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Wilmington-Jacksonville-Leland-Whiteville NC

Meeting Location:
8539 Reisling Ave  Wilmington, NC  28411
Meeting Time: Mon, Wed, Fri 5 AM

Seeking the Presence of God for Southeastern NC while deepening the penetrating & invasive work of the Cross among & within God's people.
November 30th, 2019 JimBO This site appears to be disabled . . . for local prayer, see the Mayfaire website

April 15th, 2018 JimBO The "Has Keeps Obeys Worksheet" is uploaded at the Mayfaire Site, sorry, I keep forgetting that I am not able to upload at two sites at the same time.

April 15th, 2018 JimBO In light of current events, would you want "Our Father" along with the incredibleness of "Our Savior" to come and live with you, to make their home in your home? Would you desire to move into a friendship relationship with Christ? To discover how, and begin the journey, see the attachment: "Has Keeps Obeys Worksheet" for more information.

April 8th, 2018 JimBO Taking Captive Every Thought material is found at,
the Mayfaire Site. I am unable to upload anymore in this site.

April 8th, 2018 JimBO The Beauty of Christ and His on-going work at the cross is only discovered through "much prayer." Without "much prayer," the best a believer has is carnal attempts to live out the life of Christ, but without Christ.

For more information, see the attached "Taking Captive EVERY Thought."

February 18th, 2018 JimBO FYI, have now moved to the Mayfairre (Wilmington) area for on-site prayer. Current information have be found there.

October 6th, 2017 Patricia Graham Hi Jim

I have been reading down thru your page. I am very struck by what you have been sharing about Mueller and Hudson Taylor. I have also been deeply burdened by all of these things you speak of.

I live in Central NC. My email is

Thank you for praying and sharing your burden. PSGraham

June 18th, 2016 Jim Borowiec I have been deeply burdened by the condition of our local churches in SE Carolina, and none of this was eased by reading through A Camaraderie of Confidence, the Stories of Charles Spurgeon, George Mueller and Hudson Taylor. They were buds, mavericks, carrying deep convictions while supporting each other in way I never knew. What pricked me deeply about Mueller was that he could not support existing institutions or be united with them and maintain a good conscience. Likewise, Hudson Taylor was driven by disillusionment as well.

Since the planting of PC3 and Reach in Leland in 2012, this led into investigative praying to discover the reasons why churches seem to pursue their own kingdom building as opposed to focusing upon the King, the Kingdom and His righteousness. While participating and seeking to understand all this, I now wonder if God is leading into a new direction and my time in these efforts is coming to an end.

Thus the attached (see 1 Cor 3 Teaser) is the first time I have used the water mark of the cross along with the inscription Ocean Edge Fellow-ship. The distinction between Fellowship and Fellow-ship is deliberate at this point due to the new focus. But how would it be in the near future if Jesus built a church and maintained it financially without offering plates passed, and without burning God's people out though lots of activity. I wonder if this is what the next step is to be?

May God clarify His direction with wisdom and certainty (Ja 1) confirming His word and direction in the mouth of two or three witnesses (2 Cor 13:1).

February 2nd, 2016 Jim Borowiec I had a dream last night in regard to John chapters 14-16 (like a parenthesis, o or a sandwich, with the meat of the matter being out Wonderful Savior). Due to the culture of the coastal fellowships, many seem blinded to the worth of Christ and eventually end up quenching the Holy Spirit who makes His ways known.

Thus the beginning of a emphasis on these three chapters (see John 14to16Snippet).

February 1st, 2016 Jim Borowiec It has become apparent to me of the vital necessity of praying not only for the men, but also for their families and children. Why? If the enemy wanted to distract and remove a man from the focus and pursuit of Christ, or from attendance from a morning meeting, he can and would do so by brining harm or sickness to family members knowing that a man would be unable to focus completely upon Christ for this day unless these matters were resolved.

So as I pray for each of my loved ones every morning that God would protect them by placing them under the shadow of His wings, I am then free to pursue kingdom matters without distraction. In contrast, let something happen to one of our loved ones, and my focus is upon them, and rightly so. So why not pray not only for the men, but for each family member.

The Scripture says, be certain to know the condition of your flock paying careful attention to your herds (Prov 27:23), and that means to guard them in prayer, along with their children, and their loved ones as well.

More about this in the future . . .

I keep asking God to enlarge my heart, to pray for as many people as I can (1 Tim 2:1 - for all people)

January 29th, 2016 Jim Borowiec I am now engaged in six meetings a week, and praying for a 7th to begin Sat evenings. In one of the meetings the focus is the Holy Spirit, another meeting the commands of Christ, and finally, another, prayer. In five of the meetings, Christ is our focus, and as you already know, the coastal fellowships have a long history of dismissing Christ to the margins in our churches.

As part of teaching others the commands of Christ, and the overpowering work of the Holy Spirit to make His ways known, I have attached the Acts 1:8 teaser. I have a meeting this morning at 5:45 AM where the focus will be on prayer based upon Ps 63.

I anticipate God beginning the process of drawing hearts to Him as 2016 unfolds. I also anticipate the beginnings of a wrestling match for power and control. Not with me, but with Christ.

See the Acts 1:8 Teaser.

October 15th, 2015 Jim Borowiec Now praying through the Disciple's Prayer in Mathew 6. The first two page introduction has been uploaded (1MyFather(teaser)).

October 10th, 2015 Jim Borowiec For the next couple of weeks, my meditaiton and focus will be on Matther 7:24-27 (see Building your home on the orck (teaser)

October 5th, 2015 Jim Borowiec Just now as I finished praying, I received another coastal alert for flash flooding. As the rains and flooding batter the coast from Charleston, SC to the Outer Banks, NC, God quickened the beginning lessons of afliction and their purpose. Interesting enough, as I have been praying for God to enlarge my coast, my prayer focus has been from the Outer Banks to Charleston, with the priority focus on SE Coastal Carolina. I believe God is attmepting to get our attention, and yet providing mercy as Hurricane Joaquin moved out to sea rather than straddle the coast.

Our Almight God rules over the surging seas David said (Ps 89:9). See the one page teaser, Coastal Flooding-Affliction.

October 3rd, 2015 Jim Borowiec In light of the Carolina coast in emergency status with flooding, several towns in Bruswick County evacuated, and N Topsail Beach standing to numerous homes, God keeps on bringing into focus the issue of men, and he wants them praying (see I want men praying).

Thus, I keep asking God, send me a man, just one man, to pray with with a focus upon the Carolina Coast. I am quite certain He will do so!


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