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The wise in heart will be called understanding, and sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness. (Prov 16:21)

Today’s political climate finds many believers on edge when talking about our national leaders – especially our President. It seems the lines are drawn rather distinctly between those who support him and those who don’t. Judging by social media posts and mainstream headlines, people either seem to love him or hate him. Those who oppose him are relentless in their attacks and persistent in their accusations and threats. Those who are loyal to him defend most everything he does and says, determined to give him the benefit of the doubt.  For those who follow Christ, however, this can present some challenges when determining our response to his Twitter feed and spontaneous comments about others .

It is clear that our President enjoys his right to free speech – quite frequently and quite freely. For most believers, his comments and tweets are anything but “Christian.” Even if his motives seem noble, its hard for even nominal believers to condone some of his negative outbursts and critical reactions. Yet, most conservatives truly desire to support this man who, they believe, was placed in office, not only by the people’s votes, but by heaven’s commission.

How do we support a President who is God-fearing yet whose speech is not always Christ-like? How do we process this with others who question his integrity or doubt his motives, while upholding our own values of godly speech and conduct? Here are some biblical principles that I have personally found helpful when responding to his comments:

HONOR THE OFFICE – The authorities that exist have been established by God. (Rom 13:1)

Regardless of who sits in the highest office in the land and how they conduct themselves, I acknowledge their authority comes from God. I honor the Lord when I speak well of the President and refuse to mock or curse him, even when I disagree with him.

WATCH HIS ACTIONS MORE THAN HIS WORDSDear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. (1 John 3:18)

Though some of his words may be ill chosen and badly timed, his actions and demonstrations of good faith are the lasting indicators of his integrity. He has kept many campaign promises and stayed true to many conservative values and initiatives. His responsibility as President is ultimately based on what he does, not just on what he says. By the fruit, you will know him.

REJECT COARSE LANGUAGE – Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. (Eph 5:4)

While honoring the President and pointing out his positive actions, I am not obligated to defend his communication style nor the words he chooses.  One of the most disarming things I say when people are criticizing his speech is to simply agree that sometimes he is offensive.

COVER HIS WEAKNESSES THROUGH PRAYERAbove all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)

While I won’t deny or excuse bad behavior, neither will I forget to pray that our President’s words would be seasoned with salt for the sake of the gospel. Many believe he has recently given his heart to the Lord, and if so, he is a brother, and one who desperately needs God’s grace to fulfill his assignment.

TAKE CONVERSATIONS HIGHERSin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues. (Prov 10:19)

Where many have taken the Presidents’ reactions as a cue to exercise similar “freedoms,” I have determined to take the conversation higher. As a Christ-follower, I can choose to set the standard for integrity and credibility in how I respond to questionable statements by acknowledging the problem but directing the focus higher. Whether it is in social media posts, workplace banter, or dinner conversations, I try to shift the attention to that which is bringing positive change and good government back to our nation. I try to urge others to continue praying for this man who is still growing in his faith and facing relentless opposition as President.

Instead of perpetuating any continual flow of negative gossip, let us guard our testimony by following Pauls’ admonition in Ephesians 4:29-32:

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

422 People Prayed
3120 People have read this article

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  1. This is a very well done article. He has been placed there by the Lord. And, yes, he does have some communication issues and those, among other things, I pray for daily.

    1. I like to go back to the Scriptures and read about the leaders he chose like Jehu and Cyrus. Both men of fire and used specifically by God. I am not offended by Trump because he is the means God chose to bring America back in-line with her heritage. Yelling may well be the only way to get our stubborn hearts to come out of complacency and zombie like stupor. We need to understand while we were being quiet and politically correct under the Johnson act the spiritual enemy was getting his tentacles into all areas of culture, government and church and not only here but around the globe. He was gleefully gathering his troops to make another Babylon attempt. God didn’t let that succeed the first time and He is not going to let that happen again. So I say buck up and get in line with God’s agenda by supporting the man He has appointed and anointed for this time in history so we continue to make history as America and help other nations become their very best as well. Peace is the order of business not war or corruption.

  2. I am a Former US Marine, a lay pastor, a husband, and a father of 25 years. I gave my life to Christ almost 40 years ago. I played football in high school. During my life I have heard a lot of “locker room talk” and coarse language. I am amazed at how judgmental and graceless christians (and sometimes pastors) can be when President Trump uses coarse language in his twitter feed. I am also amazed at how little credit President Trump gets for his defense of the sanctity of life and other Biblical causes. For example, I heard more pro-life content in Trump’s state of the union address than from most American pulpits.

    The real problem is that many in the church have replaced prayer and fasting with criticism. They have become instruments of the enemy against God’s appointed leader. Their own tongues are set on fire by hell (James 3) – burning and releasing curses against God’s appointed authority rather than fighting for him in prayer. Don’t let your tongue be used that way! Worry about YOUR tongue and keep it busy in blessing and prayer for the president. The devil wants to use your tongue to critique, curse, and grumble about the president – don’t be manipulated by him.

    1. Amen! Very well stated. Let’s bring Heaven to earth, blessings and not curses. Cover our President in prayer, he’s in a battle of monumental proportions and is fighting for OUR right to exist.

    2. Wow! This is truly where we are as the Bride of Christ! Let us all keep getting to our feet and become the Bride without wrinkle OR spot! Check out the biblical line of the Jehu reveal of Rabbi Cann`s newest book!!! Your reservations about our President and his role will disappear!

  3. I honestly don’t condone this either. I pray that he is lead by the Spirit when talking to his critics; and let God fight his battles- being his defender. I pray that he will be ruled by self-control…and would continue to humble himself before God.

  4. Thankyou Lord for this article, and for Wanda’s heart felt statements. I am a passionate person, raised heathen, can still be heard swearing occasionally—and i do not have a world of politics, and a host of powers and principalities aiming to take me out. Lord God, we thank you again for the Mercy you showed us by giving us Trump instead of Hilary. I do not hold it against my President to cry out when he is punched, and how he cries out is his business. Lord, Church p’s and q’s are not the issue, but whether your experiment America will continue to draw breath or not. So lead on, Captain Jesus, your modern day Jehu. And if his gestures are too course for tea, remind your people that you placed him as a warrior between us and our enemy. May you continue to protect him and us. I may we be convicted of gossiping instead of praying. In Jesus name, Amen

  5. Christians need to learn to look at the bigger picture. Trump may be crude in some ways at times, but look at the good things he is doing. I believe God put him in the Whitehouse and that he is carrying out God’s will. Imperfectly, of course, just as the rest of us are imperfectly living our lives for Christ.

    Instead of criticizing, why not pray for the president and encourage others to do the same, and to support him. We need him to remain in the WH for another four years. Any other outcome is unthinkable.

  6. God Bless America and God Bless us all. He works all things for our good, pray His Will be done and don’t leave anyone out in your prayers, especially our President and leaders. Always, always, always pray with thanksgiving. For He is good and righteous and holy, Amen

  7. Donna do you mean that you have never heard our president say anything of which our Lord God would not approve? Also is telling someone they need to repent of their sin to God; a way of trying to “fix” them? At least in your understanding of repenting?

  8. I pray for the President every day because what the media and certain politicians in Congress (and in fact the whole world) are doing to him and his family is absolutely horrendous! No one could take this day in and day out without the help and grace of God. The mere fact that the world is treating him the way they are should be proof enough that he was prepared and appointed by God for such a time as this as all hell has descended on him!

  9. Having been involved with spiritual warfare for many years including a very personal experience, I can, with certainty say that our President is currently under an onslaught of evil like we have not seen in a very long time. The signs of this battle are seen in the behavior of his enemies; Irrational, hateful, sinister, conniving, hypocritical, extreme, etc. How much is his behavior contributing to the chaos that we are seeing? I used to think if he somehow had better control of his speech, somehow, the situation would be better. But is this realistic when the enemy amasses a powerful front to try kill, steal, and destroy. I look at Jesus and his ministry. When he reached the time in his life to preach the Kingdom of God to world, all hell broke loose to stop him. He was hated, despised, heckled, chased, condemned, and lied to. He was chastised for doing good. An innocent man crucified. The more Godlike a person behaves, the more hated he becomes.

    Of course the devil thought he was winning and didnt realize that crucifying the Son of God was the most liberating act that could occur to forgive the world of their sin through faith.

    So my point is that it would not matter if Trump was as perfect as Jesus. Obvious, he is not. He is an imperfect soul, chosen by God, to stand up to the evil that has take over our country and even the world. He has been chosen because he is fearless. I believe he was chosen because of this particular trait. Anyone else would break under the pressure, but not him. I believe God put Trump in this position because the organized church failed to rise up and confront the evil. The church has been castrated so to speak and lost its back bone to listen to what the Spirit was saying. It became focused on attendance and trying to keep everyone happy rather than equip the saints with tools needed to overcome the enemy. I take partial blame also. For many years I did my own thing and hardened my heart also. But God has stepped in and now we are also engaged in the battle that is fought not only on our knees but also by our actions and behavior. We all can make a difference. The time for sitting on the sideline is over. We are called to be Gods warriors and He has given us the power over evil and the tools to defeat it.

    1. Your view is pretty close to perfect. If we had wanted Pastor Mushmouth, we could have run him and seen “beautiful language” and our country fall to the devil. I’m with the idea that our President was “appointed by God” at this time for this mission. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” If this maxim was followed, the communists wouldn’t be saying anything negative about our President.

    2. To those Christians who are critical, I ask them why do you think every son of God needs to be like you?
      You don’t think God has ruffians in his family that He ( not you ) can deal with as He determines in his own way and own time?

      1. Yes! It’s just another way the devil tries to distract and cause division.By getting us focused on and disagreeing over something the President said.In doing this we create strife among ourselves.We need to be in unity,that’s where our strength is.

    3. Amen! I could not agree more to everything you have stated! Pray for our dear President. Which one of us could stand up to all of the hatred and evil that is thrown at him every single day?

    4. Amen! Thank you. I look at the incredible pressure and persecution the president faces daily and know without out doubt the God has His hand on him. God is know for using the most unlikely person to fulfill His purposes. President Trump is fearless like you said. Will continue to pray for him fervently for his wisdom and protection, and for God’s will to be done through him, even when we dont understand the methods being used. God’s glory is the goal.

    5. Well said Mike I feel the same way! It is our responsibility to pray for our Great President ,to be protected him and his family and those in Govt I’m an intercessor that’s what we are supposed to do.

    6. I agree, and I constantly marvel that President Trump can handle the vile, vicious things said about and even his family! Remember Daniel said that God raises up kings and takes them down. I had a difficult time with that premise during the last administration. I prayed that it was just a wake-up call, not the beginning of judgment that the nation deserves. Thankfully, it was the former, and America has graciously been given more time. I believe there is more prayer going up for Donald Trump than any other president. He even has a council of Christian leaders and the benefit of a godly Vice President in Mike Pence. One of the greatest things he has done is restoring our relationship with Israel, as the Abrahamic covenant is still in effect. We are indeed in a spiritual battle, which while we must be involved and vote for the best people, we fight on our knees. Now is not the time to criticize the President, but to be faithful in holding him before the throne of grace. He has withstood the most venomous attacks- a result of God’s kindness. And he will be in the White House as long as it pleases the Lord!

  10. We have been busy pointing out his short comings , not looking at all the pressure he is facing , spit of all that , he managed to do his work . Sadly said , instead of seeing , his situation requires our support as Christian ( because he 100% for us) we are judging him , though we are told mercy triumph , judgment . As baby Christian , we given ourself a time to grow , so our president , is given a troubled atmosphere , to grow in , and yet we the people , do not think all his action is geared toward protecting America . I pray for inner strength , the enemy is coming up with all types of pressure to erode on his nerve . I pray peace in the mist of conflict . That lord to turn the heart of his enemy . To think about the people of this nation , and the well being of American , in exchange of wanting to break him .

  11. I agree with this statement. If we look in the Old and New Testament, there were people who were not perfect. God was glorified with most of their accomplishments. King David , Paul, and Peter were not perfect. Let us give the President grace and pray for him.

  12. As for me. I thank God and President Trump for engaging in a fight that would be unsurmountable for the average person. Me criticize such a courageous, amazingly gifted leader? No chance! Jesus would not criticize him either, “those without sin, throw the first stone”. “Judge you not, lest you be judged”.
    In reality, not only do I not find fault in his language but like the accuracy of his statements. God bless our President!

    1. POTUS Donald Trump, in his actions has been the most righteous US President in my lifetime.
      I thank and praise God for raising him up and placing him in this time and space.
      Never did I see this coming, thank you Lord Jesus Christ!

  13. Excellent! This helped me put my observations of President Trump in the right places. His Twitter outbursts have consistently bothered me. Now I know how I can handle it.

  14. This article was well-written. I cry out on behalf of our nation and especially our President, President Trump. It is my prayer that he continue to humble himself that God may continue to fill him with Godly wisdom. Wisdom comes from fear of the LORD, and so I pray that the fear of the LORD will overshadow President Trump and that he will fully realize his utter dependency on God and the necessity to listen to Holy Spirit. I thank God for a President who has a heart for the nation of Israel. The recognition of Jerusalem as the true eternal capital of Israel was and is the greatest prophetic act of a modern leader in my lifetime. God is not through revealing His glory through this earthen vessel. I will be voting for him in 2020 again. In Jesus’ name, God bless President Trump, and God bless the United States of America. Amen!

  15. Most of his comments are taken out of context. Though not perfect, it is evident the Lord is with him and has raised him up for such a time as this. There is a greater evil work going on which he is trying to address and we need to be very prayerful for the man and all those who are trying to stop the evil at work.

    1. Amen! I agree. President Trump (Shofar) is a voice crying in the wilderness to make straight the ways of Amercans. The USA is the last strong bastion of Christianity. Let us continually lift up President Trump to God for wisdom and revelation. Amen

    2. I agree. I believe the President is strategic in his words, with purposes we do not see. With a media that continually works against him, he uses social media posts to communicate and to distract. Kind words have not worked with the opposition, but as Christians we can pray God’s Word over the President and every decision he makes, every day–and sometimes we need to pray hourly! God bless President Trump and all who are working with him. And God help US to speak wholesome words by God’s grace so our prayers will not be hindered.

  16. Lord thank you for President Donald Trump. Man judges by what is seen but You by what is in the heart and by ones fruits. I have logs in my own eyes that I surrender to You daily. I surrender our President as a work in process that is under horrific opposition and personal attacks on himself, his family and fellow republicans. Lord guide his heart, mind and speech. I place the full armor of God over him and his family. I ask for warring angels before and with them at all times. I say unto You that no weapons formed against them shall prosper but fall back on the lives of his accusers. You are the one who vindicates, blessed and guides Your people so I pray He calls out to You for help vs depending on himself or man. Forgive the sins of this Nation, Your Church and bring repentance and revival to this land. In Jesus name. Amen

    1. Sherry
      I am in agreement with your wonderful prayer & response. God sees our hearts.
      We are not to murmur & complain. Less of that & more prayer. We are all works in progress.
      Thank you for praying with us. Prayer is a privilege God has given us.
      God bless you.

  17. Thankful To God that He gave us President Trump. I remember when I was first born again, I had no idea about how to act or talk. My understanding is President Trump hasn’t been saved for a long time. We all have baggage. Pray for him. Trust God and thank Him for not giving us what we deserve.

  18. Obsession with personality or style are signs of corruption. Some
    of the problems with his communications are misquotes of out of context issues. We should not join the world trying to strip the
    president of his First Amendment rights (especially at the behest
    of the lying liberal media). Thank God for providing Trump’s
    leadership for such a time as this.

    1. Alan you look to me like either you did not read the article or you are the people she was talking about! The teaching in the Bible I use; in No way will excuse OUR faults FOR THE GOOD WE DO!

  19. I think President Trump does a better job than most would about controlling his tongue. He is constantly getting lied about, and treated very unfairly by the media. It takes patience which is a fruit of God to deal with the immaturity of the Democrats. He has my uttermost respect.

  20. President Trump has been around for a long time. From my observation he has been through or going through a transformation, perhaps even spiritually. Be careful, those who care themselves mature Christians, not to be a stumbling block. It is not up to you to judge him, only God. The Lord allows Leaders goid and bad, you are not to speak evil of them, but to pray and trust and honor God as David did for Saul. It is a religious and hypocritical spirit that would have a problem with his language. He is not theocratic leader nor should we expect him to be. He has Congress against him, the Courts, mass media and because of that, much of world opinion, I have never seen such opposition. Will you add to it, Christian? He is the greatest support for Babies against Planned Parenthood the biggest killer of the generations. And you are going to quote a scripture on language? Look at the rest of the fruit, at least.

    1. Celine look to me like either you did not read the article or you are the people she was talking about! The teaching in the Bible I use; in No way will excuse OUR faults FOR THE GOOD WE DO!

      1. Tom, maybe you can answer a question for me: why do Christians favor pointing out satan’s influence on Christians, namely their short-comings,rather than glorifying God in the awesome things of Himself in a person’s life? WE snuff out God…and glorify satan. We all need mercy from each other and we need to pull together as one in Him…no one able to cast the first stone. I wonder is those who find fault and criticize give just as much time praying for the one who NEEDS prayer support?How many of us who are ‘mature’ Christians, have habits that we’ve not conquered over the many years of saying we are Christians? Excuses are not being made for him…I don’t think the average Christian can sustain what he does. He’s doing an incredible job of fulfilling his promises despite the constant barrage of conniving, twisting, obvious lies (ETC) to trap him (under falsehood). Tom, he is being viciously attacked day in and day out. Did you notice that he’s BOLD to mention/pray to God, say the word ‘abortion” in the debates…historically the GOP would not dare go there for fear of losing the election. Are you able to see his heart for trafficked and abused children, his heart for all ethnicities across the nation to be able to carry on in life with the privilege of having a job to make a life for themselves, ETC. Are you able to see obvious compassion for the underdog, for the innocent helpless, for those mistreated, the vets…the list goes on…and he’s genuine💕. Tom, he is correcting so much that grieves God in this nation (and around the world). He’s doing what God mandating him to do. And do remember this: God Himself has anointed him who He knew would INDEED be faithful to carry out this mandate that would make the way for Godliness in this nation again. Through the years i’ve had to learn not to make man’s frailties the issue, but to rejoice over the areas in a person’s life that reveals God’s presence and workings in their lives. It’s a peaceful and very caring place to be. We all need each other’s prayers. We should have the same goal of promoting God in each other. We all need to honor the mind of Christ in us and let it renew our minds when we follow the pattern of one who doesn’t know or live for God.

        All of God’s blessings on all that God created you to be and do!

  21. Yes some words are not the best, but some can not even speak a word and their thoughts are just as bad, without uttering a word. It’s a heart issue with all of us. I will continue to pray for the president I voted for and when 2020 comes I will vote for him again. This man is who God put into office, He will deal with him, I’m just to lift him up in prayer. ..

  22. All this are noble suggestions however it’s easy to be a Sunday afternoon quarter back when it’s not your butt on the Line!!! He’s not perfect but he is God’s man either get behind totally or shut up and allow the rest of us to fight friendly fire is still draft Pick a side!!! Or shut up!

    1. Hey believer you and Susan look to me like either you did not read the article or you are the people she was talking about! The teaching in the Bible I use; in No way will excuse OUR faults FOR THE GOOD WE DO!

        1. Rachel is it possible that we have a different understanding of what forgiveness means? Are you giving me your own understanding of forgiveness or is it what you have heard your pastor explain? If it is your pastor who said it; can you tell me if he has his sermons posted on the internet somewhere?

      1. Hey Tom……. Check your record keeper, I mean record player. It seems to be stuck. They accuse and hate Mike Pence, too, and he never says anything of which you wouldn’t approve. God knew what He was doing when He chose,
        appointed, and anointed Donald Trump for such a time as this. He didn’t tell us to “fix” him. He told us to pray for him. We all need prayer. Bless you.

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