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"Five to Revive"

This is a group of intercessors across the nation who pray for revival for at least five minutes nightly at 9 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. CT, 7 p.m. MT and so on.
September 8th, 2020 Cheryl Wahbah Is this only for prayers, but also for interaction?

September 8th, 2020 Cheryl Wahbah Lord, touch our leadership, from our local church to our highest government officials. Fill them with conviction, humility and longing for TRUTH.
Bring forth Your truth and expose the lies, deceit and self-focused stands in them.
Lord, please bring this to light in the people of our nation. Please lift up and strengthen those who desire Your will or turn to You, and tear down and remove those who seek any ways other than Yours.
Touch us, Your Body, our government and our entire nation by bringing forth Your truth, and conviction to follow it.

June 13th, 2020 Michael Carl Folks, this whole situation now rises to being a true moral and spiritual crisis and a sign of this nation's need for a REAL revival.

The Lord told us through Jeremiah that the "'heart is deceitfully wicked.'" So it's truly a matter of a soul-sick nation.

Where are the men and women who long for true justice in our land? Where is the heart of those who desire true unity? Where is the charitable heart that desires a land where all people can join together and be bound together with the strength of God’s love? That heart will only be found in the Church, and in the unity that only Jesus can give.

So folks, pray. Pray for this nation. Pray that the lying and deceiving spirits that are exploiting this moment for their perverse causes will be overthrown and cast out. Pray for a Holy Spirit-fired, Jesus-centered revival in this land. A revival is our hope. A true revival is our remedy.

So folks, let’s make Monday, June 15, a day of prayer and fasting. If you are “in,” comment on the message below. Let’s unite together in prayer and fasting and ask God to show us His mercy and His glory.

August 24th, 2017 David Collins Father God in Heaven, it is my prayer that you teach us how to live the truth the whole truth in the fullness and the power of Your Love Lord Jesus without any compromise on the Truth.

I can't find a church that knows what it really means to keep the Sabbath holy.

I can't goto a store to get food even that doesnt participate in the marketing of witchcraft and halloween to some degree.

I can't get a job or even get help from the government if i'm dissabled without signing a perverted eoe statement that gives special rights and protection to sexual perverts homosexuals.

And when I do get a job or start a business my taxes go to our federal government that directly promugates witchcraft and hallowen, abortion, same sex perversion to our children in our public schools, and funds abortion on demand and funds, promotes, and propagates homosexual evil.

Dear God, ....death hell lies and perversion are being boxed, packaged, sold into our Nation and we are crying out to You God.... rescue us from The Evil Within. .... rescue us from the complacency that we the church have bought into.... sins that no more convictus. And rescue us from the sin with-out...the sick perverted government that even elections fail to remedy. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

March 22nd, 2017 Patricia Poole Let us pray for the youth, that their hearts and minds be enlightened to recognize that the war for their spirit is REAL TRUTH eternal that they choose LIFE

March 21st, 2017 Michael Carl Keep on praying. The nation needs revival prayer now more than ever.

A major mistake Christians make is when we think we 'did our duty by getting "our people" elected' that we can let up.

History shows this is true. Every time the people in the pulpits and in the pews sat back, the enemy took advantage of the situation.

Let's resolve to seek a fresh touch from the Lord for our nation, for our churches, and for our own hearts. 'Lord, if there's going to be a revival, let it begin with me!'

March 21st, 2017 Therese Davis I pray that the Holy Spirit will awaken a Godly spirit of revival for our entire nation. Come Holy Spirit and enkindle the fire of God's love.


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