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Minutemen for Jesus

Minutemen for Jesus means, being ready at a minutes notice, to pray for, and do spiritual battle for our country and the election.
FranklinGraham , son of Billy Graham had
recently told the people at his Decision America Tour, Graham's was reported as saying
"I have no hope for the Democratic Party.
I have no hope for the Republican Party. "The only hope I have is in Almighty
God. "
He continued to say,
"The most important thing we can do is pray, it is our only hope."
He is quoted as saying, "bringing God back into
politics, is an absolute necessity."
"America is being stripped of it's biblical heritage and God-inspired foundations."
After sharing with friends last night about our political concerns, and a system that seemed rigged and steeped in a grossly wrong agenda. I stepped away from the meeting, and I heard God speak to me in a soft voice
"Minutemen", I then repeated to myself that word Minutemen!!!
I then said I will have to go home and look that word up. I knew it had to do something with war, and I felt strongly he wanted to tell me something valuable.
Upon looking up the word, I found it to say this aboutMinutemen, sometimes used interchangeably as militia. In the 18th Century there was a distinct difference of the two.
Militia were men in arms, who were formed to protect their towns, from foreign invasion
and the ravages of war.
Minutemen were a small, hand picked elite force, who were to be highly mobile, and able to assemble quickly.
It was plainly coming to me this word Minutemen was spoken to me for a reason.
As I researched further, it said that Minutemen were picked for their enthusiasm, reliability, and
physical strength.
Minutemen were the first armed militia to arrive, or await a battle.
They were required to be dressed and ready with their weapons, within a half an hour of being warned.
It also noted, that without these ready in a "minute men", our history could have been written differently.(1995-2015 Independence Hall Assoc.)
How about you? Are you ready in a minute's notice to be ready to pray.
Men and women ready in a minute's notice to pray and do spiritual warfare for the political war, that we face as Christian's, to actively preserve our religious rights and freedoms.
Could it be possible, that we could form a group of enthusiastic prayer warriors, to be ready to pray at a moments notice.
Will you join in the Minutemen Prayer Group.
February 27th, 2018 Rebecca Shepard I prayed today.

February 27th, 2018 Jeanne Gallo Rebecca
Thank you for praying.
Praying for President Trump to make right
decision about making our school safe.
Lord give him the wisdom he needs to keep our children safe.

February 26th, 2018 Rebecca Shepard Let me know more about praying in this group. I would be glad to pray at little notice with the only exception is if I am at work, etc.

June 5th, 2017 Jeanne Gallo

March 17th, 2017 Jeanne Gallo Correction in prayer.
Neil Gorsuch

March 17th, 2017 Jeanne Gallo Lord we lift up Donalad Trump to you today.
We pray that you would bring a new unity to our country.
Lord we ask that you would bring Noel Gosource to the Supreme Court.
We pray that this nation will turn around for righteousness and that holiness will begin to permeate the fabric of this nation.
Lord weave love into all the hatred in this nation
that this country will begin to rise again for the things of God.
May a fresh anointing fall on this government.
Lord Rise Up President Trum to a new level of leadership
let him be led by you and you only.
In Jesus Name we pray today
Guide us as a nation.
Forgive us our sins. Change our hearts Oh God we cry unto you this very day.
Change Us, Change Us , Change us.

February 25th, 2017 Jeanne Gallo Lord we lift up our nation today and pray for the protection of our President Donald Trump.
Lord we pray for him to have divine direction and
clarity in all the decision making for our country.
Father protect our government from corruption, division,
and hatred.
May the nation be preserved in its biblical foundation
"One Nation Under God".
Lord protect our religious freedom. May we humble ourselves and pray, turn from our wicked ways that
you will hear from Heaven and Heal our land.
Father please make America Great Again.


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