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east plains of El Paso county CO

Deliver the people of this area from deception and complacency. Open the hearts of believers to the fullness of the power HIS
Holy Spirit and cause them to rise up making an noticeable difference in each area of influence ! To our neighbors - awaken to the darkness of this society and call out to THE LORD _ CREATER and DELIVERER. Join me in like prayers for each person in our small communities to SEEK THE TRUTH and BE Set Free.
December 17th, 2018 Patricia Poole Please pray for peace and joy. Pray for a spiritual awakening, amongst our teachers, the students, and parents.
As our country,appears to be focused on negative,divisive issues, please Lord open the eyes of Your People, that we not loose heart or hope and that we hear YOUR WORDS , YOUR LEADING,YOUR PURPOSE, be our focus.

October 16th, 2017 Patricia Poole Please join me in prayer for the little rural churches that have 20 regular attendees ! It is so very sad to visit a church that is barely hanging on-- where
people go --for what to fulfill a habit? As Keith Green sang - so many yrs ago=
"ASLEEP IN THE LIGHT" some actually do sleep in the pews !

AWAKE OH SLEEPER ! ARISE ! Stop putting boundaries on OUR LORD !

I do have 2 others praying w/me now weekly-- we go on for hours and it seems so short-- so much more to pray about !! GOD IS BLESSING US with answered prayers.

June 3rd, 2016 Patricia Poole PRAY as we drive , make specific mention of the places, homes, schools and families represented as we pass them.

PRAY as we walk to our mail box

Pray at all times for our surroundings
our families
young people, elderly
area churches= members, pastors,


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