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Transform Garden District, North Chesterfield, VA

Meeting Location:
2424 Aberdeen Road  North Chesterfield, VA  23237
Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

We are a subgroup of Transform Richmond located in North Eastern Chesterfield County, VA. Our prayer focus is for God to transform us personally through repentance, and to call His people in the surrounding churches of this area to repentance and transformation, and for God to call our community, both individuals and businesses, to repentance and transformation. It is our desire to join God in the work He is doing. The Spirit and the Bride say, come Lord Jesus. Build your Kingdom here!!!
January 19th, 2017 Ira Seybold .Hi Folks: It has been reported that Mike Pence will take the oath with his hand on the Bible open to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Praise GOD that is a clear answer to our prayers.

December 20th, 2016 Ira Seybold Merry CHRISTmas prayer requests for our neighborhood, town, state and nation.
James 4:10 that we will humble ourselves in the sight of the LORD JESUS.
John 15:7 that we will abide in JESUS and have HIS WORD abide in us.
Matthew 3:2 that we will repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. That we will turn from our dependence on ourselves, popular people, wealthy people and our government instead of GOD. That the hearts of our political leaders will turn to depend on JESUS and declare that we are on nation under JESUS, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
That President elect Donald Trump will declare the USA to be dependent on GOD and HIS guiding hand as part of the inauguration. That GOD will strengthen the hand of the believers surrounding President elect Trump.

August 10th, 2016 Ira Seybold Please pray for your schools during August as preparation for the new school year. There is a wonderful example prayer guide at

JESUS we claim your power to transform our schools to glorify YOU and fullfil their purpose in YOUR Kingdom.

June 9th, 2016 Barbara Smith I want you all to be aware of a transforming testimony in our midst. One of George Otis's first Transformation movies involved a pastor and his wife who the Lord sent to Kiambu, a suburb or Niarobi, known for its evil. No church or work of God had been successful there. They started a church in the home of a woman raising a family of girls. As the couple and church members continued in prayer, it was revealed that a powerful witch had been opposing them. The church prayed and the witch was ordered to leave or die. She left. Transformation broke out. Here's the video.
(Start 23:14)

Today one of the little girls in the house in which the church started decades ago now lives in North Chesterfield. She has continued in revival. She has also been involved in a transformation prayer group which prays for the Route 1 Corridor / Jefferson Davis Highway for the last 2.5 years. Here's the cool part: She is running for Congress in the 4th Congressional district. It was recently reconfigured to include the Jeff Davis Highway! When the group began to pray, Jackee had no clue that the Lord would call her to be the answer to our prayers. She is only running out of obedience to the Lord.

Jackee Gonzalez first has to win the Republican primary for the 4th district before actually running for Congress. The primary is June 14th, this coming Tuesday. Prayers are appreciated!

June 1st, 2016 Ira Seybold Mark 9:29 JESUS said ""This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer"

We are in a spiritual war. GOD is moving. Let us join HIM in the battle.

March 18th, 2016 Ira Seybold Here is a prayer composed by Cindy Smith.
Corporate Prayer of Agreement

As the Church of JESUS CHRIST, we declare Resurrection Life over the Richmond region. We proclaim that death is defeated in our lives, in our families, in our churches, and in our communities. We agree that GOD's promises will bring a hope and a future and the WORD of GOD will accomplish all that GOD has purposed.

We declare life over city and state government and that righteousness is being established.

We agree that business will prosper and joblessness will be eradicated.

We proclaim healing over family relationships and love that can overcome all obstacles.

We declare that media will present the truth, unbiased, and fair in it's presentation.

We agree that schools will be successful in promoting GODly values to the next generation.

We proclaim that the church in our region will unite to present the gospel and demonstrate the resurrection life of JESUS to our community. We reject all attempts of the enemy to bring death, destruction and violence to our region and proclaim that life, love, hope and peace will prevail through JESUS CHRIST and HIS church. Amen.

March 4th, 2016 Ira Seybold The Transform Mechanicsville Virginia group will have it's first prayer walk at 11 am next Thursday, 3/10/2016 at the Hanover Tavern location of the Hanover County Government office park. When you get to Hanover Tavern driving east on Rt. 301 turn right just past the library. We will assemble in the parking lot near the red mini van. We will walk and pray for about an hour. The stronghold is suicide, depression, drug overdose and violence. In general a spirit of heaviness. Praise the LORD for the garment of praise in Isaiah 61:3. Please pray for power and direction in our prayers. Also you are welcome to walk with us if you wish.

February 19th, 2016 Ira Seybold The Transform Mechanicsville Virginia group is fighting the stronghold of suicide in our community. Please let me know if you have any experience and insight into this battle.

August 4th, 2015 Janet Moss Thank you Jeff and Kim for writing and telling what the Lord is doing. It is encouraging just to see it written! God is good. I love the area He has drawn us to. I believe he is granting us the desires of our hearts!

August 4th, 2015 Jeff Marble

So...what about Transformational prayer?

It is said that anyone can tell you how many seeds are in an apple, but only God knows how many apples are in a seed. This is a testimony to the four seeds that represent the Garden District before the Lord in intercession.

Ever since the Transformation Conference almost two years ago, a small but mighty group of intercessors has met at our home. I remember my first encounter with Janet, Barb and Jackee. I had no experience with the prophetic at that time. These women would gather, share prayer requests and pray for hours. They prayed all over the Jefferson Davis corridor...Chesterfield counties highest crime and poverty area. They repented for the crimes done against the native Americans by the first wave of colonists that came up river from Jamestown. They repented for crimes against the poor and against reigious spirits and pride and unforgiveness. They repented and repented. And then they began to call forth the evangelists and healers and workers and musicians and artists from the four corners of the earth. They called them forth to handle the harvest that would inevitably come.
From my point of view, it was quite bizzare, having these women in our home every Wednesday. I affectionately called them, "The Loons" (short for looney). After a month or so, I started the meeting with prayer and while I was praying I had a vision. I could see these rather ordinary women ,that, along with my wife Kim, were sitting in my living room, but they were dressed in the most regal and queenlike apparell and were also about 9 feet tall. They were standing behind their normal sized counterpart. I had the strong sense that these women were not in any way ordinary, but rather were the gate keepers of this district and that what they bound would be bound and what they loosed would be loosed. It was a sacred moment. I had a glimpse into the heavenly realm. I was humbled, and a very real reverance for who these ladies actually are in God's eyes has remained to this day. I respect them as the gate keepers of all the ministry that comes out of our house. All fruit coming from our home has been prayed into existance by them.

So Kim writes about MCC which is in Mechanicsville and you may wonder what is the connection. Well, Ira Seybold, the originator of the Mechanicsville Tranformation group visited our group and caught the vision almost a year ago. Kim was responsible for his original connection with the Transformation movement. Ira and I are great friends and coworkers and I can assure you that everything Kim mentioned in her post is connected with what Ira is doing in Mechanicsville.

And then there is the connection they prayed into being with Chase City and Charles City. It has been said that these two cities are the western and eastern gate into the city of Richmond and that transformation in Richmond is waiting for Chase city. The choir Kim mentioned is soon to be a part of what is happening in the city around the Robinson Theater and has been thanked for bringing Christ back to the Camp Rainbow Connection in Blackstone, Va.

We would say that is how God brings transformation to a city. In the end, all of the different groups will be unified, and in fact are right now being unified. The prayers of these women are the connecting link. God aone knows the apples in their seeds of prayer.

Kim has said that when we pray for rain and God answers, keep praying for more rain. Where we see God at work, keep praying into that until He moves away. We see God all over these prayers. It won't be long until many others begin to see the same thing.

August 2nd, 2015 Kim Marble I want to ask for you to join Jeff and I in prayer over what seems to be the stirring of the Holy Spirit with regard to the small groups with we are involved at Mechanicsville Christian Center (MCC). The Garden District prayer group has played a significant part in praying into Jeff's life as well as mine. The following is a testimony to the work of God in our lives... Beyond that, the Holy Spirit appears to be stirring and it is possible we are witnessing the beginnings of some much needed healing in a remote corner of the Body of Christ.

Both of us lead separate Sunday School classes at MCC, Jeff of men and me of a very small class of women. Additionally, Jeff is involved in several early morning prayer groups with men. (I will let him tell you about that in a separate post.) We have been developing relationships with these folks over several years. Most, if not all are people who have been faced great difficulty in their lives. Most have experienced great challenge in their marriages and many still find themselves at a difficult place in life.

We recently began a new evening class based on the book, Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk (from Bethel Church in Redding California where Bill Johnson is the Pastor). I would say the book has a special anointing on it and is unlike any relationship book I have ever read. It has had a significant impact in our own lives. Jeff recently felt a sense of urgency in contacting several of the couples mentioned previously to invite them to go through this book (and video series) with us. We had an immediate and amazing response to his invitation and we began the class with an introduction about 10 days ago.

Three days ago, we officially began the class. It was remarkable that some of the most broken and hurting couples in our church came to the class. There were some in attendance that amazed us that they actually came ...and have already said that they are planning to come back again next week. Some of these marriages involve partners who rarely have a kind word for each other and many had drifted into hopelessness for their marriages. A few are divorced or are in the process of divorce.

At the end of the class this week, we separated into two groups. Jeff met with the men in the hallway, and I met with the women. It got real. When we closed the class in a circle holding hands in prayer, four or five of the men repented for how they had not taken responsibility for themselves and had blamed others. It was the most dramatic display of manhood I have ever witnessed (I could feel the power level in the room increase) and it came through humility and vulnerability in front of other individuals and couples they did not know and in front of their spouses. A few women followed in repentance.

Jeff asked me to write a note for him to forward to these men to tell them about how blown away I was at their bold step of spiritual leadership. As I did, I was impressed with the verse that God's power is made perfect in weakness. I thought how seemingly ironic it was that the most dramatic display of manhood and spiritual leadership I had ever experienced was through their admission to their spiritual failures with humility.

Other individuals and couples continue to want to join this class...with little information about it...and in summer! Another couple whose marriage is very much ailing and in need of a miracle also said they want to come next week. I will say that I have "great ideas" all the time and try to recruit others to some event and it is usually like pulling teeth. I have not experienced something come together as this is coming together.

Jeff is taking the leadership in this class. The Garden District prayer group prayed for him on several occasions for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. God has been answering those prayers in a big way. Jeff said yesterday that he is "starting to believe." He was referring to Neo in the movie the Matrix who, when he began to understand his identity, was able to stop bullets against him in mid air. Jeff is coming into his destiny as a spiritual leader of men and God is using him in a mighty way to challenge other men with whom he has developed trusted relationships. Jeff is the one who invited these individuals and couples and they all said "yes." Additionally, they Lord is answering our prayers for unity in our own marriage and our gifts are beginning to mesh together without the usual roadblocks.

I want to thank you for your faithful prayers and testify to the healing work of the Holy Spirit in our own family and also to the stirring of the Holy Spirit at MCC. Please join me in praying into this. "...He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it..." (Phil 1:6) I am praying for God to multiply the healing and do all that is in His mind to do. For many years I have prayed for God to put the Body of Christ back together. I feel like I am seeing with my own eyes a foretaste of Him doing just that. Here is my prayer:

Ready us, steady us, put us together
Till perfect in unity, we, with you, are one
Hearts beating in chorus yearn love's consummation
the Spirit and Bride together say COME!

with thanksgiving and praise to the One who can do exceeding abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine!
Kim Marble

April 6th, 2015 Beth Larock You are invited to join us for a special conference call next Thursday, April 9 at 1:00 p.m. (ET) with Alistair Petrie of Partnership Ministries, and Doug Abner, who is featured in the documentary An Appalachian Dawn.

The topic will be God's Presence-based community transformation.

1:00 PM (ET), 12:00 PM (CT)
11:00 AM (MT), 10:00 (PT)

Conference Call : 712-432-0075
Access Code: 1412452#

Please send questions in advance of the call to or

February 10th, 2015 Beth LaRock Would you like to hear from leaders who have experienced first-hand, what it means to prepare for, and maintain, a community-wide spiritual awakening and lasting change?

Join us at Empowering for Transformation Conference
Conference March 6-7, 2015 Leesburg, Virginia

Friday 6:30-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm
Free Leadership Summit: Friday 2:00-4:30

----Register now

Alistair Petrie of Partnership Ministries will be sharing fresh insights on how the Fear of the Lord helps prepare believers for an authentic and deep encounter with God's Presence as a community. Having mentored hundreds of leaders and communities around the world, Alistair shares from experience as well as rich biblical foundations. As a pastor, Doug Abner from Manchester, KY ("Appalachian Dawn"), shares from his experience in leading a community from desperation into a place of miraculous encounters and community transformation. Personal and practical, Doug makes the journey real and encourages other community leaders to persevere unto a dramatic encounter of God's presence.

Early bird rates before February 20* Hotel information on the registration page

For more information, call IFA 1-800-USA-Pray

December 12th, 2014 Barbara Smith So I've been pondering racism in light of what Jackee said and scriptures and the fact that Jesus wants to make Richmond an example of racial reconciliation and have that value spread throughout the country. Sometime I'll write out a document, but here's an outline of what I've been pondering.

*This is not a war against flesh and blood, but against a spirit of racism and recently anarchy seems to be attaching itself to racism/bitterness. So it can't be fought by natural means -- meetings, laws, etc.

* Three scriptures come to mind regarding spiritual warfare tactics:
1. Love your enemies.
Examples of this are the Good Samaritan (who was hated by the Jewish people on a racial basis) and Paul and Silas ministering to the jailer.
2. Pray for your enemies.
The example that came to mind, which may be only my guess, was the folks that Paul put in prison for being Christians. Paul could have become a Christian partly due to their prayers for their enemy. Paul told Timothy to pray for those in authority over him when Nero was in power and killing Christians.
3. Do not return evil for evil, or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary bless, for to this you have been called that you may obtain a blessing. The Lord says many times (at least 3) that "vengeance is Mine, says the Lord. I will repay.") Remember that he told Paul that He would show him what things Paul must suffer for His sake? He eventually was put in prison and executed for being a Christian, which is essentially what Paul did in the past. Also if we repay, we are increasing the hatred, bitterness, malice, and other works of the flesh. If we bless, we eliminate the buildup of hatred and overcome evil with good by moving in the opposite spirit. The Good Samaritan blessed the wounded man with physical care and paid for him to stay at the inn.

I've applied those principles on 2 separate occasions when black aides tried to get me fired on the basis of racism. I searched my heart and thought I was clean. I tried to follow these principles (It was hard, and I wasn't perfect in it, but I repented often) and both aides were fired within a year for situations that did not involve me or racial issues at all. The Lord turned the tables on them.

So Lord, we pray that the people in Richmond who claim to be Yours, will not focus on what they see in the natural, they will not fight the enemy in the natural, but will be trained by You to fight in the Spirit according to Your principles. Please raise up obedient soldiers who will be able to disarm the enemy and send it packing. I pray that Richmond will indeed be a city of reconciliation, as it its destiny, and it will know how to export the weapons/mindset/wisdom to bring down racism/bitterness/anarchy/mob mentality/etc. I pray that hatred and bitterness on all races will be replaced by forgiveness and submission to You and a mind set on You (which brings perfect peace). I pray that the roots of racism which started in Richmond and other parts of Virginia be destroyed - root and fruit -- and that there no longer will be found any place for it in our state. Thank you, Lord, for glorifying Yourself in this -- that the place where racism started will become a place known for love for all races. Thank You for the love in the heart/bowl of the city where Janet saw perfect love (that covers a multitude of sins). Come Jesus.

December 9th, 2014 Janet Moss This is also what I saw down in the low bowl of the city, down where the bricks are, the place we call Shockoe now, but the place has had many names through many years. I saw men/people walking around. They were all different kinds of Richmonders. I saw them at peace with each other.... or something even beyond peace with each other. It was peace enriched with love. People were walking to and fro going places. Some stopped for short conversations, and some didn't even need to speak with words to each other. Everyone was highly regarding each other, valuing each other's souls. And as if I could see through them, there was a deposit of love for other humans/mankind in each person. These diverse Richmonders were speaking to each other with out human words. God's love was in the deep guts of the people. And the people were " talking" or spiritually communicating to each other from this deep love.


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