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Transformation Rochester New York

This is a gathering of believers who are responding to God's call in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to seek Him until His presence come and transform the greater Rochester New York region and beyond.
August 23rd, 2017 Leonard Jones I want to thank all the faithful watchman who's standing in agreement with us in the Rochester New York region, God is doing a great work of preparation as we are inviting Him to come.

Here's Alistair Petrie recent report from his visit to Rochester New York in June 2017.

In June, we returned for our second visit to the area of Greater Rochester in Upper State New York. Wow! In less than two years since our last visit – we could tangibly “feel” the difference in the lay of the land. The leadership and intercessors there are moving swiftly in their corporate journey of Transformation. We have great expectations for what may be taking place there – in the very places where Charles Finney years ago saw amazing breakthroughs for the Kingdom of God. Genuine relational unity is one of the key principles the leadership are grasping in that part of the State – and it is having a significant effect upon the spiritual fabric of the land. It was a great privilege to share in the morning service at Bethel Christian Fellowship in Rochester – a city church with a long history of serving the people of God in that city.

Alistair’s visit in 2015 helped inspire and encourage us to get the "Greater Rochester Regional Transformation Initiative" moving forward in our city/region.

Leaders and intercessors from around the region are meeting to seek the Lord weekly and monthly, many congregations are also praying weekly. Please continue to agree with us in prayer for another GREAT AWAKENING to come forth in THIS GENERATION from this region of our nation.

Now is the time for TRANSFORMING REVIVAL

Leonard Jones

August 11th, 2017 Audrey Yantz We live in Rochester and America is heavy on our hearts to pray for. We would like to support what you are doing and join in, if that's possible.

October 8th, 2015 kim krog May God grant a team of intercessors who will pray through to transforming revival in the greater Rochester area.


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