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This site is for all community intercessors and prayer leaders nationwide to find encouragement as we engage in the journey of pursuing God's Presence and community transformation. Bimonthly, IFA will post stories from across America and other resources designed to share vision and equip leaders.

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If you have a testimony, story or any question relating to community transformation that you would like to share, please email Beth LaRock, IFA Mobilization Communications Coordinator, at
March 22nd, 2018 Beth LaRock Are you planning a National Day of Prayer event? Let Intercessors for America assist you by sending out your event information in an email to IFA partners in your community! We have a simple template that we can use to add your specific information, and send to your requested target area on the date/s that you prefer. -------------------------------------------------------Contact

March 8th, 2018 Beth LaRock Tonight (8:00 EST), we will be learning to discern the spiritual fabric of our cities, and the authority the Lord has given us. In preparation for this study, please read the following document. It is a long read, but it is essential for understanding this topic!---------------------------------------------------------------
A Biblical Framework for Dealing with Principalities and Spiritual Rulers By Wanda Alger --------------

"This short paper is written to aid intercessors in knowing how to effectively pray for their cities. Since “praying against territorial spirits” or “rebuking principalities” is a common practice, we need some foundational truths from the Scripture to correct and adjust our mindsets AND our prayers in order to be effective. This is not intended to be an exhaustive study, but rather a biblical framework from which to grow and mature in wisdom and insight.

Following Pentecost, the disciples continually confronted opposition from the spiritual rulers of cities. These High Priests, Pharisees and other spiritual rulers personify the demonic spiritual authorities over their cities. Their examples illustrate principles of engagement with territorial spirits and our proper response as believers.

1. Acts 4: Peter and John before the council, threatened, but they continued to teach and preach the truth, followed by signs and wonders. They responded by asking the Lord for greater boldness to speak His Word – NOT fight or attack the spiritual rulers of the city (vs. 27-29) 2. Acts 5:17-21 – When the spiritual rulers rose up to arrest the disciples, an angel released them from jail and told them to stand in the temple and speak the words of Life (not pray against something). 3. Acts 5:33-35 – The spiritual rulers of the city were ENRAGED at the testimony of the disciples. But Gamaliel stood up and invoked PEACE, knowing that the rulers would do something harsh. 4. Acts 5:40-42 – After they were beaten for testifying of Jesus, they REJOICED and did not cease teaching and preaching the good news of Jesus. 5. Acts 6:8-15 – When Stephen was brought before the council, “they could not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking.” They “stirred up the people” yet he simply testified to the works of God. 6. Acts 6:51-53 - At the end of his speech, Stephen prophetically exposed their sin. He did not pronounce final judgment (tell them to leave, be cast away, be silent, etc.) Rather, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, he revealed their sin from God’s perspective. 7. Acts 6:54 – The spiritual rulers (principalities) were ENRAGED and “ground their teeth at him” (demonic stronghold). He died a martyrs death and it caused a greater persecution of the Church because the rulers had been stirred up. God used it to spread the gospel, however. 8. Acts 8 – Simon the Magician impacted the entire city with his witchcraft. Peter preached the good news with signs and wonders following. This resulted in Simon coming to Christ, disempowering the power over the people. The enemy was disarmed because Simon got saved (not because Peter came against him). 9. Acts 9:23-25 – When Saul was under a death threat, the disciples didn’t fight the system – they escaped. They knew better than to draw attention – and a fight. 10. Acts 9:28-31 – When the Hellenists of Damascus sought to kill Barnabas, the disciples came and took him away so as to keep the peace (until the city was ready for deliverance). It said the church was being build up, learning to walk in the fear of the Lord. 11. Acts 9:36-43 – It was the practice of the disciples to win entire cities to the Lord through healings, signs and wonders. This was their method of “deliverance” from the unbelieving mindsets and systems of the day. 12. Acts 12:4-19 – Peter was supernaturally released from prison after Herod planned to kill him. The saints who prayed for him didn’t fight or stand up to the rulers, demanding his release. He was released by an angel and then quietly left the city. 13. Acts 13:4-12 – Paul confronted the magician, Elymas (accompanying the unbelieving proconsul of the city). Under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Paul prophetically exposed the sin of Elymas. He didn’t command him to stop – he appealed to him (“…will you not stop making crooked the straight paths of the
Lord?”). His hope was to win Elymas over! He prophesied a sign (blindness) in order to get Elymas to believe. As a result, the proconsul did believe at the “teaching of the Lord.” 14. Acts 13:48-52 – Paul and the disciples were seeing many conversions to Christ in Antioch. But the Jews incited the “devout women of high standing and the leading men of the city” (spiritual authorities) and stirred up persecution, driving Paul and Barnabas out of the city. They “shook off the dust from their feet” and left for Iconium, filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit. No fight. No war. Rejoicing at all the salvations. 15. Acts 14:1-7 – The spiritual rulers at Iconium stirred up trouble for Paul and Barnabas, seeking to stone them. But, the disciples performed signs and wonders and brought many people to the Lord. When they learned of the plots against them, THEY LEFT. If the APOSTLES refused to fight the spiritual rulers, why are we? They focused, instead, on winning souls and changing belief systems! 16. Acts 14:19-23 – Paul and Barnabas RETURNED to Iconium and Antioch, encouraging and building up the churches there, knowing that it would be a process to see the spiritual authorities of the city to diminish in power and control. They appointed elders with prayer and fasting and dedicated them to the Lord. This was a priority in order to DISPLACE the spiritual ruling in the city. It’s true godly authority that must be established in any city in order to be delivered from demonic strongholds that have been governing. Until godly government is established, do not attempt deliverance (spiritual warfare). 17. Acts 16:6-10 – The Holy Spirit forbid Paul to go into Macedonia, then the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to go into Bithynia. This demonstrates the importance of timing and not making everything about spiritual authority and power. 18. Acts 16:11-24 – When Paul and Silas entered Philippi, their first appointment was with Lydia who got saved, along with her entire household. (They didn’t go directly to the city square to preach). Then Paul had to rebuke a slave girl who manifested a demonic spirit (he was trying to avoid the confrontation because of the attention it would draw). As a result, it DID draw the attention of the spiritual rulers who brought Paula and Silas before the court, beating them and putting them in prison (where they were supernaturally saved by an earthquake). 19. Acts 17: The confrontation in Thessalonica demonstrated, again, that the disciples were not looking to pick a fight. Their goal was to establish proper spiritual authority through the church and proclaiming the kingdom of God. This was a repeated pattern of the disciples – when strife was stirred up, they would leave the city so as not to stir up any more trouble (until the proper time to displace the authorities). 20. Acts 17:16 – Paul was provoked at the idolatry in the city (a city-wide stronghold). He REASONED in the synagogue against the mindsets that had given room to the idolatry. (Same thing in Acts 18:4). 21. Jesus commanded Paul “Do not be afraid, but GO ON SPEAKING and do not be silent, for I am with you and no one will attack you to harm you, for I HAVE MANY IN THIS CITY WHO ARE MY PEOPLE.” (Acts 18:10). Jesus indicated the importance of a corporate presence in a city in order to bring ultimate freedom from demonic strongholds. His focus was on SPEAKING HIS WORDS and not giving in to fear. 22. Acts 19:8-10 – Paul spoke for months in the synagogue teaching about the kingdom of God. When rebels started to stir up dissension, he left and focused on those who were ready to hear the Word. This continued for 2 years so that “all the residents of Asia” heard the word of the Lord. The disciples looked for good ground – those who were spiritually hungry – not necessarily the crowds. 23. Acts 19:11-17 – The sons of Sceva used the name of Jesus but had no authority. It says the priests invoked the evil SPIRITS (plural), but the evil SPIRIT (singular) spoke back. This could indicate a principality that was controlling the demonized men. When confronted by improper spiritual authority, the sons of Sceva were destroyed (regardless of their invoking of the name of Jesus). Just because we use the name of Jesus doesn’t mean we have ultimate authority over demons (a belief commonly held by many Charismatics – we have authority at all times in all places – not true). 24. Acts 19:28-41 – The people of the city became ENRAGED and the city was filled with CONFUSION when news spread of the disciples teaching (against the idolatry in the city). It was Demetrius, a county clerk, who quieted the spirit of confusion through REASON (vs.39-41). After the uproar ceased, Paul left. The community-wide “attack” was silenced through appealing to people’s thoughts and attitudes.
25. Acts 22 – Paul in Jerusalem – stirred up the anger of the Jews when their sins became evident through his preaching. However, when the authorities of the city tried to bind him and flog him, they realized he was a Roman citizen (had authority in the land). They had to release him because he was in his own “field”. Do believers know their “fields” of authority – when and where they are – and aren’t? 26. Acts 23 – Paul before the Council prophesied to them and they became divided among themselves, causing great commotion. He was removed to safety. Jesus commended him for testifying to “the facts” about him. 27. Acts 23:12 – The Jews made a vow – witchcraft, binding themselves by oath – to kill Paul. He was rescued by a Roman centurion, having learned he was a Roman citizen (again, due to his authority on the land).

Principles Learned: 1. There is no indication of “spiritual warfare” in “coming against” demonic strongholds of a city or region. 2. The priority was always preaching the kingdom of God and changing mindsets of the people. 3. The disciples focused on winning souls to Jesus, knowing that their changed allegiance would disempower the principalities over their city. 4. Long-term history of the cities show that as the churches grew and godly leadership matured, the atmosphere of the city changed and more people came to salvation as a result. (Notice the eventual shift of cities as the apostles matured believers and placed godly authorities in the church). 5. Spiritual authority has its boundaries. Even the disciples were not “allowed” to go into certain regions (without even knowing why) at times. 6. Paul appealed to the spiritual rulers of cities and regions. His ultimate goal was to win them over by the truths of the Kingdom – not in a power fight. 7. When there were times of spiritual confrontation, the disciples down-played them or avoided them, seeking first to save the person afflicted with the demon.

Take-Aways: 1. “Taking down” or “confronting” community strongholds is biblically inaccurate and ineffective, bordering on dangerous. 2. Focus should be on what it’s going to take to Guard, Keep and Occupy a city before even attempting to address community strongholds. 3. Personal strongholds are to be demolished by submitting them to Christ and renewing our minds – not simply by “rebuking” them. 4. The Charismatic church, in general, has focused too much on taking down the enemy and not enough time building up the Church. "

February 15th, 2018 Beth LaRock God's Word commands: "And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace." (Jeremiah 29:7)
How do we deal with transgressions on the land?
Find out TONIGHT! Chapter 4, A Sacred Trust with special guest, Sherrie Moore!
8:00- 8:45 PM ET 712-432-0075 Access 1412452#

January 17th, 2018 Beth LaRock Attention all community mobilizers! If you are looking for answers for your community, this workbook and study is something you won't want to miss! The theme of A Sacred Trust is the stewardship of God's land. We will dig deep to identify the prevailing "spiritual fabric" of the community and the spiritual roots of what inhibits our communities from being all that the Lord intended. Beginning January 25th, IFA will host a 13 week in-depth study of the issues of land, revival, and transformation 8:00-8:45 PM EST, via the IFA Conference Call Line (712-432-0075, access code 1412452#)To register for this study and receive updates, go to: To download a READ ONLY copy of the workbook for $8.99 from Partnership Ministries, go to:

November 30th, 2016 Beth LaRock As we head into 2017, please consider this prayer initiative for your community:

Bring prayer to the streets of your community with our new program called Adopt-A-Street. Now you can cover your community in prayer, street by street, coordinating online with other churches, groups and neighbors. Claim your street, highlight it, and pray! Others select streets, and you can see the map of your community fill up with prayer. A perfect tool for those who are interested in coordinating prayer walking! Click on the link and begin selecting streets in your town for which to pray. Share the link to invite others to select a street of their own. Click here to get started:

Please contact us at IFA if you have any questions, or if you would like us to help you contact other IFA partners in your area to join this effort!

August 30th, 2016 Beth LaRock The following article is from a recent newspaper report. The newspaper is published daily in a midsized eastern city. Names and location details have been redacted or changed to protect identities, but the facts are exactly as reported.

“Coming up from the water in his red jumpsuit, a smile fell across the face of an inmate just baptized. Shouts of praise by a group of chaplains and applause from nearby detention staff briefly drowned out the sound of worship music playing through a speaker.

“As the inmate wiped water from his head and climbed out of the above-ground swimming pool brought in just for this moment, [the sheriff] was there to greet him with a handshake and a small Bible.

“It’s a scene never played out before at the jail, but on Sunday, A. L. arranged for 39 inmates, who asked to be baptized by immersion, to do so.

“The ceremony was months in the making following one inmate’s request.

“An assault charge landed R. M., 38, in jail, but something else drew him to the water.

“‘My salvation,’ he said. ‘Life is just too short now. Tomorrow’s never promised.’

Until now, A. L. has only accommodated requests for baptism with a ceremonial sprinkling. This time, however, memories of a near-fatal car accident that drew him closer to God, compelled him to go further.

“‘When I went to the hospital, there was one person that I called out to — that I wanted to save me,’ he said, pausing to fight back tears. ‘And that was answered. So, I have compassion for people.’

“Logistics for the baptism ceremony took three months and many more meetings with detention staff. They brought two above ground swimming pools into a secured lot where inmates were brought out two at a time.

“The inmates’ charges range from DWI, to rape, and murder. As they wait behind bars for their cases to be adjudicated, they voluntarily take part in Bible study sessions and worship services.

“S. C. is due in court in August on conspiracy charges. The mother of two said she was already baptized as a young girl, but wanted to make the decision to rededicate her life to Christ as an adult.

“‘For the future,’ she said. ‘My past is behind me so I’m looking forward to the future, a new life.’

“‘They have been forgiven if they’ve truly repented,’ said V. A., a chaplain who has spent the past few months leading some of the worship services and meeting with various inmates one-on-one. ‘And you can see the change and the transformation in them.’

“Unable to know for certain the intentions of any one person’s heart, the sheriff is clear, judgment is not for him to cast.

“‘If this makes a difference for one or two people, we’ve done the right thing,’ he said.

“A. said he’s walking by faith, and now, so are many of those serving time.

“‘For me, knowing that I’m not alone,’ M. said about how his decision and the others’ [who followed him in being baptized] is changing his life. ‘That there’s other Christians in here that’s on the same spiritual walk that I am on.’”

July 14th, 2016 Dave Kubal TWO POWERFUL EVENTS SATURDAY, JULY 16:


The Place: Washington, D.C. – National Mall The Dream: One Million people standing together for Jesus on the National Mall The Date: Saturday, July 16, 2016, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Stand United with us and many more !! FREE ADMISSION You can be part of Together 2016. It's time to lay aside our differences and lift a unified sound. We pray that Together 2016 will be a generation-defining moment of unified prayer, worship, and a call for catalytic change. Together 2016 is free to the public and will feature an A-list lineup of more than 40 speakers, pastors, artists, and leaders from various backgrounds for a day of unified prayer and worship. A prayer and evangelism movement, PULSE, is leading the charge to mobilize people to gather at Together 2016, linking arms with a broad coalition of partners to make this a massive event. Their desire is for 1,000,000 people from all backgrounds to be part of this historic day, standing together for Jesus on the National Mall. Together 2016 will be a massive collective moment when we will ask Jesus to reset our lives, our nation, and our generation. To find out more, go to


The Response: USA in Ohio will be held at the Wolstein Center at Cleveland State University on 2000 Prospect Ave. in Cleveland, OH on July 16th. Please register only once as it will take a few seconds for registration to send you your Registration Ticket. Once you have received your Free Registration confirmation please keep this safe and bring it with you on the day as you will need this to gain access to the arena on the 16th. Doors open at 9:00 am and there will be some pre-gathering worship to prepare the atmosphere for what the Lord is going to do on this historic day.

July 6th, 2016 Beth LaRock Girl in transformation story in Kenya, now an adult and running for US Congress.
July 6th, 2016

Many of you have seen or heard of the Transformation videos that highlight God’s transforming power in communities in our world. One of the first Transformation movies involved a pastor and his wife who the Lord sent to Kiambu, a suburb or Niarobi, known for its evil. No church or work of God had been successful there. They started a church in the home of a woman raising a family of girls. As the couple and church members continued in prayer, it was revealed that a powerful witch had been opposing them. The church prayed and the witch was ordered to leave or die. The witch left. Transformation broke out.

Check out the video clip.
(Start 23:14)

Today one of the little girls in the house in which the church started decades ago now lives in North Chesterfield, Virginia. She has continued in her pursuit of revival. She has also been involved in a transformation prayer group which prays for the Route 1 Corridor / Jefferson Davis Highway for the last 2.5 years. Here’s the cool part: That little girl just ran recently for Congress in the 4th Congressional district. Her name is Jackee Gonzales. The district was recently reconfigured to create a fourth seat. When the group began to pray, Jackee had no clue that the Lord would call her to be the answer to our prayers. She was only running out of obedience to the Lord.
Her website states as “core values” her “Faith in God,” and says she is “passionate about individual freedom and responsibility, elevating the dignity of work above enabling dysfunction,” and “passionate about the dignity of every human life.”

Even though Jackee did not win her nomination, she felt that obedience to God was her success. Surely we will see Jackee on the ballot again!

June 7th, 2016 Dave Kubal Here is an account from one city that that adopted their streets in prayer:

In 1996, the Money Magazine ranked Newark “The most dangerous city in America.” The good news is that God has not forgotten His covenant and that He is taking Newark back - one street at a time.

The Pray For Newark Adopt-A-Street initiative is a grassroots movement of ordinary individuals, church congregations and businesses that aim to have every one of Newark’s 900 streets, and the people that live there, prayed for on a daily basis. In the same month that the Adopt-A-Street initiative was launched, Newark experienced 43 homicide-free days - something which hadn’t happened in half a century!

To start a street-by-street prayer coverage in your own community, go to:

May 10th, 2016 Beth LaRock Can God transform a prison?

Join us this Thursday, May 14, at 12:00 noon (ET), for our monthly transformation webcast with Rickie Bradshaw from Houston, Texas. Rickie is a Baptist minister and community transformation coach who has been seeing some amazing results of transforming revival in the prison system in the greater Houston area. He will share some recent stories about inmates who have encountered God's manifest presence and, as a result, have seen supernatural healings, reconciliation among gang members, an increased number of salvations and a revival fire that is spreading from prison to prison. Watch our live-stream broadcast from our website at IFAPRAY.ORG OR join on our conference call line at 1-712-432-0075, Access Code 1412452#.

April 19th, 2016 Beth LaRock It was 2002 and the Kenyan pastors had been invited to pray for President Moi, the corrupt dictator of their country for the past 24 years. Pastor Ibrahim Omondi, a fervent intercessor, was the last one to pray. While the president's head was bowed and his eyes closed, Omondi looked straight at him and boldly spoke the word of the Lord saying it was time to step down peacefully and allow for a democratic election.

The other pastors were shocked and tried to pull him away, but Omondi finished his prayer. Knowing it could mean a death sentence, he waited. There was no visible response from the president and Omondi thought that he hadn't been heard. However, within a short time, not only did the president step down from office, but gave a public apology to the people. After 24 years of dictatorship, Kenya became free to elect their next president, one whom God used for the next five years to bring correction and order.

Read more in The Mobilizer, which will be in your email box on April 21!

April 12th, 2016 Wanda Alger Join us this coming Thursday, April 14, at 12:00 noon (ET) for our monthly Transformation Webcast.

This month our special guest is Jason Hubbard of Whatcom County, Washington. His community has been experiencing an outpouring of God’s grace and favor as a result of strategic prayer, congregational unity, and community impact. The journey started almost 10 years and we will hear of Jason’s call as a catalytic leader, the response of the church to the call of God, and the evidence of God’s presence in the community.

Join us for live-stream on our website at or call in on the conference line at 1-712-432-0075, Access Code 1412452#

Visit to get a sneak preview (Light of the World Prayer Center).

March 10th, 2016 Wanda Alger For those who watched our Webcast today or joined the conference call with Doug Small of Project Pray, today's broadcast was LOADED with fresh insights.

One was his insight about bringing together the 3 key strands of effective community prayer. The "Ezra's" (pastors), the "Esther's and Mordecai's" (intercessors) and "Nehemiah's" (marketplace leaders). These three need to work together in unity of prayer and purpose for their city. Listen to the webcast for more details about this and other effective prayer strategies.

Here are some links and helpful resources for you to follow up with.

Main Ministry Website:
Personal Website:
Connection Website:

For information on his twice-monthly City Impact Conference Calls with other community leaders, go to, click on "About" and then "Prayer Coaching". Scroll down that page and look for "City Vision Casting".

Hopefully, by next week we will have the full webcast available for viewing on our YouTube channel (if you subscribe, you will automatically be notified whenever we post a new video). Find us on YouTube under "Intercessors for America".

March 8th, 2016 Wanda Alger This coming Thursday, March 10 at 12:00 (ET), we will be hosting our monthly TRANSFORMATION WEBCAST with Doug Small, Founder and Director of Project Pray (

Doug has been facilitating communities in prayer initiatives for over 30 years and brings a wealth of wisdom, insight, and practical helps to those pursuing transforming revival. If you go on our Homepage ( - Featured Media), you can see a short video clip of him talking about national revivals always starting at the local level.

Join us as we talk with Doug about the communities he has recently worked with who are coming together, seeing breakthroughs and finding unity and purpose in their prayers. We will also be taking questions via email during the live interview (write to

You can either join the live-stream through our website OR call us on our conference line at 1-712-432-0075, Access code 1412452#

Pass the word!

February 9th, 2016 Wanda Alger This coming Thursday, February 11, at 12:00 noon (ET) we will host another Transformation Webcast. This month our special guest is Sherrie Moore, Director of the Richmond International House of Prayer & Encounter in Richmond, Virginia.

Sherrie is a passionate catalytic leader of transforming revival and she will be sharing recent testimonies of breakthrough in corporate prayer in her community. In recent collaborations with several Native American leaders, they have seen tangible results of their prayers and are seeing their land healed.

Join us for this hour of story-telling and inspiration as we talk about Presence-based community transformation.

Join the Webcast by clicking on the link on our homepage, OR call on the conference line at 1-712-432-0075, Access code 1412452#


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