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The Knee Party

We are praying for America and it's leadership. We are a grassroots movement to mobilize Christians within our communities to empower reform and restore the 7 pillars of wisdom and influence for the Kingdom of God.
March 19th, 2020 David T Wallin Read 2Sam 24:25 n join me at n prayer

1. Since Your Word says God raised up the king n puts down the king at His will, help us to accept, even when we vote, you God are in control.
2. Since God Himself can n did in the above passage stop the plague by King David’s prayers by this king’s prayers, help us believe He not only can but will do so again.
3. Because King David formerly known as a man after God’s own heart who nevertheless sinned with Bathsheba and then made provision for her husband Uriah to die in battle thereby murdering him but later confessed seeking repentance before God who is merciful, the king of that nation got God’s attention when he sought repentance for his nation for which God relented. Let the same pathway be true for the USA.
4. Since DJT has publicly stated he has nothing to repent for in spite of having had 3 wives and having been accused by several prostitudes of illicit relationships including sex outside of marriage while married to Melanie during the birth of his son, we pray he will be humbled to confess before God.
5. Since the sins of the US, the country he leads include murder of 60 million unborn babies, some outside the womb more recently AND include LBGT acts in defiance of God’s judgments over Sodom and Gomorrah, even while DJT “prays for the unborn” while it continues without man’s excuse but with Democrats & Republicans support, let our nation confess and turn from our wicked ways preparing the way for DJT, following King David’s example to himself have new standing it because he repented before God seeking His mercy over America.
6. Let us pray there will be peace in the USA as DJT wants for us all because we prayed for him to be enabled to more fully pray for us as we too turn from our wicked ways. In Jesus precious name we pray. Amen

P.S. God is waiting for us to hear Him. If you heart is tell or share with others how for them to pray against Principalities n Powers in high plays, and for ourselves during the present crisis.

March 1st, 2017 Floyd Martin Heavenly Father, I thank you that you have given us a heart of prudence that finds knowledge and that you have given us an ear that seeks knowledge. I thank you for the Pillars of Wisdom and influence and that you are positioning your sons and daughters in position to advance your kingdom. I thank you Lord that you are restoring the body of Christ according to your word and promises and that we will not be ashamed. I thank you that you are giving us the corn, oil and wine. I thank you that you are transforming us into more of your image as you pour out your spirit upon us. Grow this knee party group for your purposes. In Jesus Name

February 16th, 2017 Floyd Martin May God expose all the hidden traps that has been set for the current Presidential administration. We pray your truth be revealed and that it would be on all major News regardless of political agenda. Father God, if it's true that the intelligence community of the government considers itself to be the true shadow government and not beholding to the President, then I stand on your Word, which says that what is said and done in the darkness will be brought to the light. If it's true that they intent to wage internal war against our president and his cabinet, then,I ask you to fight against everything that fights against him. Lord I know that your word says that we do not war against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. So I pull down those powers and those principalities and every High thing that sets itself against your will. Your word commands us to pray for our leaders and I am obeying that command. I come against all evil, trickery, deception and pull it down and nullify it in Jesus name. Amen


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