelings than the family members of those who have died and those who are still sick. Where is the compassion that the Church is supposed to display? ” And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
    ( 1 Corinthians 13:13).

    Amen! 4
    1. Jacquelyn Miller the big deal about wearing these masks after the health issues it imposes is that it is in violation of our Constitutional freedoms. A virus does not constitute having our rights stripped from us by tyrannical governors,city officials and medical professionals.

      Also having our jobs and businesses closed and destroyed and our churches mandated they cannot meet to worship when bars, marijuana dispensaries and casinos are open. The big deal is this is not going to go away if weak Christians who hide behind their Zoom screens and cite Romans 13 and 1 Corinthians 13:13, which by the way you are taking out of context, are complacent and think they are being loving when in fact they are not. Lies need to be exposed and eradicated, they are from the pit of hell.

      And those precious Democrats that you mentioned are the one that are pushing this agenda to destroy our country, not to mention supporting agendas to slaughter the unborn, destroy families and biblical marriage.

      Amen! 34
      1. First, I thank you for your comment. Second, I want to clarify that when I quote Scripture, it is of course, from God’s stand point, not mine, not Democratic or Republican. I do not expect loving words or kindness from the world, but I do expect it from the Body of Christ. When I quoted 1 Corinthians 13:13, I don’t see how God’s definition for LOVE is taken out of context. God is LOVE and we are to be like Him. As for killing of the unborn, of course it is gross sin. So is not feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and helping people who need health care. This, I supposed, was a Christian Post and a way to let the world know who Jesus is. I truly believe this is our mission.
        Personally, and again I say personally, what this world needs more than anything is more JESUS. Masks or no masks. Freedoms or no freedoms. The fact is, people are dying and as Followers of Christ, this should concern us immensely. I make no apologies for believing ALL OF THE BIBLE. All of us are going to have to stand before Jesus and give an account of our actions done while in these bodies. We will each have to stand alone and on our own with no Republican or Democrat
        to vouch for us. I find this to a sobering thought, considering. Thanks again.

        Amen! 2
        1. “I don’t agree with killing babies, but…..” I’ve heard this argument before. Friend, there is no “BUT” in this situation. We are either voting for killing babies, and LGBTQ indoctrination, or we’re not. We’re either voting for the Whore of Babylon, or we’re not. There is no middle ground.

          1. You are so right. What God calls sin IS SIN and killing babies in or out of the womb is SIN, BUT, and I say that emphatically, BUT, these are not the only SINS.
            I agree, WE cannot separate what is sin and what is not. BUT, if you are going to name SIN for what it is, God gives a whole list of them in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Also, God says in Proverbs 6:16-19: “These six things the LORD hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.” God says these things are an ABOMINATION to Him. So, the list is very long. America has a lot to repent of. Lest we think that God has a separate list for some and another list for others. “For all have sinned and, and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23).

            Amen! 1
  23. I am not sure where you got your “experts” or what their real expertise is. I am unable to verifiy that either Tammy Clark or Kristin Meghan are Certified Industrial Hygienists or members of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Induistrial Hygiene is the best profession to quiry when looking at respiratory protection.

    There are errors in this article that would not be made by a compentent professional.

    Amen! 4
        1. Professional breather here for 63 years now, and I can’t breathe with masks on. I’m so OVER Halloween 2020.
          I’m a seamstress and I’ve made hundreds of masks and given every one of them away, thinking I was helping people. We know it’s a farce. It doesn’t take a Rocket scientist to see that.

          Amen! 9
  24. Bless you again Karen for your insights into what is happening. MAY WE RESIST EVIL as we become more aware from trusted sources including our President Trump and his Godly administration and the very evil agenda that has captured the democratic party platform. We know and trust there are very wonderful Christians ✝️ within that party that don’t like or agree with what is happening. We pray for their wisdom on what to do.

    Amen! 19
  25. Thank you so much, Karen and IFA for this article! The masks cause negative symptoms of headaches, nausea, etc. in the short term, but I have been asking what research has been done on the effects of wearing masks, especially for employees who have to wear them for 8 hours. What consequences will we see in their lives five years from now?

    The masks have other negative outcomes. I know of several people who have lost hearing aids while putting on or removing masks. Of course, that is an expensive loss.

    Father God,
    We ask that You restore our freedoms, and that we value them like never before. We pray for people’s eyes and ears, minds and hearts, to understand that freedom is a precious gift from You, and You want America to be the land of the free and the home of the brave so that You can use us to bless the world.

    Wake people to the importance of not being complacent or apathetic. Help us not take these blessings for granted, but be diligent in guarding them. Protect everyone who is working to restore truth and order, and cause their efforts to have overwhelming success.

    I ask that You hear and grant these petitions in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Amen! 34
  26. 2 Timothy 2:7 reminds u that ‘God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind.” The Greek defines sound mind as discipline but also soundness of mind. This whole COVID 19 issue has instilled such a fear that soundness of mind has escaped the world and even many in the Body of Christ. When you really take a step back and think about all the negative repercussions of wearing masks, you
    come to a “AHA” moment. Wen you see joggers running around with a mask gasping for breath, when you see people by themselves in the car with mask, when you see people at restaurants remove their masks only to eat and talk freely (somehow the virus knows), you have to question man’s sanity. Is sanity now being ruled by fear and therefore more opened to the whims of government control?

    When you read history, this is how Hitler rose to power-control of people’s minds. Thank God, Holy Spirit is there to give us soundness of mind. He will give you that “AHA” where the eyes of your understanding will become enlightened. He even will bring to you the natural information you may need to confirm in your mind what he has instilled in your heart, i.e., COBID 19 numbers inflated (many included natural deaths); some people died of flu which is not even being reported at this time; some people actually dying from wearing the masks and sucking in their own contaminated germs); and the majority of people who catch the virus survive (99%).

    I thank God for the emphasis on health the last 10 years. Many ministries preached about boosting your immune system through the use of supplements, eating healthy, avoiding stress and relying on prayer. God knew the enemy’s plan for 2020. We, His Body, must now walk in soundness of mind and be the light to the rest of the dark world to not allow the enemy to control our destiny and muzzle our testimony!

    Amen! 32
  27. Thank you Karen for organizing the Truth – the Lord is talking to us. May this wake up people especially those deceived by the enemy – praying that. Most of all we must adapt to this virus – just like we have done with the flu. (FYI there are many who dont chose to have the flu vaccine and dont get sick) The “covid” virus is not going away so the best strategy is to promote herd immunity and adapt. We are currently, as your article depicits well, in an unhealthy adaption that is fueled by fear to dramatically impact life, our health, culture and economy. Another concern I dont hear much about is how to promote a healthy immune system which is our best defense! I believe the enemy has been slowly breaking down God’s creation through GMO seeds, pesticides, high fructose additives that is in sooo many foods, processed oils, pollution of air & water, and much more! We are learning these “foods” and conmination cause inflammation in our body which is now found to be the root of diseases and breakdown of the immune system. We are replacing God-made foods and items with Man-Made foods – due to Greed and Pride! Oh how we need God! Oh how we have disrespected His glorious design – and corrupted it. May we awaken and Return to the Lord! Thank you Karen for being a faithful truth-bearer! You are one of God’s shofar!

    Amen! 29
  28. Romans 13:1-5
    Unless – those placed in authority over us are using their authority Contrary to God’s authority (for He alone has All authority over All those He has placed in authority).

    If a Governor has lifted their “mandate” then there is No rational reason to follow (submit) to the “orders) of mayors, council people, CEO’s, shop keepers, etc., etc.

    Sheepel live in fear. Sheep – Christ followers – live by & in faith!

    Amen! 10
  29. “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20; I2 = 30%, p = 0.25) (Figure 2).”
    This is from the CDC page, of an analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials that looked at face masks effectiveness over the last several decades!
    ‘no significant reduction in transmission of influenza virus infections’
    Lord Jesus, open eyes and free hearts to be courageous, to ask what is really going on here. Show us ways to help bring liberty and true healing in a world full of frightened people, and those who are coerced to follow mandates that are further damaging to our bodies and society. Thank you for Your mighty promises, and for being our Good Shepherd leading us to green pastures and still, healing waters. In Jesus Name, Amen

    Amen! 39
  30. Lord, we cry out to You o Holy God in Heaven. Father we need You help in battling this virus. The father of lies has deceived so many, including in the body of Christ.
    As a hospital employee of over 20 years I praise Ypu for the truth in this article and I pray for my Brothers and Sisters that see this as extreme, for it is not. The facts remain, my personal Dr agrees. It is only those with ties to professional unions, that tells them what to do and think. As a matter of conscience we are to seek Your will for our lives, not comply with the enemy of our souls. Help us Lord!
    The virus is everywhere just like every other virus unleashed every 2 yr cycle to get us to live in fear. But You are in us, and therefore we are to fear You alone. Your Word provides food for our souls, Your creation provides all pur bodies to be healthy, and so we pray for the truth to be told, the truth about all cures, the truth about the depth of the corruption in our govt and around the world. Thank You Lord for the blood of Jesus that covers our sin through repentance and faith in Christ alone. Be glorified in our lives and come Lord Jesus come. Amen

    Amen! 59
  31. Thank you Karen for writing this article. It is so timely. My husband has been saying for months how our nation is being being taken over by evil. We as Christians need to stand and be Bold. We have more power together than we realize. Don’t let the left keep telling us what to do! GOD is with us! Stand!

    Amen! 45
  32. Thank you Karen. I have been following these OSHA ladies for a while along with other experts like Dr. Jim Meehan. I knew instinctively this was wrong from the beginning, but more and more science and information is coming out confirming that. God showed me that no matter how hard the enemy tries to perpetrate lies, God’s design for us and our health and bodies cannot be denied. The truth will prevail, but in the meantime, I am still sharing the truth whenever the opportunity presents and interceding for truth. Here in Texas, we have a statewide mandate, but there are exemptions and churches are one of them, however most churches have self-imposed restrictions. I believe and am praying that God will awaken these churches and give them faith and courage to re-open fully. My church is one that did re-open fully with no restrictions and what a blessing it is to walk into the church! Voting is also an exemption in Texas.

    Amen! 38
  33. thank you Cathy for your insightful response which is accurate and truthful. I am also a RN but recently retired. For years I had to wear a mask for 6 months because I did not take the flu vaccine of which i complied but it was hard. Otherwise I would not be able to work on my floor. I worked with Mother/Baby patients. I never got sick with the flu, in fact I was healthier and not sick with the flu as my coworkers who took the shot. I understand the medical reasons for masks working in a hospital due to sanitation,cleanliness,etc but in certain areas. The basic and number1 protocol for not spreading of germs is good handwashing. This is the key and not touching our face. Unfortunately we have been indoctrinated and programmed to wear a mask feeling secure that this virus will not infect us. God has given us an immune system to take care of all of this. Our bodies are his temple and we should take care of them. Build your immune,take vitamins eat more healthy,exercise. No one talks about this,yes we are under attack that is not from God,we are not to have a spirit of fear,and to trust God in all things, pray out the promises. Remember even though we as Christians live in this world we will have tribulation,but rejoice I have overcome the world. Praying for truth to prevail and look to the source Jesus Christ for our redemption is near. I am reminded of the scripture when God told Moses to make a staff for the people is look upon when they were bitten by the vipers and they were healed. Praise God for our healer.

    Amen! 44
    1. Thank you for your input as a medical professional. Our prayers are with you and all medical professionals who face this virus daily and other spreading diseases that you are at greater risk because of your profession. May God’s hand of protection and healing power surround you completely. Blessings!

      Amen! 17
  34. Thanks for writing this article. I have said this for months. We are being blackmailed. Sadly most people are just going along with it like sheep led to slaughter. I ordered the book and looking forward to finding out what I can do to stop this blackmail from continuing. I do continue to pray and I am constantly pulling down the spirit of fear that is over our nation,

    Amen! 27
  35. What a timely and important story! We just returned from the East to the midwest and can again breathe freely!

    Three main lessons we learned were, as follows:
    (1) The masks are actually muzzles.
    (2) The masks will not come off, until the blinders come off of the eyes. Therefore, we are praying in that vein.
    (3) Freedom is elusive in our society, and most people are willing to sacrifice their children, their freedom, their spiritual community/church, and everything else at the feet of those who make these mandates.

    This social experiment shows how quickly people will give up who they are in favor of a politically correct notion driven by fear.

    And, if we walk in fear, we cannot please God.

    Amen! 39
    1. I think your comment the masks will not come off until the blinders come off is extremely astute. But I disagree that our prayers are in vein. Prayers are not in vein—they break through to the pulling down of strongholds. Deception is a spiritual stronghold and as we pray that the spirit of deception be bound off of America, it MUST comply. And so we continue to pray. Thank you for reading the article and your comment.

      Amen! 16
      1. Thank you so much for your response! I did not mean that our prayers are in vain (as in not mattering), at all. I meant that our prayers are in that “vein” – meaning along those lines of having the blinders come off the eyes. I agree with you wholeheartedly that prayer the most powerful weapon!

        Amen! 22
  36. Before reporting like the dangers of masks, discernment told me that to violate God’s creation and force us to rebreathe our own waste could not be good. I even thought that it would weaken our immune system because how can we rebreathe waste and not be negatively affected. It goes against God’s design so it’s what He says not “experts” say.

    I live in a city where the mayor respects the constitution and never really enforced masks but businesses had to post signs that had to be worn. But the mayor made sure there were several exemptions in our mask ordinance. Including a religious one. And sensory aversion to them, etc.

    I refused from day one to wear a mask bc of these thoughts that I believe came from the Lord. And science too really. Rebreathing waste all day. No.

    God’s beautiful children, one of the most important things we need right now is DISCERNMENT and wisdom. Eyes that see. Ears that hear. By the Spirit. Last of last days deception is rampant. Test all spirits.

    We need to UNIFY and DEFY evil laws together. Bring lawsuits against cities citing these tyrannical health abuses. That they are not allowed to destroy our health.

    In Eshther 4 it says she went to the king even though it was AGAINST the law bc of the evil decree against the Jews.

    We don’t get to settle for evil decrees and laws as His people bc they lead to more evil. Even genocide.

    Lord, may the Lion of Judah rise up in Your people. Shake them awake. Help us unite and fight back now Lord. In Jesus’ name amen.

    We don’t blindly obey the wicked. That’s how Nazi Germany happened.

    Obedience to God is refusing, exposing, and defying evil. Prophesying….Church stop laying down and being walked on in the name of Jesus. You are more than conquerors. The Word says when we unify, He commands His power and grace there.

    Amen! 56
  37. Thank you, Karen Hardin for putting into words what so many of us have concluded. May God break the yoke of satan and may the Spirit of the Truth, the Holy Spirit set us free from this evil bondage. Whom the Son has made free, shall be free indeed. May the Blood of Jesus cover you Karen and may you be under the protection of Psalm 91. Amen in the Name above all names, the Name of Jesus Christ.

    Amen! 32
  38. This was an interesting read but I think pretty extreme. This virus is unknown and I want to do my part which is to wear the mask, social distance and continue to wash my hands and I will continue to do so until a vaccine is created. I have no problem putting on a mask before entering a business, doing my shopping, existing the business, then removing my mask. I have 200 employees I am responsible for and will not be the source of their illness. When in my office alone, I remove my mask but when people enter my office I put it back on, they must have their mask on “and” be 6 feet from me. When I get in my car, I don’t wear my mask. I will continue to respect others requests for me to wear the mask and expect others to respect my request for masks to be worn around me. There are 24 hours in a day and as far as I know, I am no where’s near wearing my mask for 24 hours and I feel it’s better to be safe than sorry. My decision to be compliant in wearing a mask is not because I am not trusting God to bring us through this. I just feel I can do my part.

    Amen! 10
    1. Of course you always have to do what you need to do for yourself but common sense and discernment is what is called for. Part of the message of the article was about blind faith and towing the line in the absence of testing the spirits to see if they’re from God or not. Too many sheeple, who call themselves Christians, never call on the one who created us in His likeness. Instead they get in line and follow a Master who may or may not have their best interests in mind. Who is the mastermind behind all of this? That is the telling and revealing question to be answered. Ask and you will get your answer because God is faithful to those who love Him and He is not willing for ANY to perish … so that even gives hope to the sinner as well. What Master do we serve? Learn to discern.

      Amen! 20
    2. Tracey, thank you so much for your comment and for your heart of compassion. I hear it in every word your write. The article is not only about masks, but all the many other things now tied to our compliance to their new rules. The worst is how I am hearing from both patients and doctors that life-saving treatment is not able to be given sometimes not even tied to masks. For example, a very good friend came down with COVID that went into pneumonia. On top of that she is asthmatic. As her oxygen level began to drop she went to her doctor to get an inhaler treatment. He said by order of the governor he could not give it to her or he would lose his license. WHAT? He told my friend that he had a patient DYING from pneumonia and was unable to treat her because the governor would not let doctors in his area (Illinois) give treatments in their offices. Please think about that. It makes ZERO sense. Giving a treatment in a doctor’s office compared to the hospital is not an issue of safety for the patient. it is about control and forcing people to go to the hospital to count them as COVID beds and money given. It is evil. My friend had to cross state lines to go to another doctor who could write her a prescription and give her the treatment. People don’t know this is happening on a large scale across our nation because the media will not print these stories and blocks these stories when we try to post them. So you start your statement saying that this view is extreme, but I wanted to share that there is much behind this view, not just the issue on whether or not we should wear a mask. Thank you for reading and for your comment! Together we stand!

      Amen! 25
      1. Good grief! I live in Illinois and didn’t know this about doctors refusing simple treatment and therefore pushing people into hospitals!
        Masks bother me on all levels. They obstruct breathing (or at best make it more difficult), feel like a muzzle, and cross contamination is an issue. Yesterday I accidentally touched my face trying to pull the mask off when I exited a grocery store. With my allergies I was having some difficulty breathing and just wanted to get the blasted thing off. Not to mention the difficulty of communicating with people since we all sound muffled! But most people I know are happy to comply.
        I’m looking for a job but cannot imagine wearing a mask for hours so I will need to work from home unless restrictions are eased.

        Amen! 8
        1. With this thinking, all our surgeons should be dead! So stupid. There would not be mandates if people had a lick of sense.. Immunizations, no. They are invasive. Masks are uncomfortable, yes, I have asthma and allergies and think masks are hot. I like going barefoot but wear shoes when I go out. It makes sense. I don’t believe it upsets God to wear a mask. This is not fear. I’m not afraid. It is wisdom.

          Amen! 2
          1. I guess it depends on who you listen to. The problem is being forced to wear masks. Some of us see it as wisdom to allow our bodies to breathe properly. If you see it as wisdom to wear a mask, so be it. But why should what you see as wisdom be dictated for others? Some people are passing out wearing masks and have problems breathing with them on.

            Amen! 4
      2. It’s also the restrictions on hydroxychloroquine which is cheap and quite effective early. Every state but two (I think) restrict it and yet President Trump gets blamed by NYT for 160,000 “unnecessary” deaths. I have a biomedical doctor here in Indiana who compounds it on site because he said the research is clear and a lot of doctors are using it.

        Amen! 6
    3. Thank you. I love your spirit and attitude of common sense. I am tired of being criticized and being called “a sheeple’ by fellow Christians. Where is their Christian love toward others who disagree?

      Amen! 1
  39. Dear Jesus, Please get rid of masks for us. Give us courage to not wear them when we don’t have peace. Thank you that You sit in the heavens and laugh at Your enemies. Come Lord Jesus!

    Amen! 25
    1. Dear Jesus, please give us courage to vote into office governors, mayors, senators and congress-people who support life and liberty, who uphold the Constitution, who believe in One Nation Under God.

      Amen! 6
  40. Lord, the Body of Christ is an Army, fighting powers unseen, with Spiritual Weapons for this Battle.

    Every part of the Body has an assignment and as the Centurion who also was under authority (having no authority in himself) each us can only receive our intercession and orders as we come to the Table Daily, our Manna.

    Empower those soldiers to do extreme damage to the enemy, as you direct them in thier obedient Love for Your purposes in our day. For apart from You, WE CAN DO NOTHING!

    Jesus has ALL authority, let’s put on the Full Armour of God and stand firm!

    Amen! 28
  41. IM Not sure I see it as drastic as this. Masks are the only solution we seem to have to protect us. if it works to function without the fear of spreading or catching the invisible virus then we came out of shutdown. If this inflammatory virus goes away or does not kill or make people sick as it has then the masks will go away. We banned smoking in buildings and in planes etc to prevent spreading smoke decease , but people still smoke and it’s allowed. But this is an invisible virus and wearing a mask at least gives most people in culture security even if it is a proven false security eventually. This to will fad eventually .

    Amen! 6
    1. Before Covid there were and still are people who need to take precautions for their own safety and health. We saw them during allergy season and at other random times wearing masks for their own safety. We, who don’t suffer their same issues, didn’t start masking up like Lemmings.

      Death is coming for each and every one of us as promised. But we do not select the hour or the day unless we make ourselves into the god of that decision.

      This disease is being used to foment chaos and confusion over people who have no anchor in their lives. Drifting from one belief system to another and making themselves accountable to bullies and enforcers of propaganda because they are too lazy to put in the work of seeking God’s counsel is that wide gate that too many have entered into.

      Seek first the kingdom of heaven and ALL shall be added. Do not think for me and then demand I do as you say. Do what you have to do and let us seek our counsel from the ONE who sets us free and gives us peace.

      I’ve personally noticed that it is those who don’t know my Lord and Savior that are panicked and afraid while my brothers and sisters in Christ have a peace passing all understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Lean not on your own understanding but trust the Lord to show you the way to His plan for your life.

      Amen! 16
  42. Karen, thank you for sharing this truth!!
    I’m a registered nurse- I’ve learned so much by following Tammy Herrema Clark on FB. She has been instrumental in bringing suit against the governor of Michigan.
    I do not wear a mask unless it’s forced at a place where I have no other choice but to go in for what I need. Even then I put it below my nose. If someone asks I say I’m not wearing one for health reasons – and that’s being honest because masks are bad for our health. Tammy teaches us to say that in one of her videos. Here we are blocking the first step of the respiratory process in the middle of an outbreak and it causes weakening of our immune system.
    Recently while in the mountains we saw people wearing masks outside. Even during strenuous walks up to high altitudes in thin air some faces were covered. Park rangers included!
    I am more fearful of all the compliance than I am the virus. I feel like I’m living in Nazi Germany. On Nov 3 we have the opportunity to vote for freedom. We must tell all the Trump haters we know it’s ok to hate him. But please love freedom enough to vote for it.

    Amen! 54
    1. Thank you for sharing and for your ongoing fight to educate people with the truth. Even Dr. Fauci is on record saying healthy people shouldn’t wear masks and they only make people FEEL safer. Their ongoing propaganda to tell us it’s “our duty” or an act of kindness is just a further attempt to get people to comply and kindhearted people often buy into it. But the test results are 100% evidence that masks are toxic to our health.

      Amen! 20
  43. Lie-beral DEMONocrats…the syndicate of fake, hate, ingrate, negate, denigrate, degenerate, agitate, instigate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E ! It is impossible for a Christian to be a DEMONocrat and it is impossible for a DEMONocrat to be a Christian.

    Amen! 30
    1. This is saddest comment I’ve read on this site. Does the poster really believe that it is impossible for God-honoring people to have Democrat politics? Does compassion, care for the poor and disadvantaged, worker’s rights, affordable health care, and decency really seem so abhorrent? Would Christ agree with that? Perhaps the poster should re-read Matthew 5, 6 and 7 and think about which political party might be more compatible with the sacrificial life of the cross.

      1. We’re either voting for unrestricted baby-killing or not. We’re either voting for the Whore of Babylon, “Mother of the Abominations of the Earth” or we’re not. Unfortunately, there is no middle choice in this election.

        1. I’m not a single-issue voter, and my Bible doesn’t say “Republican” or “Democrat” anywhere. Jesus had compassion on the people around Him. That is the example I support.

  44. Wow! Thank you so much for this article. I knew all of these things already but this article expressed the real situation so well, particularly the part about the father measuring his son’s CO2 level before and after being masked for a short while. I already knew from several truth telling doctors on YouTube that masking kids is especially dangerous for their brain/neurological health! I personally cannot tolerate any mask for more than 1/2 hour tops. I won’t wear them in places unless it is in the one or two places that force me to do so. I don’t have lung disease but I can’t breathe well and start getting very fatigued and less mentally sharp.

    Father, in Jesus’ wonderful name; I pray for your help for all those retail workers who are forced to wear masks. I have met some who have asthma and still must be masked. I pray that t hose poor souls who mistakenly say they have “gotten used to it” will receive the knowledge that they only think that is true. They are fooled by a physiological response. The damage to their brains and every body organ is continuing day after day. They have to comply in order to work. Lord, help us overcome this worldwide plot to enslave and sicken all of humanity and force us to take a dangerous vaccine that alters the DNA you gave us and tracks our contacts at the same time. And Father, more than ever I thank you that it is not your desire to have your creation lose the freedom of discernment and conscience you gave us so we could become mature in you. We can do our best to spread the truth. Many of us do. But I think this is so huge that the battle is yours.

    Amen! 52
  45. Scripture speaks of not muzzling the ox. Might be a stretch, but we are to go about our businesses as usual and be able to sing along the way, or to interact with one another in joy. all the expressions of happiness and joy are being denied to us as members of this society. This mask concept HAS TO BE STOPPED. we all need to go about our lives as usual. even if we do not know one another, if we are within the proximity of someone who is expressing a happiness by whistling a tune, or humming a melody, we don’t get the benefit of that because of this mask order. it is separating people and that denies everyone. and this separation of family because one member is in a long term care facility, folks in nursing homes need the touch of their loved ones. it is the normal way. God ordained us to need to be hugged or to be touched with a hand hold. we must stop this complying. we have gone on long enough now with this mask edict. time to rescind that edict and get back to letting the economy right itself.

    Socialized medicine is NOT what we ever wanted in this country.

    Lord, grant a spirit of boldness and courage to come to the American people, that we will not accept a cashless society, nor socialized medicine. nor will we accept these things by default in order to have some semblance of “peace.” Grant us courage, Lord. the Pilgrims exercised courage as they made the voyage in wooden ships across the ocean. Let all of the enemy plans be totally annihilated, in Jesus Name. Amen.

    Amen! 62
    1. Depending on age from children to adults up to age 70+, we have from 99.997% to 94.6% chance of surviving this. Elderly people with co-morbidities should be careful, as they should be during flu season, to avoid crowds, sick people, frequent hand washing and no touching the face while out.
      Might want to read The Great Barrington Declaration- designed by numerous physicians, epidemiologists and scientist with no connection to the government.

      Amen! 17
      1. Yes, definitely standing on Psalm 91 and me and my house are covered by the mighty Blood of Jesus but everyone is not a believer. I am seeking Holy Spirit as well. Thank you.

        Amen! 5

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