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Lord we pray against the demonic spirit of greed in this nation. We ask you to bind it and to release peace and generosity, and give us wisdom to know how to pray.

You may have seen or heard of this encounter that Jeremiah Johnson describes–it is all over social media right now. When we read it, we felt that we needed to seek God for what direction and prayer strategies God may be directing us to pursue.  Here is an excerpt from the vision that Jeremiah Johnson shared.  Most importantly, keep reading on after the vision–we feel that the Lord is laying out a prayer battle plan for those of us who intercede.

The vision from Jeremiah Johnson:

On the night of May 30th, while praying and pacing over the United States in my home around 2 am, a demonic entity appeared right before me in an open vision. This type of encounter has only ever happened one other time while I was ministering in a foreign country in 2015. I have always engaged in this type of spiritual warfare while asleep and dreaming prophetically, but rarely if ever to this degree while awake.

This demonic entity had a visible and deep scar underneath its right eye, but it also had the ability to mutate or rather change forms. I watched this “being” morph several times right in front of me, yet the gash below its right eye remained.

It pointed its finger right in my face and said, “I exist to deceive the whole world. Just as there are forerunners in the kingdom of God that go before the Son of Man, so I am a forerunning spirit in the kingdom of darkness that has been sent before the coming of the man of lawlessness.”

It continued, “The scar underneath my right eye has come at the hands of the praying Church, for many of them in this hour have begun to detect our true plans and purposes to disrupt systems, divert attention, and release chaos in the land.”

1. Disrupt Systems
2. Divert Attention
3. Release Chaos

At this point in the encounter, the hair on my body was standing straight up as I had never been told anything like this at length by a demonic entity. Suddenly, all I can describe is the authority and mind of Christ came upon me and I pointed my finger back at this demon and demanded, “Who is the source behind your power and influence?”

It began to laugh hysterically, a sound that still taunts me and with great rage this demon answered and roared, “The Media!”

I fixed my gaze upon it and said, “You devil that has come to deceive the whole world through the media and is being exposed right now, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to reveal your agenda!”

With a sneer it began to manifest a foul spirit and the first wave I smelled was FEAR. I saw the Coronavirus spreading across the whole world and the spirit of fear attached to it. The second wave of stench the demon manifested was HATE and I saw the cities on fire and racism escalating. The third wave that came was GREED and it was the strongest of all the smells.

In that moment of time, by way of Holy Spirit revelation, I understood that what we are witnessing in 2020, beyond a virus and beyond racism and police brutality is a diabolical and sinister agenda called “greed”. A wave of fear has hit through the virus and now a wave of anger through the riots, but the real culprit is greed!

In other words, the world is being held hostage right now by demonic forces preparing the way for the man of lawlessness. There is so much deception being spread through the media that now we must understand what we are “seeing” and “hearing” on the news and social media is a simple diversion from the real truth…

Follow the spirit of greed in this hour and it will not only expose the agenda behind the fear and hate but it will lead you to the freedom only found in TRUTH!

The response from IFA Staff:

IFA staff seeks to hear from the Lord about news and events of the day.  Our heart is to see with spiritual eyes what is happening in the natural and in the supernatural as well.  This vision struck us.  We see a physical battle in the natural happening before us in cities across the nation–it really echoes the spiritual battle happening in the spirit realm.

During the quarantine period, IFA felt led to put on the armor of God.  We shared some powerful teachings from Derek Prince about arming ourselves with those spiritual weapons. (Click here to see one of them if you missed them) Many of you shared you were feeling the same leading by God to ready yourselves with His armor. Is it any surprise that we find ourselves in a physical battle before us, that feeds on the spiritual battle happening in the heavenlies?  Jeremiah Johnson’s vision powerfully illustrates the “war wound” on the demon that was a result of the prayers of God’s people.  YOU DID THAT! This wound illustrates that we don’t always know the result of our prayer, but the enemy is impacted nonetheless.  We have been prepping for spiritual battle in these past few months, it is time to deploy!

We must address the issues we see by getting to the root and the power behind these manifestations.

  • Where there is chaos, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: peace and order.
  • Where there is hate, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: love and tenderness toward others.
  • Where there is division, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: unity and compassion.
  • Where there is deception, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: truth and transparency.
  • Where there is fear, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: security in God and faith.
  • Where there is greed, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: submission to God, contentment, and generosity.
    (This spirit could be increasing in power and coming against us as the vision above stated–it would be wise to purposefully pray about the spirit of greed.)

Dismantle the enemy’s plans:

The enemy’s plan to “Disrupt Systems”
Pray for leaders who are attempting to restore order in this crisis. Pray for truth and justice in our nation. Pray also for businesses and local leaders who are dealing with the pressures of coronavirus closings followed by riots. Pray for law enforcement–for injustice to be addressed and for justice to prevail in all circumstances. (Is 28:17)

The enemy’s plan to “Divert Attention”
Pray for awareness for Americans and especially believers. Pray that we do not get distracted by side issues, the minutiae and parsing of words, overpowering media coverage that is false or distorted.  This is where we see the immense power of the media. All of these things (and more) can cause us to be looking in the wrong direction and missing the things that need our prayer.  Keep asking God for His eyes. We encourage you to daily visit Headline Prayer where we seek to refocus the issues daily for prayer. (Hab 2:1)

The enemy’s plan to “Release Chaos”
Pray for order to be restored. The foundational principle of law and order is biblical. Pray for boundaries, borders, order–all of which bring peace and security. Justice is also biblical, and equal application of justice is critical for the sense of security of a people. (2 Cor 5, Job 11:18, Prv 21:15)

As we seek God for what may be coming at us next, let us maintain our preparedness, continuing to suit up for spiritual warfare with the armor of God.

 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Eph 6:13)

Let us know what you are hearing from the Lord on this issue we are seeing before us,
and share how you are being directed to pray!

(Editor’s Note: IFA seeks the Lord for discernment in selecting all of the information we post, and especially when sharing prophetic words. We encourage you to ask the Lord whether and how prophetic words may apply to you personally or to the Body, as well as how to pray. Every prophetic word is to be tested by each believer, in accordance with 1 Jn 4; 1 Thes 5:1; and Acts 17:11.)

2702 People Prayed
44725 People have read this article

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  1. Hello Dawn:
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. So does IFA have a way to organize something like this to encourage Prayers Warriors all over the United States? This platform seems to have an audience that would respond quickly.
    Let me know your thoughts on this.
    Thank you

  2. I believe we should get Warriors on the ground outside of the prayer closets and church pews. To go to the cities and do prayer walks spreading Gods peace, praying in tongues use anointing oil, I have a gift to anoint the oil! I have used it many times. spread the fire of God. As Elijah! If help is needed to train I am a part of a prayer team that we did this inDenver during the Riots effectively. The second week the violence stopped here in Denver. It was even broadcast by the media! They were perplexed and stated in the their headlines. What happened! The next Protest! Protesters were chanting we are Love! And the protests have diminished. We continue to go and pray weekly!
    BOOTS NEED TO BE ON THE GROUND! ❤️❤️❤️ Love in Christ! Ambassador for Christ!

    1. Peggy, I am in total agreement. Three of us here in Long Island have been meeting once a week and physically travelling to local areas to pray : colleges, University, police departments, churches and out in the community at recent Rally’s and prior to them. God is moving and has given us favor each time. The police precinct told is we could stay and pray as long as we’d like!! Boots to the ground! You are confirming my ❤️. Thank you Holy Spirit. I have spoken with my pastors wife and we will be encouraging our members to meet in groups of 2 or 3 to commence prayer walks throughout the week in addition to our corporate prayer. Praying for unity in the body of Christ at all times in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  3. The spoke to me to pray for the nation and I replied Lord I’m nobody how can what I pray make a difference the said I called you to be a prayer warrior so prepare yourself to seek My Face on what to pray about and this the answering what I should be praying about

  4. Today I received this pray against the demonic reset over this nation declare that Jesus Christ is Lord over this nation and that only He will reset this nation for His plan. Go to the courts of heaven and ask for a restraining order be put on this demonic reset breaking all unGodly covenants and treaties. That our leader will repent and renew Our covenant with God and Israel

  5. And talking about demonic encounters…I had a strange dream a couple of years ago. I dreamt that I was in my room when suddenly at the backdoor appeared the former US president (BO) pointing at me and commanding me to “stop praying!” He was very angry because of my prayers. I keep praying, he began to curse/swear at me, but I couldn’t understand the words because a holy angel stood in the middle of the room and set a huge wall of water. This huge wall of water caught all the curses (BO) was uttering. I woke up right away as if it had happened for real! I still remember it well to this day.

  6. We, The people of the USA are in a valley of decision now, with the unleashing of these evil principalities in the world. I pray that God Our Father will help us by His Holy Spirit to choose:Faith in Him and His sovereignty, His Peace, His Love, His Compassion (not human sentamentality),Truth & Holy Spirit Discernment, His patience, Unity in Him (no other false unity).

    May the Holy Spirit cause us to praise God for His wonderful Self, in spite of what is happening around us. May the Holy Spirit cause praise, worship, testimonies to God’s goodness to be raised up in the places where there has been the worst rioting and destruction.

    I pray for God to give courage to Christians to take praise,worship,God’s joy, the words of Truth into the streets where there has been hatred and lawlessness expressed. Replace the evil with the power of praise and our Testimonies of Salvation.

  7. Before the beginning of the Pandemic, the Lord gave me a insatiable desire to read the Bible and get up early and pray intercessory prayers. I have been studying the putting on of the Full armor of God. I have been fearful but God is helping me to not be fearful. I am seeing how powerful He is from the scriptures and I have been studying Revelation and I am seeing more truth and understanding the End Times better than ever before. I will be praying for my nation to not turn their backs on Israel. Shame on what we have done to Israel! Please, Lord move in the hearts of the American peoples to support Israel an follow You and Your purpose and plan! In Jesus’ Powerful Name. Amen.

  8. Lord, we gather up and magnify all the Holy Spirit led prayers that have gone before, and we join with them and release them into this present devastation. Lord, I see in my spirit how your heavenly host has collected these prayers into the big work buckets they carry, and are now strewing them all over, where ever the curse is found. As each seed hits each blackened area, a beautiful, radiant, fresh flower springs up! Thank You, Lord, and we agree with Your work. Let each person and each piece of land, each building, each business, organization, home, vehicle, personal possession, and bank account be covered with your glory and be used according to Your plan! Lord, even guns can be redeemed from being used by violence to kill to being representative of Your mercy and grace! We applaud You as you turn all the machinations of the evil one to good!

  9. Pastor Carl Hahn, Jr., of Ohio, was blessed by God to see, hear, and interact with the angelic dimension. In one of his books, Pastor Carl recounted learning details from the either the Holy Spirit or the angels assigned to him (Pastor Carl) about the 911 terrorist attack. Because of demonic spirits ALREADY present and working in New York City, the devastation was much worse. One of these spirits was greed (relating to Wall Street and the financial district in NYC) and I think the other one was violence. Our prayers must address the embedded demonic that laid the groundwork for the present attacks. God and Satan have long timetables, compared to us humans. Pastor Carl said that God shared with him that he had received the gift of interacting with the angelic realm as a result of prayers said 400 years earlier! Likewise, we can actively include all the prayers that have gone before as our foundation to combat this present evil.

  10. Geat insight through Jeremiah Johnson! Around here we have heard about the “Leviathan” spirit though Lance Wallnau CD’s. This spirit “twists” thinking and actions. I have experienced this through relationships, for example. Notice how rampant this spirit is in our government and nation. Please check it out!

  11. “For ye have not received the SPIRIT OF BONDAGE again to fear;but ye have received the SPIRIT OF ADOPTION whereby we cry, Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15 One of the manifestations of the Spirit of Bondage, which is and evil spirit of slavery and satanic captivity, is: Avarice – excessive desire of gain; greed, coveting of wealth in order to hoard it.” (How to Try a Spirit by Mary Garrison). Therefore, I pray: Father, I repent for myself and my family line for all generational curses which come from seeking worldly riches for gain through gambling, swindling, cheating, robbing the poor, or using witchcraft to gain wealth, and I ask You to forgive me and my family line for seeking after wealth from any other source than You, in Jesus name. I now take the authority you have given me to bind the Spirit of Bondage over America and spoil its manifestations of avarice, greed and coveting of wealth in order to hoard it, in Jesus name. And I loose the Spirit of Adoption upon America, border to border, to go forth to break all bondage, and to bring forth sonship in America, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  12. Satan is always behind discord – he is the real enemy but he does use people. May the spirit of deception be broken in Jesus Name and may we as the Lord’s children awaken to the battle. And the battle is the LORD’s and He will direct.

  13. I believe indeed we must continue to always watch and pray; (including praying Matthew 6:6-9), stay clothed in GOD’S Whole Armour (Eph. 6:10-20), plead and apply the Blood of JESUS over ourselves,family, and nation and Leaders, etc. We should continue to confess Psalm 91 and Psalm 103. Bind satan and demons and then, Loose the Angels of the LORD of HOST; summons them for help. (FATHER GOD has a Host of Angels ready and willing to be dispersed by us Believers.
    Remember our Benefit: Angels are sent to minister for us, the heirs of Salvation
    (Heb.1:13-14). Yes we must continue all of this. But I believe, the LORD doesn’t want us to get so concerned with the Cares of this world, that we miss the Big Picture.

    Following our time out with 2 Chronicles 7:14
    and now having Repented and been Revived, it’s time now for the Great Awaken around the world. It’s time now fie the world to know its SAVIOR. How can they hear with us and indeed each one of us are Ministers of Reconciliation. We MUST NOW GET ABOUT OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS! SEEK FIRST HIS
    KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and all other things will be added
    to us, even the healing of our Land. It’s time, well time that we Obey The Great Commission to: GO YE Into the world and PREACH
    the GOSPEL.
    WORLD. We were to learn while in Time Out, what we had to repent off:
    Der·e·lic·tion of our Duties! We must NOW MAKE THIS OUR FOCUS PRIORITY. I believe the LORD is telling us to
    Seek HOLY SPIRIT for the STRATEGIES in reaching the WORLD with the GOSPEL. ETERNAL Treasures now. Rebuke the spirit of greed,in the authority of JESUS’
    Name, but Not let the cares of this world system detract us and make us fruitfulness or unfruitfull in our Kingdom Mission!
    Remember. I believe HOLY SPIRIT IS READY TO REALLY USE US WITH SIGNS AND WONDERS AS WE, PROCLAIM THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST TO THE WORLD, IN A FAR GREATER WAY. However HOLY SPIRIT is a gentleman, we must invite HIM to lead and direct us in reaching the world for CHRIST. HE will not make us. If we are willing and obedient we will automatically, eat the Good of the Land.

    I appreciate, love and bless you Dave and all of you, in CHRIST our LORD’S Name.

  14. I believe indeed we must continue to always watch and pray; (including praying Matthew 6:6-9), stay clothed in GOD’S Whole Armour (Eph. 6:10-20), plead and apply the Blood of JESUS over ourselves,family, and nation and Leaders, etc. We should continue to confess Psalm 91 and Psalm 103. Bind satan and demons and then, Loose the Angels of the LORD of HOST; summons them for help. (FATHER GOD has a Host of Angels ready and willing to be dispersed by us Believers.
    Remember our Benefit: Angels are sent to minister for us, the heirs of Salvation
    (Heb.1:13-14). Yes we must continue all of this. But I believe, the LORD doesn’t want us to get so concerned with the Cares of this world, that we miss the Big Picture.

    Following our time out with 2 Chronicles 7:14
    and now having Repented and been Revived, it’s time now for the Great Awaken around the world. It’s time now fie the world to know its SAVIOR. How can they hear with us and indeed each one of us are Ministers of Reconciliation. We MUST NOW GET ABOUT OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS! SEEK FIRST HIS
    KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and all other things will be added
    to us, even the healing of our Land. It’s time, well time that we Obey The Great Commission to: GO YE Into the world and PREACH
    the GOSPEL.
    WORLD. We were to learn while in Time Out, what we had to repent off:
    Der·e·lic·tion of our Duties! We must NOW MAKE THIS OUR FOCUS PRIORITY. I believe the LORD is telling us to
    Seek HOLY SPIRIT for the STRATEGIES in reaching the WORLD with the GOSPEL. ETERNAL Treasures now. Rebuke the spirit of greed,in the authority of JESUS’
    Name, but Not let the cares of this world system detract us and make us fruitfulness or unfruitfull in our Kingdom Mission!
    Remember. I believe HOLY SPIRIT IS READY TO REALLY USE US WITH SIGNS AND WONDERS AS WE, PROCLAIM THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST TO THE WORLD, IN A FAR GREATER WAY. However HOLY SPIRIT is a gentleman, we must invite HIM to lead and direct us in reaching the world for CHRIST. HE will not make us. If we are willing and obedient we will automatically, eat the Good of the Land.

    I appreciate, love and bless you Dave and all of you, in CHRIST our LORD’S Name.

  15. God has identified the media as a deceiver and generator of chaos and division since February of this year. I recall being drawn to start praying for USA in 2015, and the urgency to pray has not left since then. Certain forces are identified during seasons, like the ungodly agendas in public schools to deceive our children (especially 2018), a pervasive rebellious spirit in the nation, and the media’s lies — all sources of media — TV, social media, print. Let God arise!! LORD, take the blinders off the people of this nation and other nations; take away stony hearts, bring the deceived to their knees in awareness of Your Truth, unstop ears. Bring the nation to a place of ‘being clothed and in their right mind’ — bring each of us Your people to a place where we let You do whatever work is necessary in us, that Christ may be lifted up — and all men drawn unto You. Amen.

  16. Thank you for this message that a friend forwarded to me. I too have been receiving much of what was presented here in my Bible studies and in His directions to me, especially in the area of warfare and our armor. I would love to receive emails with further information and revelations. God Bless!

  17. I have been battling a spirit of division and judgement in my heart for weeks.. struggling to understand where and what this attack could be.. it is totally foreign to myself. After reading and taking in this message it all makes sense. My armor apparently has had.. I emphasize had! a weak spot. Thank The Lord my sister prayer warriors sent your site to me. Praise the Lord for Truth and Focus.

  18. When I think of GREED, I think of multi-billionaire George Soros. He the one who is funding Antifa, which is one of the anarchist groups that are disrupting, trashing, looting, assaulting, and killing right now.

    In the past, he has manipulated the crash of the economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and Russia in order to make money. Here is a link to an interview of him In the interview when he is asked if it is correct that he crashed those economies, he cheerfully replied, “All of the above.”

    He is a globalist who believes in open borders among other country-destroying policies. I believe he is trying to destroy our economy and is using Antifa as one of his means to that end. I saw a video clip of an Antifa group marching and chanting, “No borders, no walls, no USA at all.” He will gain financially if that happens.

    President Trump’s successes stand in the way of Soros’ goals. Right now, Soros is also funding the campaigns of left-wing politicians running for Congress and Senate positions in the November elections. The more he supports their election or re-election, the more they are obligated to promote his political agendas. I believe that is why politicians who used to favor border control are now coming out against it.

    God has been leading me to pray against the Soros agenda. Also find myself praying for God to send His angels to do His bidding in this conflict we are in. We are at war and have been for some time. What a comfort it is to know that our God is greater! Jesus is Lord!

  19. Last Tuesday morning (6/2/20) I was unable to sleep. I got up and grabbed my Bible and asked the Holy Spirit how I should pray for America. I was led to Psalm 94. I prayed through the Psalm, but verse 23, resonated with me as a Rhema word for this season. It reads, “He has brought on them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; The Lord our God shall cut them off.” I felt impressed to pray this verse for those demonstrating a spirit of lawlessness-anger, hate, and greed!

    I just read your article above and witness to our need for prayer! Let the church arise!

  20. I am in agreement with you, because since Agnes I sent diaster upon disater on the nations, because God has been angry. He is mad at the churches of America. The reason the demon manifested itself is because he was exposed by you. IFA continue doing what you are doing. Interceed, put on the armor, fight like your lives depend on it.
    I will send judgment on the land, but also continue to intercced. Satan has his plans, but I will interceed and bring it to nought. Pray and fight with me to defeat all the plans of the wicked one. Let’s fight together and bring the churches back to the Lord.

  21. Demonic oppression is real and I have been noticing it more since praying with my sister. It tries to distract and cause anger/resentment, to stop the power of God to move. It can be difficult but when I realize what is going on I stop and pray that God will remove the enemy and replace it with His joy and peace. Many times during our prayer time, I’d have to mute the phone to pray that God will remove it. God is always faithful and when we resist the enemy it will flee.

    My sister and I have been praying together since Feb. 2020, for our country and our President. As we asked the Lord to help us know what and how to pray, He has shown us to pray for Divine wisdom for President Trump, that is far greater and above all others, so everyone will know that God is in control. We pray for God’s wisdom and protection for all who stand for truth and righteousness. We pray that God would rebuke the enemy strongholds over all that is evil in our country and to shine the light on all corruption, with swift judgement/punishment.

    Before reading the above prayer you posted, we have been praying for similar things; That God would rebuke/bind the spirit of darkness and bring down the strongholds of the enemy. To replace the spirit of hate/anger with love, the spirit of chaos with peace , the spirit of fear from the enemy, replaced with the fear of God. The spirit of unbelief with the spirit of God and ears to hear the truth and believe.

    We also pray that our Lord God would fight our enemies, which are His enemies. We pray for restoration of families and marriages, and to restore our nation’s Godly heritage. For Unity of the church. That God would put a strong desire in all believers to pray like never before and without stopping. That He would restore the youth that have fallen prey to lies and deception in the colleges and return back to God. We pray that God opens the doors for His word to go out smoothly, unhindered by the enemy and rebuke all false religions and demonic forces.

    We pray for the persecuted church abroad and for all Christian ministries to prosper and be blessed in getting out the word of God. We pray that God would manifest Himself in each ministry and believer. We ask for His word to go out quickly to all nations, and to open the eyes and ears of all so that they see and know the truth.

    Also we ask God to protect all affected by the COVID19, including first responders and those who have lost jobs. Currently we are asking for God’s protection on our policemen and others who are innocent during this time of unrest and protests.

    We also praise and thank our dear Jesus for being in control of all things. He is in control no matter what transpires in this life. He delights in our prayers and praise. We thank Him for you, David, and for IFA, and your faithfulness in bringing the church of God together to pray. You are a blessing. Thank you for all you do. Thank you prayer partners out there who give of your time and energy to pray. God bless you all.

  22. Lord Jesus, please put a hedge of protection around all our LEO’s. Be their shield and portion. Bless each one and their families with peace. Give them courage and strength and wisdom for these times. I plead your precious and holy blood over each and every one. Walk with them on their shifts, keep them while they sleep, comfort them when they mourn their brothers and sisters in arms. Forgive their sins, let them learn from their mistakes, and become better men and women for it! Help them to be men and women of honor! In Jesus name, Amen

  23. I am saddened that we are not upholding our police and law enforcement officers. I am married to a man who is putting his life on the line everyday he goes to work. It is so disheartening for them when all they hear everywhere is about police brutality and injustice. It is not fair. There are God-fearing men and women who take their job seriously and feel the weight of their responsibility. A hand full of people being generalized across an entire profession is entirely not fair. Please pray for their discouragement and hurt over this time as well.

    1. Lord Jesus, please put a hedge of protection around all our LEO’s. Be their shield and portion. Bless each one and their families with peace. Give them courage and strength and wisdom for these times. I plead your precious and holy blood over each and every one. Walk with them on their shifts, keep them while they sleep, comfort them when they mourn their brothers and sisters in arms. Forgive their sins, let them learn from their mistakes, and become better men and women for it! Help them to be men and women of honor! In Jesus name, Amen

  24. We have a small group of women who fast on Friday and meet to pray along with IFA. We have been doing this every Friday for nearly 30 years and Pray with understanding and in the Spirit. We are committed to humble ourselves and pray with the authority the Lord has granted us. We believe this word to be accurate and helps us to be more determined than ever to fight the good fight of faith in the Spirit. God bless you!

    1. Judith, God bless you and your group who pray!! That is a great encouragement to so many of us and please thank your group for their awesome faithfulness in prayer.
      30 years, wow!!!

  25. Years ago while in Jerusalem I was given a glimpse into the heavens. I think it was the second heaven but i’m not certain. What I saw were two forces at battle with swords. I thought of the verse in Hebrews4:12, “For the Word of God is living and active, sharper that any double-edged sword. It penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” As We know Revelation 12:11 reminds us “to overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony” This is our battle…let’s win it praying The Word of God!

    1. That’s very interesting to me. I could not sleep all night on the 5th so even though I was really tired, I kept praying in my spirit until maybe 3:30AM. I THOUGHT that something was going on and the enemy was trying to drag me to anger and great frustration and disgust. I DID resist and battled into blessing and praying over this nation and those involved in the rioting and mayhem. Then I felt the Lord instructing me that in those lawless groups is also His Harvest. I left that evening and morning with greater resolve and determination, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”.
      He has a Harvest; He says”They are Mine”!

  26. Thank you for these prayers I agree with them. I am no longer seeing the darkness I am seeing the glory of goodness in the law of the Lord he’s over us all. I see he’s Awe he’s awesome he’s got some awesome glory people falling down before him and honoring him. As we carry him with us others see Him. Not us they see our Jesus I see your Holy Spirit in the see our father God. Love Betsy

  27. Would you consider adding a daily intercessors prayer so we can pray together in unity? I’m new here so if it already exists can someone tell me where to find.

      1. Thank you Vaughn. I am familiar with this and there truly was a conversation. What I don’t hear here is information coming from a demonic entity apart from a person, or even through this man who had legion, a message to the church. Is there someplace else? I’m in the habit of supporting what I hear from scripture. Thank you.

        1. I agree. Since when does a demon tell you what’s up — unless ordered to do so with the authority of Christ?

          I’m not sure I buy this, but the prayer guides that follow are not wrong. They, at least, can be used.

          Whether this was or was not a demonic encounter with a being that chose to reveal their plans, it did make me think of a way to pray about our news media: Lord, if it be your will, force the news media to tell the truth, no matter how much they do not want to. In Jesus’ name.

          And, perhaps a similar prayer can start being prayed for our public schools? What do you all think?

  28. Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling fear, hate and greed. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground, in Jesus name. Amen.

  29. Ephesians 6:13 Is explicit in stating to “withstand and stand with the armor of God.”
    This is a defensive personal stance to stave off the attacks of the enemy as we encounter them both as one and as one in the “Body of Believers”, within a bulwark of “ Watchmen” if you will.
    Standing as “Believers in The Name of The Messiah Jesus” is ‘standing’ in what may seem defeat as a whole!
    Our most Holy Father God has made it perfectly clear that in the “End of Days” much (a flood) darkness, deception and confusion will cover the earth and no one will be able to make it cease… but those that stand in the midst of such darkness sent of God, will receive their eternal reward. That in and of itself is victory in the precious and most powerful Name of The Messiah Jesus.
    Ours in the battle in the offensive is to snatch the unbelievers as led of The Holy Spirit out of all of this darkness and into His marvelous light!
    In 2006 I was given by a word from a Messianic pastor and prophet to present Jeremiah 25 to particularly this nation, to all I meet that the Lord puts before me, and just as in the day of Jeremiah heed not their turning deaf ears and blind eyes but continue to speak and write of the “Cup of Trembling” being forced upon the lips of this nation and the nations of the world.
    Prayers of the Saints will only persist if they are exclusively praying the absolute “ Will of God!!!” This takes discernment with great measure, righteousness and holiness only given of The Holy Spirit to stand and understand, to endure and persevere in the “Hollow of God’s Hand.”
    Events of darkness will only increase and deepen as we watch God shake and uncover everything thing that can be shaken, and again ours is to endure, forewarn and encourage while standing on the firm foundation of ”The Unshakable Kingdom” of His, our Lord, “Captain of The Hosts!” Name above all Names, King and Creator of all things, Almighty God is He.

  30. The Spirit has been laying in my heart for years now a sense of mourning due to our foundations being destroyed and our Lord’s grief over mankind’s refusal to seek truth. I haven’t been able to read The Bible without weeping. I talked with a neighbor two months ago and she said that she can’t read Scriptures either without weeping now. I sensed in my time with the Lord that for the past 3 1/2 years this country has been attacked like never before…and it’s all due to demonic forces. We have been relentlessly bombarded with one distraction after another with no break in between. I believe they are necessary plots by the evil one because of what he is doing behind the scenes to bring down God’s people. The virus is only a pre-test to see how quickly and completely the entire world can be brought to its knees. The manipulative tool used for this is FEAR. Instill fear in the masses and they will bow to whatever you tell them to do. These things that are happening now are in full sight of our Lord. It is a time of His separating the sheep from the goats – the God fearing from the godless. I have had no fear through these troublesome times due to God’s peace. Scriptures come to mind at just the right time: “When the enemy comes in like a flood the LORD will lift up a standard against him!” As I’ve told many people who are scared right now, “The Lord knows the number of my days. If a virus is supposed to take me and I die then I will be with a Jesus. If this virus doesn’t take me then He will be with me. It’s a win win.”

    1. I have ‘said’ amen to this post. In our Bible it is clear that when our Father says it is time for His own to be disciplined He uses people [war] to do His Word. Yes, He also promises that those who come against His people will have their own day of reckoning, however, in 2020 if we do not see the evil underbelly of our own nation in topic after topic, we are blind indeed. And we are way behind the time of looking to government to repair the wounds we have inflicted upon ourselves. There are times when I am physically sickened when I listen to a ‘news’ report on a television broadcast. The inability of some to discern the hatred behind the words can be astonishing!
      Eyes up. Mind on His Words. If we die we die. We stand for truth and justice and righteousness. It won’t be achieved by a war of words on the street with other blind people. Only by prayer may we wage spiritual warfare. And I don’t mean by railing at the devil. I mean humbles submission to His perfect will for us and repentance for our own evils. Start with the prayer in Daniel 9.

      1. Thank you for your heartfelt post! I totally agree. Yesterday morning I re-read Daniel chapters 9 thru 12 once again and prayed the same prayer for our country. I know the apostasy must come first but we still have time to reach the lost with the Gospel message. Last night was an opportunity for me to do just that with someone in another State. As long as I have breath I will keep spreading the Good News and pray that people repent and turn from wickedness to our loving Savior’s embrace. As a former atheist I know exactly what happens when someone turns toward Truth. It was an instantaneous turn – 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Joy overtook me and ALL fears suddenly were gone. I’m compelled to speak God’s truth to any who would listen. We all must pray without ceasing no matter how hard we are attacked by the enemy.

    2. My sense is that the chaos amid the attempted destruction of our nation’s leadership is a manifestation of an angry, writhing dragon that is being attacked by its enemy (the praying church). As we repent and consistently pray, that fighting dragon is spewing hatred and fire of division and fighting back even harder as it is being attacked by the repentant, praying church. We must not grow weary, as I confess I do so every now and then. Let us stand together in prayer, lifting one another up. Find your local people — a threefold cord is not easily broken.

  31. PRAY. NOW.

    “Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

  32. I was just talking tonight with my roommates about the fact I feel that these riots and the coverage they are getting is a diversion from the hearings going on in Washington, DC which is already starting to bring things to light. Things the enemy doesn’t want widely known. This shows me not only that my hunch is right but also how best to be praying. Thank you for posting this!

  33. The most important thing to remember in dealing with the forces of darkness is to remember the authority Jesus gave us, to KNOW who we are because of Jesus, and that the enemy has ALREADY been defeated. The enemy wants us to forget that and scare us silly. Let’s take courage in the One who shed His blood and hung on the cross and said “It is finished.”

  34. Since 5-29 I have been doing a 27 day fast. I was recently encouraged by JantzenFranklins book “Fasting” which encouraged me a lot. It is God’s job to fight against spiritual forces as ours is to fast and pray and see God work as Joshiah asked the Isralites to fast & pray for the enemy is coming against them. & the Lord gave them an overwhelming victory without Israel lifting a finger. I think we as a nation to fast & pray as never before. God honors our fasting as we give Him our time & hearts.


    I have had many spiritual dreams and visions over the years, and many of them I have recorded in writing. However, for whatever reason–God knows—I seem lately to be in a dry season. So, I have been petitioning Him for more spiritual dreams and visions. I believe He answered my request on the night of Easter Eve, April 11, 2020.

    In the dream I was sleeping in kind of an attic-type sleeping quarters, with low, open rafters. There was a sharp sound, undefinable and indescribable, but immediately discernible as being in the spirit realm. A brother in the Lord was with me, who became very fearful at the strange sound. I jumped out of bed, sensing a spiritual attack, and began declaring the name of the Lord, the blood of Jesus, and everything the Holy Spirit was giving me.

    Next I was outdoors, standing in the open, doing warfare against an obvious and powerful attack by the powers of darkness. It is amazing how loud and powerful one’s voice can be under the anointing of the Spirit of God.

    There was a large tower, probably 200-250 feet tall (I suspect representing or symbolic of the airwaves or media and/or spiritual wickedness in high places – Ephesians 6:12), from whence came the demonic firepower, bent on destroying everything and/or everyone in my surrounding area. I had the boldness of the Holy Ghost as I stood my ground, using the God-given authority we have as spirit-filled believers and warriors of the Most High in the name of Jesus.

    The tower had four metal legs. I began to focus my prayer and authority at one of the legs on the left side. As I focused on one spot, it began to glow and sizzle, like a gigantic but unseen welding torch was being used against it. It didn’t take long for that leg to pop in two, weakening the tower. I then began to focus on the other left leg. Same thing—it glowed and sizzled and popped in two, causing the tower to begin to topple to the ground. I knew the power of God had overcome the attack of the enemy, and the stronghold was broken and destroyed.

    I immediately awoke, and looked at the clock. It was exactly 12 midnight. The enemy had fallen before Easter morning, 2020, had dawned – Hallelujah!

    I shared the dream with my wife the following morning, so we sought the Lord for understanding, interpretation, and revelation. I am going to share below what I have sensed in my spirit, both upon waking from the dream, and as a result of seeking the Lord with my wife:

    1. God is calling His warriors to arise in His authority.
    2. God is fore-warning, fore-calling and preparing His warriors for battle.
    3. God is showing in supernatural ways that all who are willing, and answering His call, shall see great victories in the name of the Lord our God.
    4. These warriors of the LORD shall assist in expanding the Kingdom of God on earth, and assist the servants of God and the Spirit of God in bringing forth a great, great harvest of souls in these latter days… to the Father’s delight.


    4/12/20 s.g.coy 5 pm

  36. I will pray for the Holy Spirits guidance. To always reevaluate what the media puts before us and ask God to guide my thoughts, words and deeds. That He WILL
    Bring us to HIS truth.

  37. Thanks for sharing this with us. While we may differ in our understandings of the vision part, I completely agree about all the prayer points and will pray accordingly and share with others as well. God speed! Jesus Christ our Commander in Chief lead us on! He has won on the cross. He has overcome death and the world. We will not give in to fear. “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”
    (2 Timothy 1:7 NIV) When Moses’ hands were kept up in prayer, Joshua defeated the Amalekites. O Lord, move the hearts of Your children to keep fighting with prayers and You will grant us the victory. “So he said to me, for it is “…. ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Amen! (Zechariah 4:6 NIV)

  38. I have been praying a lot lately and its been coming out of my mouth that the media is the biggest virus and the media is the source of fear and hate. I feel hateful after listening to the media.

  39. Thank you for your diligence in bringing Truth. In Michael Youssef’s book “Saving Christianity?”, he quoted Henry Ward Beecher’s prayer: “Give us that calm certainty of truth, that nearness of thee, that conviction of the reality of the life to come, which we shall need to bear us through the troubles of this life.” That is the prayer I’ve shared. I believe it to be powerful and timely.
    I liked your “pray for and act in the opposite spirit” list. It is easy to remember and can be done by everyone.

  40. This is confirmation to things the Lord has been showing me! Please pray for my son Joshua who is a police officer who has been called to go to Albany New York at the Albany Police department on this Sunday where there has been a schedule riot to form. Thank you!

  41. Brethren, are we about to miss our one-in-million chance for Revival and A Third Spiritual Awakening in America?
    Genuine apology leading to true Repentance which further leads to Reconciliation inevitably will be followed by Revival.
    A good example is the Revival that happened in Fiji.
    We need a group of God-fearing men and women must seek to resolve this debacle with a strong determination to keep the promises made, reparations agreed upon, and Laws that will be enacted to ensure the erasure of racism in the US.
    Where are our humble White brethren in Governance – Community leaders, Governors, Mayors, County Judges, Congressmen, Justices of the Supreme Court, our VP, our President and his Cabinet? Can they call for their counterparts in the Black community and do what David did in 2 Samuel 21? There was famine in Israel and when David inquired of the Lord he was told, it is because Saul slew the Gibeonites.
    David asked, what shall I do for you, and wherewith shall I make the atonement? They told him, the atonement was made and God removed the famine.
    Let men and women who fear God and tremble at His Word not miss this opportunity to make atonement for a sin that has stretched through decades. This sin of racism, injustice, inequality, inequity and bloodshed speaks into our land and the blood of slain Blacks is still crying out – just like the blood of Abel.
    I believe that God will respond favorably in Biblical proportions, and the World will know that there is still a God in America Who intervenes in the affairs of men. He has a remnant who can hear and obey Him. Let us pray that not only will He heal racism etc, but He will also heal our land of the coronavirus. God says to us today, “If My people who are called by My Name, shall HUMBLE THEMSELVES, and PRAY, and SEEK MY FACE, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS; then (and only then) will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, AND WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.” 2 Chr. 7:14

  42. If someone with experience in spiritual warfare and deliverance may comment: With all due respect, the demon lied to him. The “power and influence” behind the demon is not the media. The media is the vehicle which is being used by demonic forces. And very effectively, unfortunately. The power and influence is Satan himself, whose time is short, and the demonic spirit over American which is rebellion, as correctly identified by Derek Prince many years ago. Otherwise the insight and information are excellent. Important to keep praying.

  43. This🖋 article exposing👿 is pow-erful! I have been writing
    🖋about 💒spiritual🛡 warfare🗡 and MSM’s📱📺📰📻 agenda for⏳ years. Yester-day, I could only📺 watch the🌆 NYC 🍎protest in front of 🏢Trump Hotel for a few⏰ seconds. I felt the😠 demonic👺 hate against
    🇺🇸Trump🦅 hit my spirit. Pray that the😎 spiritual eyes of the blind be😲 opened.
    That the 😐brainwashed kids see👀 they are manipulated😉 by commie👎 Democrat 🌎NWO📰 propagandists. Pray for 🦅President🇺🇸 Trump, his🏛 cabinet, his👪 family,God’s🦉 wisdom,restoration🦋 what the👿 enemy has stolen:Truth🕯
    Joy🌹 HealthFaith💒Hope🌈
    Great💰 economy Jobs🏬💖🇺🇸👍Patri-otism.

  44. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”
    IO Corinthians 10:4
    We need to seek the Lord for His mind, His heart, and His plan for the hour we are in.
    Proverbs 29:18 States – “Without a vision the people perish: but He that keeps the law, (does the Lord’s will) happy is he.
    When we don’t know God’s will and plan we throw off restraint and are blown by the wind in every direction.

  45. I appreciate your posting this. Standing in agreement with all of those praying against satan’s deceptions and plans.

    “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:
    (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
    Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” – 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

  46. Wonderful truths shared in this article Thank you so much for keeping Christians informed on issues and how to pray for them.
    Agree with Mr. Johnson’s vision and the demonic powers behind all the turmoil in America right now.

  47. Thank you for posting this. As you can see, the body of Christ must be called to the front lines of prayer and be on the Wall as in Nehemiah that he was broken in fasting and in prayer for the Most High to move on behalf of Israel. The enemy attempted to derail Nehemiah while on the wall through intimidation and fear tactics. I say what the Word says,”LET GOD ARISE AND HIS enemies BE SCATTERED!”

  48. Thank you, this article was a blessing and an encouragement today! I wholeheartedly agree with all that was said.
    …and yes, the media is in their control at this time!

  49. Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ precious Name, Thank you for IFA, and all followers of Christ who share their prayers which encourage me in my Faith Walk. Knowing one aspect of spiritual strengthening is fellowship, and I consider IFA’s website allows me to fellowship, and benefit from prayers of Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus even if I have not met them.

    I noted especially Michael’s comment about demonic spirits. Lord, I am a bit confused on this point as I know that Martin Luther was attacked by, I think, satan himself. No doubt, Luther was a prime target since God used him in immeasurable proportions to cleanse the Church. I believe one time Luther threw an ink well at the devil.

    I am reading of Jesus coming to Muslims in dreams, and Muslims turning from their false god to the Triune God.

    I will have to study further regarding demon attacks. We know even after Jesus ascended the Apostles were driving out evil spirits as the Apostles spread the Gospel message. (I believe I am correct on that point). Soo, Lord, my guess is for good you allow certain persons who are Christian to see demons if for no other reason than to remind all Your people that we are dealing with principalities of darkness. There is an army of demons fighting against the Lord’s Heavenly armies. There is an invisible war going on about us which
    should cause us to put on the armor of God, rebuke evil force in the Jesus’ Name, pray, be close and into the Word, seek the support encouragement of fellow believers. I need to reminded and I pray regularly to be covered with the precious blood of our Savior for protection and to cleanse me of all my sins. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for your gracious hospitality and warm reception into the Holy of Holies which no longer
    has a curtain which separate You from me, but was torn in two when my blessed Savior died on the cross.
    Thank you, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Amen and Amen

  50. “No weapon formed against us will prosper.”
    “The weapons of our warfare are mighty to the tearing down of satan’s stongholds.”
    “Great is HE that is in me than he that is in the world.”
    “Casting all your cares on Him for HE careth for you.”
    The devil was defeated at Calvary; the devil is still a defeated foe!
    Know GOD’s Word; study it every day and enforce the devil’s defeat by speaking the Truth of GOD’s precious promises.
    If you are asking, “Where is GOD?”
    “You will find ME when you seek for ME with all your heart.”
    Father GOD, draw us all ever closer to You, and open our ears to hear Your still small voice; and give us eyes to see situations from Your point of view that we would not be deceived. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  51. I appreciate this article so much. I recently read this same prophetic message from a friend who sent this Jeremiah Johnson post. I also sensed that this was a word from the Lord to heed. Along with that the Lord highlighted other MAJOR demonic strongholds to pray against and tear down. These are the 6 He has shown me:
    Abortion (spirit of Moloch)
    Radical feminism
    Praying against all and releasing the opposite in the mighty name of Jesus!!

  52. “For the battle is the Lord’s and He will give you (Goliath) into our hand.” 1 Samuel 17:47b

    “Be strong and courageous (brothers and sisters in Christ)… It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear of be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31: 7 & 8

    What beautiful promises our Lord gives us.

    Going up against demons (in Africa), we have seen that prayer and praise of Jesus revokes the evil spirit(s). The more we use Jesus’ name the more the enemy cowers.

    So yes in each of these circumstances lean heavy on Christ pray without ceasing…

    1. Early the next morning the army of Judah went out into the wilderness of Tekoa. On the way Jehoshaphat stopped and said, “Listen to me, all you people of Judah and Jerusalem! Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be able to stand firm. Believe in his prophets, and you will succeed.” After consulting the people, the king appointed singers to walk ahead of the army, singing to the Lord and praising him for his holy splendor. This is what they sang: “Give thanks to the Lord ; his faithful love endures forever!” At the very moment they began to sing and give praise, the Lord caused the armies of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir to start fighting among themselves. The armies of Moab and Ammon turned against their allies from Mount Seir and killed every one of them. After they had destroyed the army of Seir, they began attacking each other. So when the army of Judah arrived at the lookout point in the wilderness, all they saw were dead bodies lying on the ground as far as they could see. Not a single one of the enemy had escaped. Then all the men returned to Jerusalem, with Jehoshaphat leading them, overjoyed that the Lord had given them victory over their enemies. When all the surrounding kingdoms heard that the Lord himself had fought against the enemies of Israel, the fear of God came over them. So Jehoshaphat’s kingdom was at peace, for his God had given him rest on every side.
      2 Chronicles 20:20‭-‬24‭, ‬27‭, ‬29‭-‬30 NLT
      Join me in singing this out:

  53. I hear the Lord saying HE Will tear down that demonic structure to the very ground if necessary to convince those in power HE still rules and reigns.

    I Am tired of the ungodly mockers who think they will rule and reign.The stench has permeated by creation and I will clean the whole earth to make it inhabitable. If you choose Not to align with me then know you Will join the devil himself in the nether regions permanently.
    I AM a jealous GOD there will be NONE who stand before ME.

    1. Just to encourage us remember that Jesus said that in end times the Son of man will send out His Angel’s, and they will gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness and will cast them in to the furnace of fire. Read this parable in Matt.13:24 to30;Matt.13:36-43. ALSO, Psalm 92:5-9. The name of Jesus causes every knee to bow. Funny how this whole controversy started when demons led a man to snuff out a life by his knee. Satan is a counterfeit. There is only one God and at the name of Jesus every knee in heaven and earth must bow to our Savior`s name.

  54. We’re listening to demons now? That is ridiculous! We have been given power and authority over demonic spirits; they have nothing to offer us except to kill, steal, and destroy. Satan has no truth in him. He is the father of lies. Jesus did not have a conversation with the devil when he was tempted in the desert. He shut him up with scripture! Listen to God and Him alone!

    1. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”
      II Corinthians 10:4
      We need to seek the Lord for His mind, His heart, and His plan for the hour we are in.
      Proverbs 29:18 states – “Without a vision the people perish: but he that keeps the law, (does the Lord’s will) happy is he.
      When we don’t know God’s will and plan we throw off restraint and are blown by the wind in every direction.

    2. My husband just brought out something really interesting that I had not thought of and it is this… when satan was tempting Christ during that 40 days in the wilderness he the evil one used scripture/scripture overtones… then Christ would correct with Scripture but wait we are seeing here in the bible that the devil even pulled out all the stops and exhibited his powers by taking Christ to different locations in the wilderness… the devil is real he is a loser but we must believe in him or we will not know how to pray… Jesus wins, He won and will win …. Thank You, God for IFA and we thank You for all the prayers of these believers in their comments… we may not understand everything but one thing we are assured of and can say for certain… we have power in the name of Jesus… though satan rages and is crazy we will not be defeated… Jesus is alive… He wins…. He is winning… to God be the glory! Christians let’s unite, pray and seek God in all things…

  55. Where there is chaos, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: peace and order.
    Where there is hate, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: love and tenderness toward others.
    Where there is division, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: unity and compassion.
    Where there is deception, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: truth and transparency.
    Where there is fear, pray for and act in the opposite spirit: security in God and faith.

    Heavenly Father, You Are the Master of All Things. You command the wind and the waves. God, I pray You quiet the wind and the waves and there be NO weather disasters this year in Jesus Name. God, I pray for peace and order among the nations. I pray for the spirit of love, tenderness among the people. I pray for unity and compassion. I pray for truth and openness. I pray that justice would coming flowing back into this country like a flood. I pray for prosperity and security once again in the land. God, protect my city, my home, my county from the devil – do not let him in! Thank You God for all You do. IJN.

  56. Why would a devil come to reveal his own plans? There is no truth in him. Perhaps he seeks to divert our attention from the ongoing class warfare and the communist agenda of one world government, headed by an antichrist. See the Prarie Fire Manifesto written by terrorists back in the 1970s. May God destroy their plans in Jesus name.

  57. I was asked to pray for the son of devoted Christian parents. This young man was in an auto accident and is suffering from concussion.
    The Lord led me to pray in the Spirit only. I encountered the strongest demonic presence i have ever felt when praying for an individual.
    The Lord showed me that what is happening with this man is parallel with what is happening in the government. Then the Father reminded me of a vision of powerful women in government who were in a large underground working area. These women meet there to consult their witchcraft leader and consult the demonic spirits by gazing into liquid in a container. The Lord Christ said all these spirits ( and women) can be defeated by PRAISE.


  58. If the church is in order, demons could not have built strongholds in America: Keeping your eyes on Jesus means taking accountability and being part of the church Jesus created, that inclcludes being led by the Spirit, and not the old Priest/Mater Pastor system Jesus replaced [that means everyone one is involved and being led by an apostle who does miracles]:
    1 Cor 12:8🕊💖🕊🌹🕊
    28 So God has appointed some in the church [for His own use]: first apostles (special messengers); second prophets (inspired preachers and expounders); third teachers; then wonder-workers; then those with ability to heal the sick; helpers; administrators; [speakers in] different (unknown) tongues. AMP
    2 Cor 12:12🕊🦅🕊🐴🕊🐃
    12 Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, by signs and wonders and mighty works. ASV
    1 Cor 14:26🕊💖🕊🦅🕊🌹🕊
    26 What is the outcome then, brethren? When you assemble, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification NAS

  59. The Holy Spirit has been having me get up earlier then normal. Spending much time in praise worship and reading the word. I have felt the Lord has told me to only read the word, no devotional or other Christian books but only the Bible. Also get the armor of God on daily. Careful with all social media and no MSM news. Be around people that are like minded. Lots of praise and worship. Also pray daily for country, President, military, law enforcement and all others on the frontline. Blessings and all glory to God.

    1. So true. There are Christian who look at msm 24/7 they despise President Trump. “Christian’s”fighting on social media??? What type of lights are they?? DIM If MY people would…turn from their “wicked” ways????? They refuse to listen to wise counsel Not being judgemental just the facts.

  60. Betty, what is the name of your friend? I would like to visit his FB page. Has he tried to contact the President, yet to start the process that was discussed in you post? Or, contact Dr. Ben Carson to get the process started with the President? I’m just interested in this because I love our President and want him to be re-elected because he loves this nation and wants the best for it.

  61. Ephesians 6:12, KJV: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to kneel in fervent, intense prayer against Satan who always seeks to steal, kill and destroy. However, the Lord has been speaking to my heart about the Christian church coming out of its religious comfort zones to do battle for the lost souls throughout the world. May the Lord raise up leaders, prophets, evangelists, and missionaries who are not afraid to step out with Holy Spirit boldness and authority, as did Peter and Paul, to spread the gospel to a world filled with fear and no hope. Furthermore, may those not called to the forefront of the spiritual battlefield be faithful prayer warriors sending our petitions up as incense to the throne room of God.

  62. Years ago now, heard bro.David Hogan, say ‘In the quite times arm yourselves in the Lord; because the battle is coming, it will be here directly.’ Holy Ghost wield heavens’ sword/armour for us as we should; use it to advance heaven. Give us eyes to see what/who you are in us & through us. Heaven and earth will pass away, but you WORD(KING JESUS=Word, became flesh and we beheld him as the only begotten of the Father) everything that is made/exists because of HIM. The dark cannot then nor today comprehend the light. In your strength we march.
    “EVEN IF!” Bless IFA team as they keep your body engaged, for we are many parts.

  63. I’ve just been hearing the words be prepared. I take it to mean be prepared spiritually monetarily physically and most importantly preparing my family through salvation and deeper understanding of God’s word. To ready them for the rapture. I have been praying more and using IFA materials and information. Thank you, thank you so very much for your organization. May God bless all of you. And may God bless America

  64. Jesus we come in agreement to put on Your coat of armor, that YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD, HOLY SPIRIT who sent Your son JESUS to SAVE us all.
    We PRAISE YOU JESUS for giving us the power to Pray in the Spirit to stand against every foul spirit.
    “Greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world” Please pour Your Blood / Your Holy Spirit over this country, President Trump, Vice President Pence & ALL our leaders & the media.🙏
    We claim that “NO weapon formed against us shall prosper” in the Name of JESUS ✝️🙏

  65. This is so eye opening and I am so thankful for this. I’ve been praying but I’ve been getting discouraged cause I didn’t see anything good happening. This encourages me to continue to pray. Thank you for this and God Bless you and America.

  66. Come Holy Spirit, we need you now, in this week of Pentecost. Send Revival, shower your faithful ones with the fire of Your Love, the power of Your spirit, the mind of Christ.

  67. I just shared this on Facebook and posted the following:
    If you care you’ll read. If you care you will pray. Understand! I have seen that even the church is caught up in the diverting of attention away from the real war in the heavenly realms. See with the eyes of your sanctified heart. Pray for your eyes to be opened. The obvious which is seen in the world is not the front lines of battle. There is something much more sinister at the core. Share with your leaders. Don’t be surprised if they are not interested. They have much more “important” things pressing today.

  68. This was from a friend of mine that he posted on FB

    In a day of endless opinions, it’s difficult to discern what is true and what is false. So many sources claim to be without bias, but none of us are completely free in this area. For those that know me, you know I ask God about what’s happening in our nation and in our world. Like for many of you, sometimes I hear a response and sometimes I only hear silence.

    For the last six months, I’ve spent more time in silence than I have at any time in my life. I find in the midst of silence, it’s easier to sift out what are simply my limited thoughts and opinions and which thoughts are divine and eternal. Since I was 13, God has spoken to me through visions. Sometimes they are very general and sometimes very specific.

    In the last week I’ve asked the Lord what is happening in our nation and, more specifically, what will actually help our nation. As I waited on God over the weekend, he showed me a vision of a godly black man in my community who many have respected for years. I was to pray for his courage to speak truth in love. I saw this man on the steps of a government building on the front lines of a large protest. He was at the front of the protesters, close to police who were braced in riot gear defending the area. The man was boldly speaking truth to the protesters who looked to him for a voice. I then saw him speaking boldly to the police lined up close by. He was addressing in the crowd both the peaceful protesters who were supporting him and the antagonizers in the crowd who only wanted violence. There were not simply two sides but many sides gathered together. This man was able to speak with wisdom and courage in such a way that it was difficult for any of the sides to argue with him. I then saw this man doing something similar in cities all around America.

    The vision was not about this man, but it represented a calling at this time upon many godly black men in America. God has specifically positioned and called godly black men in communities around our country to discern what needs to be done, and I hear him say, “To go to the front lines of conflict, and to boldly declare truth with both courage and humility.” For my black male friends, please keep pressing into what God would have you do at the front lines, and then go do it.

    Does this mean that everyone else should sit on the sidelines? Of course not. Everyone in this nation has a part to play whether words or deeds or both. But there is a special divine empowerment available at this time for courageous black men who will value what God has to say about the situation in their community.

    I also asked the Lord, “What should Donald Trump do?“ He responded quickly, to my surprise, “Actually, it’s pretty simple.“

    I didn’t think there was a simple solution to any of the problems in our country, but the Lord showed me a simple solution that would do a lot of good. In another vision, I saw Donald Trump calling 50 or so wise black leaders to meet with him at the White House. Once everyone was there, he simply asked, “What should we do about the situation in the country?“

    I saw that it was essential that the leaders who were invited would not just tell him what he wanted to hear and also that they were not just there to argue. These were leaders who were not there to score points but were there for the good of their communities and the good of this nation. One by one, many began to share practical solutions to the current situation. From there, unless a recommendation was particularly ridiculous, Donald Trump simply had to start implementing the recommendations voiced at this meeting. The Lord showed me that this could have a unifying and peaceful effect on our nation and could accomplish much good on a local and national level.

    Is this an end all solution? Of course not. But this one simple meeting with the right people and subsequent appropriate implementation could accomplish much.

    For those of you who pray, I would invite you to pray these two things happen in our nation: 1) that God would raise up and send to the front lines godly black men with courage, truthfulness, discernment and humility and 2) that Donald Trump would call and act upon a meeting like the one described above. I will be spending the next seven days praying for these two things, and any of you are welcome to join me in this prayer.

    One piece of advice in this time: Search your heart and guard yourself against self-righteousness. Self-righteousness leads to illegitimate justice but true righteousness always leads to true justice. Many have become arrogant because it makes them feel confident; but genuine confidence comes from genuine humility.

    If this resonates with you, please feel free to copy and paste on your wall or share with anyone who would benefit from this message

    1. Let us pray that President Trump be moved by the Holy Spirit to organize such a gathering of black leaders and may they be open to a move of God and seek His face for a solution.

      Thank you for sharing.

    2. Thank you for sharing this with us. If you remember last October 2, 2019, when the trial was going on for Officer Amber Guyger and she received the sentencing; Brandt Jean the brother of Botham Jean who was shot and killed, requested to speak with her and to hug her. Afterwards the Judge also hugged her and told her about Jesus. Around that same time, I was out driving, and I saw this vision of members coming together from black communities. I very clearly heard the Lord say, “Revival, Reconciliation, and Restoration will come from the African-American Christian communities.” Since the last couple of weeks, I was reminded of this vision and the words said, and committed to praying for Godly black men and women to rise up and speak up. I will come in agreement and pray for those things you requested.

    3. Thank you so much for sharing this. In answering your prayer, I feel that God has answered mine also. And there are black Christian men rising up right now speaking out with courage and truthfulness. Perhaps these current events were the catalyst needed to get them to do so. Two such men come to mind, one of whom posted a heartfelt, sincere message to President Trump back in April calling on him to declare a day of repentance for the nation. His name is Marcus Rogers. He recently traveled to Chicago to speak (uninvited) before a group of protesters there. And he went right into the chaos to share Jesus with some of those who were inciting violence.

      The other man’s name is Brandon Tatum, a former police officer. Last night he posted a video on YouTube that I believe everyone should hear, calling for an end to the looting and rioting and to the stoking of racial division in our country. He shared how he once bought into hatred against whites and other non-blacks until an encounter with Jesus changed his life. His is a different perspective from what most will hear just watching the news.

      All that you have said really stirs my heart as a Christian, and as a black woman. I see our young people so filled with hate, anger and rage, committing, and it deeply saddens me. I am praying with you that God raises up more Godly black men to go to the front lines and that the President will call a meeting of these same Godly men to seek their counsel on how to solve the problems we’re currently facing in this country. I noticed some of those young people that Marcus Rogers spoke to were actually listening.

  69. Thank you so much for this supernatural information and directions on how to pray. I was part of a group of prayer warriors prior to the 2016 election. We planned to assemble again but the virus prevented us from doing so. At this first meeting, one of the members had drawn the armor of God and explained what it meant. The previous postings use it frequently. They are strong words and have encouraged me to assemble this group again to pray for the protection and salvation of our beloved country, its leaders, and our families. Very grateful to IFA.

  70. My husband and I were just discussing this , this morning. You have brought clarity and important to pray and act in the opposite spirit that aligns powerfully with the mind and will of God

  71. We need the full Armor of God every day.The devil’s plan is to disrupt our systems and release chaos. The media is full of lies and hate with the devil.When have you seen any good news to help us to see the light and not dark things.Keep on asking for wisdom and use Jesus’s name to move the hate and evil out of this land.

  72. I’m puzzled. Why would the father of lies reveal his strategy so accurately? This is akin to a general telegraphing his battle plan to the opposing general. If God had communicated this strategy through revelation or an angel, it would be more plausible from what the Bible tells us about the devil. But brother Johnson indicates a demonic entity communicated all this to him. It should be weighed and discerned very carefully. It would be consistent with the enemy’s nature to try to deceive.

  73. I pray for rain, hagel, snow, cold, this weather can only God give us , so that the people go home and think what they have done to other people and fall on the knee and ask God to forgive,
    in name of Yeshua

  74. I agree with all that this word entails. It’s always been evident to me that the origin is of Satan as it has death destruction and robbery at the root. It also has the potential to set the stage for the next move of Father God our Creator and the One who birthed Israel and the USA in both nations to expand the Kingdom of God on earth as He desires. He gave me peace to go where I needed to go in peace and not rebellion. That’s the way He leads and President Trump is one of the vessels Holy Spirit is working through so we must pray and declare and agree with this as He leads this mighty army of prayer on earth to align us with heaven.

  75. yep its been an experience!..feeling the struggle in every way right now and all my family isnt seeing straight on everything because they arent seeing everything right now… Praying that everyone’s eyes will be opened up to the deceptiveness of the message here regarding what has been taught to them from everything around them(friends,education,news,ect) wch causes them to believe the lies of the left right now.
    I pray for our young people and people caught up in liberal cultures(like ca) that want to believe that certain things
    are true when maybe they are not. I pray that eyes would open up to the truth about what these people have been saying that isnt the whole truth. I pray that love and kindness would prevail and that the spirit would descend on us to show us all what we need to see…while at the same time to yield our anger and rebellion to God to solve it..not by use of power and might in the sense of useless destruction. May order be re established with a sense of respect for people, not because of fear, but because of God steeping in and taking control of people. May YOUR Will be done Lord and may YOU MOVE inour land.

  76. On my morning walks as I pray I see Gods army (warrior angles) on white horses. The horses are impressive in their strength and beauty. They are being held back, watching and waiting for us to give the battle cry.

    1. October 2019 while at Life Church, Edmond OK I had a vision. I believe it goes hand in hand with the vision above:
      Coming out of a turbulent dark sky, I saw a rider (Donald Trump) on a white horse wearing a mostly red cape. I said but God the man is in his 70’s. He’s too old and out of shape to ride a horse. God said He’s my warrior. He said it more than once “He’s My Warrior”!

      A few days later as I was telling my friend about it. She said while I was talking she saw a blanket of evil red covering America and while I told her the story the blanket was replaced with a light blue blanket of peace.

  77. Lord, I pray for wisdom and direction when faced with evil agendas. I pray to be in your presence when evil is near and thank you for your protection from the godless souls who are tormented on so many levels.

    I thank you for every supernatural intervention that you have attended and I pray that clouded minds will become pure by revelation of and remission of sin.

    Give us the ability to stand, see through the darkness of greed and to rescue the hurting souls who call on your name by giving them your enduring words. amen

  78. Lord,

    We worship and praise You for You alone are worthy! We ask for Your mercy and grace as we seek You and beg for Your forgiveness. Lord, the world is in chaos, there is a spirit of heaviness, evil and greed that has captivated the hearts of many, both believers and unbelievers. Lord, the curtain is being lifted for those who will open their hearts to receive Your Spirit of Truth. Lord, please prepare us and fill up our oil jars that Your Bride be made ready. We pray for revival for our nation and all over the World. These are the last hours. Help us to seek and do Your will. Arm us with Your Holy Spirit that many more will come to You and accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. I believe this may be the final push for those seeking Truth. I believe that the trumpet is being made ready to blow and our hearts made ready to meet Jesus in the clouds. Lord, we don’t know the day or time, but we do know the season. We are in the season of Your return! Praise be to You, Lord Jesus! Will we experience a period of grace? Will You tarry as we pray and turn our hearts to You? Please protect Your children all over the world. Open our eyes that we may see, our ears that we might hear and our hearts that we would repent. Lord God, nothing is impossible with You (Luke 1:37). We love You! May we seek to know You more, May we follow You with all our hearts, may we share Your great love to all those we encounter and may You receive all the glory and honor! Maranatha, Lord Jesus We pray in Your Holy Name! Amen

  79. I went to Church to hear Mass in a Church that still served Communion during the lock down. I was in the middle of preparing food when I heard a voice saying “courage” & I knew I had to go to the place where I could receive Communion. I was furious about the looting of stores that were owned by friends & the lawlessness. I felt a wave of peace come over me at Mass & I heard the voice of God telling me that the people are lost. I must pray for all of them, not just those that are good. I kept being tested & I moved between fear, rage, & fleeting understanding. I can feel the fight within myself. The evil is trying to win over me. The closer I get to forgiveness the more the evil one grabs my mind & heart with rage towards those that are destructive. I pray that writing this will act as a testament to fight the spiritual battle instead of the battle between men. The dream I had where Trump was pushing a car uphill on the right side of a 4 door sedan still resonates. He reaches the top to attend a banquet. He cannot trust anyone around him. I had this dream before the 2016 election. The dream that Jeremiah had about the 3 waves fear, hatred & greed are evident. Greed is already beginning. Vaccines in the making.

  80. We need faith like never before . I had a vision years ago .
    I was at a prayer meeting and all the leaders were in a circle praying . God wanted me prostrate on the floor . I was laying face down and the Spirit would reveal a type of sinner . And I began to weep . Until I was rung out . He kept doing it over and over . I would be weeping for biker , pedophiler , rapists , drug dealer , drug attack, prostitutes and the sorts . I had a vision of Jesus on the mercy seat . There were stairs and there were 3 interceding .( Spirit ) . I was on the left interceding for the people . I was in the heavenlies and then it split in 2 . Heaven and earth . On earth their was a violent rain and the Spirit spoke to me , revival !
    Our tears that we shed for souls brings revival . I have to tell you , I can’t always do that . We have to keep our hearts tender before the Lord and no bitterness , no unforgiveness . Clean our hearts out to pray and effectively. Prayers of a righteous man avails much . Our faith is crucial ! We cannot have any doubt because then we will not receive wisdom . We need wisdom to pray and revelation. I always ask God how to pray strategically.
    Thank you for sharing your vision .

  81. Wow! I truly believe that the greed in this nation is mostly exposed in Planned Parenthood: I was led by The Holy Spirit with this prayer on 4/28/20:

    Father God
    I plead the blood of Jesus over my sins and the sins of my nation. 
    God end abortion and bring revival to our nation! 
    Forgive us Lord for turning a blind eye to this atrocity, may you stir in us your heart for the unborn! As a nation we have forgot that you have a heart for the unborn, that we must fear the sanctity of human life. Help us Lord to not be selfish and to pray, to find ways to be a blessing to those ministries that already exist to fight for the unborn: 
    40 Days for Life
    Lila Rose ministry on life
    Lou Engle, The Stand 
    May this be what your heart is for your church at this time, help us Lord to hear from you and your precious Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name, Amen!
    On behalf of my generation, forgive us Lord! Help us to repent and to find solutions for this day.

  82. Dear Fellow followers in Christ,
    Yes I deeply agree!! Ephesians 6!! Prepare, Pray, Proceed on our knees!!
    Urgently Praying fervently for a new wine skin for our church. The church is with mixed directions and some fearful, some asleep, it grieves my heart. Some churches are still closed some open.
    The urgency is so fervent to pray for the church. My spirit is telling me, fear for the day has come upon us. And my heart breaks for the souls for the church, and all souls. A heart change for the church must happen it’s the 11th hour! I could write much for the reason why here in California.
    But must share your point about the Armor in Ephesians 6 and the Armor of God. My prayers have been lead by God to Ephesians 6. He is calling an army out to intercede!! I agree and it has been constant all through our time of pause. The full armor of God! Prepare , the spiritual war has began. Prepare! Proceed! The church will be call out! It will and is called by God to step out and help and sound the trumpet. As even now there are those on the front lines. The portion of Scripture that the Lord showed me was Eph: 6:17”And the helmet of Salvation and The SWORD OF THE SPIRIT WHICH THE WORD OF GOD. A must!!! To Pray the WORD of GOD!! To PROCLAIM HIS SALVATION!! It is the most powerful tool!! HIS WORD.This is so, so important!!
    I could go on, the Lord has given the Scriptures in Proverbs! Wisdom!!! For the Church!! Even the elect shall be deceived!! The church, and country needs great great wisdom, understanding, discernment. been praying Proverbs 2,3,4, for family, government and church. I have been prayin
    Psalm 64, for God’s intervention in the lies in the voices of media, and government. V7 HE SHALL SHOOT THEM WITH AN ARROW…..please read whole PSALM 64: 1-10.
    We are to occupy until He comes for the church, guard our hearts, minds, foundation of our homes, keeping oil lamp full. And fight on our knees for Truth and Righteousness of God ‘s intervention BY THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD. And as we walk out in the day, walk with greater boldness, steadfastness and Truth. I could go on everyday is different. Be vigilant!!
    I will pray those things you have shared, backing them with the Word of God.
    God Bless, thanking God for you all!
    Humbly, In fervent prayer
    Gloria Hall

  83. Dressed in the full armor of God with the spirit of the Lion of the tribe of Judah within we roar in prayer in this spiritual battle and operate in the authority given us over serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy in Jesus name and our feet shall NOT be moved off the solid rock of Jesus Christ. We bind you spirit of greed and render you powerless. We walk in victory because we ARE THE CHURCH! Amen.

  84. Thank you for sharing, I have been using “A Soldiers Manual for Effective Prayer” for years that the Lord gave me in my prayer closet. It came about gradually and is now 30 pages. I have used for about 5 years regularly but lately the evil one has kept me distracted (please pray for me). I would love to share this with anyone interested. I would be able to send it via email. One of the things the Lord gave me was a practical understanding of “The Armor of God” it helps to know and understand so that you may readily apply it. Some teachings I have read and heard sometimes are too much and too complicated to apply, we must have a simple understanding to apply it quickly. I have a section in this prayer manual for “Key words for the Armor of God.” Example: Belt of Truth: Confession/Honesty, Breastplate of Righteousness: Believe/unwavering, Feet fitted with the gospel of peace: Press on to maturity/Stand Firm, etc. I would be happy to share and even give you each page and anyone can make their own prayer manual! This is a manual for Soldiers in God’s Army and reminds you what to pray etc. The first 5 pages are: 1. A call to Arms 2. Put on the full Armor 3. Key Words for the Armor 4. Know your Enemy 5. A Soldier’s commitment. It also goes on to A soldiers vision, and values, ancient battles and victories, prayer weapons, victory songs, daily prayer missiles. Even a special section for praying daily for the Body of Christ and a daily prayer for the lost etc. etc. The next page will about Nehemiah 4. My email is God is with us, PTL!!

    1. Dear Kathy,

      I would be radically blessed by a copy of your “A Soldiers Manual for Effective Prayer” please. I am praying, in Jesus’ name, that both of us would would NO LONGER DISTRACTED by the evil one

  85. On Sunday, Anne Graham Lotz led women & men in prayers of Repentance for the nation – personally & corporately. In 2102, it was quoted by Billy Graham, Ruth had said, if God doesn’t judge America, we will need to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah. ….. we begin with humility

  86. We pray this chaos stops, but the true enemy is being exposed. I look through the new articles every day and send new points to pray to a small group of very powerful intercessors. At this point, the main focus needs to be on interceding for the sleeping church. More need to rise up to intercede, not just pray

  87. I can detect and have experienced many of same offences and blatant rude and disrespectful greedy tactics of a very worldly person I have worked for. I intercede and prayed. I actually sent person a well written text of his need for a Savior.I still have it to read on my phone. It was after Easter this year on a Monday morning.I see a pharaoh spirit of greed,hoarding, browbeating,narcissistic,mindset, I have and continue to be the light and salt, one time even 2 years ago being litterly mocked verbally for my Christian values. Yes it is temp is in our land, we are stationed,Christians I mean and we need to put on the heavenly armour every day, and live and love the fruits of the Spirit.I see two waring,protecting angels in place and I know they are of the Lord .it has been almost 3 years here now. God is revealing and showing me how He works. It has been a character building thing and learning His timing. I see myself taking care of this person as I was hired first to care and tend to mother of this family 1st. World is certainly etched in this household. I see my purpose and rely 8n the Living God, understand Scripture read my Word, we are to take back the land, I have passion for souls. What enemy intends for evil, God turns around for good. Our nation is on a great battlefield that only God fearing Spirit filled Christians can thwart and defeat this unseen wickedness aimed at us. It takes all if us in one accord and loving each other .Thank you for having boldness to continue your organization and God bless dear Israel and the United States.

  88. Our small group of women, sometimes as many as 8 or 9, sometimes just 2 or 3, have been meeting since October 2016. We were all compelled to pray for God to expose the deep state and to provide supernatural wisdom and protection for Donald Trump. We are still meeting – nearly every week – and will not stop now! Thank you for the direction you provide as we seek to pray God’s will for our state, country and world.

  89. Woe Woe Woe
    This is exactly what I’m hearing, seeing and praying into! I’m part of a National prayer group that meets 5 days a week from 7-8am, we are all over this!!!!

    God is showing me, special provisions are being given to his intercessors. That The Father, Son and Holy Spirit stand and breath in our prayers as a offering of love.

    HE showed me the yoke of Jesus, places it around my neck, then around his neck, the yoke lifted me off the ground, Jesus looked at me, said… you are just as strong as I, we are yoked strength to strength, everything I have, I have given to my true believers. When we move, we move as one, we plow up all ground underneath us with ease and peace. Next I felt the ground shaking, then I saw the hoard of hell running scared like dogs running for cover. God said, I AM, this is MY earth, I will cause the earth to support the prayers of the saints! Next I saw a scene in heaven, the martyrs under the throne, a lot of them were aborted babies, their blood was crying out, moving Gods heart. God said these were killed for one reason only, because they were made in my image. In heaven they came as martyrs, they work with Jesus to intercede with all my saints, their forgiveness will was this scarlet land, turn it white as snow, then reformation of my church will begin, that will be so powerful, billions will become the last and great final harvest!

  90. In the last few months, God has laid it on my heart to put on the Armor of God daily, and as often as it comes to mind. Recently I read a devotional,where the words stuck out. It said to be intersesseors for our young by placing the Armor of God on them. Our young people are our future. They need an extra layer of protection right now. I was taken back by this revelation. I had never thought about how I could protect my grandkids outside if just praying for their well being and safety.
    I have placed the Armor of God on my grandchild ever since. Your article concerning God’s Armor has reconfirmed what God has placed on my heart.
    Im passing this on so all parents and Grandparents can begin to do the same.

  91. Prepare our hearts Lord God to receive your truth. Open our eyes ears and mouth to forward your will on this earth. Armor on may we go humbly yet boldly in the name of JEHOVAH and be salt and Light! Amen

  92. For the past month I have been made frequently aware that what is happening in the heavenlies and the corresponding battles and activity in the earth funnels down to a microcosm of the same in individual families. I have seen that the most critical moment in the battle is when an individual or a family or a church is made aware of the degree of encroachment of evil in their lives and begins to seek the Lord Jesus for freedom and fullness. It is at that moment of turning away from darkness that all hell breaks loose. I have noticed that The newfound momentum is often swamped with lethargy. We must not be deceived or discouraged if we see this happening in our homes, churches, and Dacian. Press on and press through and except nothing short of complete victory! Our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church worldwide have much to teach us here in the West about persevering when it seems that the battle is being lost and the enemy is winning.

  93. We need to respond in the “Opposite spirit”. Too many believers are watching social media and getting caught up in the moment.
    Continuing to pray in the Spirit.

  94. Thanks so much for your articles, will be praying just like you suggested. Our God is faithful to his promises. Greater is he that is in us, then the one in the world.

  95. Father I come together in agreement with my fellow body of Christ. I pray again the enemy in the name of Jesus! I pray for corrupt systems to be exposed. I rely on you Lord not man. But I believe we are to be one in spirit and unity during this time.
    I pray that the church would rise up and come together in prayer against this evil. Love conquers all. Father you give us peace against the things of this world, because we know you are in control, but you also tell us to take authority in the name of Jesus. May we show faith and love to even the unlovable. May we come against the opposition in prayer and thanksgiving with supplication. I pray this in the name above all names Jesus Christ my Lord and savior!

  96. I wholeheartedly agree…we are in the biggest spiritual warfare as a Nation and even in the world – that we have ever seen. Remember always Ephesians 6:12 … this is a spiritual war. So believers let us put on the full armor of God. Let us unite together in this battle and humbly repent and cry out to our Lord to save us. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is greater than our enemy. ..we must cry out.

  97. As I read this – a peace from God has covered me this morning…My prayer for the church is to hold on tightly to the promises of God our deliverer. I was praying for discernment as we seek God for what’s next. Stand strong Church, God is on the throne – Psalm 29:10-11 The Lord sat enthroned at the flood, And the Lord sit’s as King forever. The Lord will give strength to HIS people. The Lord will bless His people with peace.

  98. The Lord gave me a word back when the coronavirus began. He said,”Praise your way out!” So much is said about praise to our God in scripture it’s our way to defeat our enemy. God is enthroned on our praises. That for our benefit. God knows who He is but we desperately need to know who He is. We cannot afford to turn our gaze toward evil. See Ephesians 5:19-21,Rev. 4&5.Psalm 61

    1. Yes! Awhile before my son began his struggles with addiction to heroine (something I never imagined could happen to him, but God fore knew) I was taught to praise and thank God in the middle of the mess which is the sacrifice of thanksgiving. I praised and thanked the Lord Jesus for that son of mine, even when he came at me like the devil himself. My son was eventually healed from that horrific addiction. I am eternally grateful for the instructions I received from a messenger God sent to me.
      This song reminds me of how God responded to my praise, and continues to prompt me during difficult times. Even more, the scripture that inspired the lyrics from 2 Chronicles: 20
      I praise and thank you Lord Jesus in the midst of all the messes in my life and in this world!

  99. Chuck Pierce called it out, “The spirit of mammon” at the Pentecost Celebration on Sunday. The spirit of greed behind many evils. Glory of Zion has replays from the 31st in a very powerful worship service.


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Intercessors for America reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time and requests that you review this policy for updates.

Content Disclaimer
Please understand that all postings, messages, text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, or other materials ( “Content”) posted on, transmitted through, or linked from this website, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. More specifically, each person is entirely responsible for each individual item (“Item”) of Content that they post, email or otherwise make available via the Service. Please understand that IFA does not control, and is not responsible for Content made available through the Service, and that by using the Service, you may be exposed to Content, as much as we try to prevent it, that is offensive, indecent, inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise objectionable. For the health of the IFA community you must agree that you will evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any Content, and that under no circumstances will IFA be liable in any way.  Be wise and understand that IFA does not pre-screen or approve Content generated by our community of website users, but IFA does have the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to refuse, delete or move any Content that is available via the Service, for violating the letter or spirit of the terms of understanding or for any other reason. If you ever find objectionable material please contact us at 800-USA-Pray or use our contact form to notify us.

Questions or Suggestions
Please direct all questions or comments regarding this privacy policy to Intercessors for America at  Intercessors for America P.O. Box 915  Purcellville, VA 20134

This web site may provide links to external web sites maintained by individuals or organizations external to Intercessors for America. Once you access information that links you to another web site, you are subject to the privacy policy of the web site containing the information you have linked to.

Online Personal Safety
We hope and pray that all intercessors involved in Intercessors for America are trustworthy, well-meaning, and have a heart for prayer for our nation.

However, please take the same common sense precautions online as you would offline. People online are not necessarily who they say they are or seem to be. Never give out passwords, credit card information, or other private data. Be very wary of disclosing private information to a stranger you meet via prayer messaging. Even apparently innocent information, like the name of your employer, can be used against you by scammers.

When meeting with someone for the first time to gather to pray or establish a prayer group in your local area, please remember to:

Taking these precautions will help make your online experience safer. Any risk in using Intercessors for America’s online web tools to connect with others is assumed by you. Intercessors for America disclaims any liability or responsibility for acts, omissions, or conduct by you or any other party using its online web tools.

For more information about online personal safety, check out these resources:

Statement of Use
All of the content, images, logos and photos appearing on this website are copyrighted and are the property of Intercessors for America. Other images, brands or logos are copyright of their respective owners. Information and images found on the site cannot be reproduced either in print or electronically without express written permission from Intercessors for America.

The IFA or GAP Web Site may contain links to third party web sites such as those posted by members of the Get America Praying website.  These third party web sites are not controlled by IFA. The links to these web sites are provided for convenience. IFA is not responsible and assumes no liability for the contents of any of these web sites, and unless expressly stated does not endorse these web sites or their contents, products, or services. IFA is not responsible for the content of any sponsor’s Web page linked to the IFA web site, and the opinions and views expressed on the sponsor’s Web pages do not necessarily reflect those of IFA. The contents of the sponsor Web pages are not reviewed in any way before they are linked to the IFA web page. Intercessors for America reserves the exclusive right to remove any links, posts or members that it deems necessary for any reason. The intended usage of the website is for the facilitation of prayer groups.  Requests for donations other than for the owner of the site, posting of blogs and misuse of site is expressly forbidden.  Inactivity of any group or site for more than 90 days will constitute an automatic removal of the member or group from the site.

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