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Pray For Our Nation

Connecting the Body of Christ to pray for issues of concern for America.

The Mission: United Believers in Effective Prayer and Fasting for America
February 17th, 2017 Kris Kubal We hope you will plan on joining us today for a special time of prayer via conference call. We will be praying today, Friday, February 17th at 12:15pm ET in response to the strikes/protests called today by Soros-funded groups--including Black Lives Matter. There is a potential for violence, and we are praying today for the peace of God to fall upon our nation. If you would like to join us, call in at (712) 432-0075 and use code 1412452# to join the call. Or you can watch and participate via Facebook LIVE on our Facebook page . Be sure and invite others to join us in prayer. It is a spiritual battle, and prayer is the weapon we need! Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for our nation and leaders!

February 13th, 2017 Kris Kubal We have received several words from reliable friends and fellow prayer warriors about a sense that we as intercessors need to ramp up our prayer for our President and leaders RIGHT NOW. Not sure why, but seems there are decisions being made, paths being taken or groundwork being laid that is critical now for the direction of our nation. We don't usually share these kinds of vague requests, but we have been getting these words from friends from all sides, sharing their dreams, words, impressions and promptings. They are all very similar, and all end with pray for the President and his counselors. Please join us in praying specifically for President Trump and his advisors. Share this request for prayer with those who you know will pray for our nation and leaders. One of our trusted prayer partners shared a scripture that we feel is a good one to pray over President Trump and his Administration: Ecclesiastes 3:1 - "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven".
Pray that the timing of Trump's actions will be correct. Pray that Trump will be persistent yet yield if the Spirit cautions. Pray that advisors would be bold to speak their wisdom to the President, and that they would seek to hear from God. Pray that the President would seek God and His plans for our nation and not rely on human thinking. It is a critical time for our nation and "turning the ship" in a different direction--prayer is needed!

January 30th, 2017 Kris Kubal Praying for a move of God in our nation--it has begun. Can you sense it? Do you feel it? Amazing new changes to our laws with the defunding of International Planned Parenthood, and the involvement of our President's Administration in the March for Life on Friday the 27th. If you haven't checked out our new com prehensive and amazing prayer platform (right here on the IFA site) you need to visit it ASAP! It's a great way to share your prayers for our nation and leaders DIRECTLY with our elected officials! Encourage them, hold them accountable, and pray for them--sharing all that through (the last post had a period at the end of the hyperlink that prevented it from linking properly. Blessings to you all!

September 26th, 2016 Kris Kubal It's been a while since we posted in this large group--many of you are members of local prayer groups through Get Out The Prayer. We wanted to let you know that we have a couple of new great resources to use in your prayer time for the elections and our nation. We have posted them to the right of the page under "Shared Docs" but have also included them in this post as well for your convenience. We are down to just weeks before the election. If you haven't begun earnestly praying for the election, now's the time to start! Don't forget to join Get Out The Prayer as well--it is our election-oriented prayer campaign. Thanks for praying for our nation, our leaders and our elections.

March 8th, 2016 Kris Kubal Those of you in our Pray for the Nation group, don't forget to sign up for Get Out The Prayer 2016! It is important right now to be praying for a godly leader, the elections and our nation. Join thousands praying during this campaign season. Our website has many tools and resources to help you pray your way through this political season.

Share the word with your family, friends and church to join the campaign for prayer in 2016! Sign up at

April 30th, 2015 Kris Kubal Join us on our National First Friday Prayer Conference Call Friday May 1st. 12:15pm - 12:45pm EST
Dial in to (712) 432-0075 and use 1412452# to access the call.

Our guest host will be Mat Staver of The Liberty Counsel. We will be praying about religious freedom. There is also going to be a portion of prayer time for the Supreme Court Justices who reportedly will internally be determining their stance on legalizing same-sex marriage, and assigning majority and minority opinions.

February 11th, 2015 Kris Kubal Post a PrBeth LaRock posted the following message to: leesburg
Would you like to hear from leaders who have experienced first-hand, what it means to prepare for, and maintain, a community-wide spiritual awakening and lasting change?

Join us at Empowering for Transformation Conference
Conference March 6-7, 2015 Leesburg, Virginia

Friday 6:30-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm
Free Leadership Summit: Friday 2:00-4:30

----Register now

Alistair Petrie of Partnership Ministries will be sharing fresh insights on how the Fear of the Lord helps prepare believers for an authentic and deep encounter with God's Presence as a community. Having mentored hundreds of leaders and communities around the world, Alistair shares from experience as well as rich biblical foundations. As a pastor, Doug Abner from Manchester, KY (Appalachian Dawn), shares from his experience in leading a community from desperation into a place of miraculous encounters and community transformation. Personal and practical, Doug makes the journey real and encourages other community leaders to persevere unto a dramatic encounter of God's presence.

Early bird rates before February 20* Hotel information on the registration page

For more information, call IFA 1-800-USA-Pray
ayer Request or Message...

February 3rd, 2015 Kris Kubal Registration is OPEN for the Empowering for Transformation Conference!

Date: March 6 & 7th
Location: Leesburg, Virginia (outside Washington DC).
Featured speakers Alistair Petrie from Partnership Ministries and Doug Abner from the Appalachian Center for Transformation will be on hand to teach, encourage and lead in the pursuit of transformation principles for your community! Click the link for more information! Share this post to invite others!

May 14th, 2014 Kris Kubal For those of you who noticed, the event we asked you to pray about has already happened. Since the Lord put it on someone's heart to pray, let's instead pray that the people who attended will have a greater sense of God's answers to that question, Who is Family? Also continue to pray for those involved--certainly there is still loose ends to tie up even after the event occurs. Pray for blessing on those who stepped out to speak honestly and frankly on the topic. Thanks for your understanding and flexibility on our prayer focus for this event!

May 14th, 2014 Kris Kubal Hey Folks--please join us in praying for this event, "What is Family?" We want to lift this event up to the Lord for protection for those involved, for good viewership, for people to be touched and for great glory for God.

Here are some more details about it. You can also support it by attending or sharing the word about this documentary.

This is a one-night event, Tuesday, May 6, 2014 starting at 7:30 PM in theaters.

Irreplaceable seeks to answer the question, "What is family?" As you know, the answer to that question is up for debate in our modern world. The documentary follows Tim Sisarich (former Executive Director of Focus on the Family New Zealand) on a global quest to explore God's design for the family through a variety of lenses and cultures. The screening will be followed by a special round table discussion featuring Jim Daly and several family experts.

We hope you are able to attend, and that you will forward this information to your family and friends.

Please pray for a successful turnout nationwide, and that many people will be impacted in positive ways and families will be strengthened by the film's message.

Find a theater near you that is carrying this film.

April 4th, 2014 Kris Kubal Join us in praying for the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case regarding the HHS Mandate of Obamacare. Even though the case is not in the news lately, the Supreme Court is working on the deliberations and their opinions. Pray that there would be no agendas, undue influence or misrepresentation to the court, and there would be an honest Constitutional decision.

January 9th, 2014 Kris Kubal Hey folks--let's pray for those in our nation who are seeking truth. Pray they find it in HIM and not a false religion. Let us be the Christ example to point others to Him!

November 18th, 2013 Kris Kubal Praying for those who have lost insurance or are facing out-of-reach premiums due to changes in health care laws. Praying they will have answers, and options that will be reasonable.

November 11th, 2013 Kris Kubal Praying for veterans and active military today on Veterans Day. Lord, bless them for their service, sacrifice and selflessness. We pray that they would feel respected and honored by their countrymen, and that all would know you personally. Be with our military today in this new politically-correct environment. Bring the love of Jesus to our current service men and women--and transform the hostility toward Christ that many leaders in the military have today.

September 20th, 2013 Kris Kubal Praying for our officials by name! Join us in praying for our leaders--the Top 130 officials in our nation are available here for FREE...
Or order printed versions to pass out to friends and family at our online store,


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