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Transform Oakland

Meeting Location: 1783 Ray Wise Lane / Tracy, CA 95376
Hometown Missions 1783 Ray Wise Lane  Tracy, CA  95376
Meeting Time: Sunday at 5pm

We are asking God for 10 righteous prayer warriors who will pray regularly with us for the Holy Spirit to convict the churches, their leaders and all believers in Oakland to turn from everything displeasing and unprofitable to God's Kingdom and to seek Christ without reservation while serving Him with 100% obedience in all personal and public life. Praying that honesty, justice, righteousness and compassion and all the fruit of the Spirit will be evident in all Oakland believers thus fulfilling Jesus' prayer(John 17:23). The unsaved in Oakland can believe that the Father sent Jesus to save us all from eternal death if they see believers are united in Christ's unconditional love for one another and authentic in serving the most needy people as Jesus did.
February 10th, 2014 Rick Torrison Blessings Dan

We are working on identifying relationships and clarifying The Journey to Transformation. We have recently added to our staff a representative in California who will be working with communities throughout the state. You may know Larry Lane, he lives in Chico and is our Regional Director for The Journey to Transformation. I want to connect you both together.

This Transformation community site will be for those communities who have intentionally engaged The Journey to Transformation. It is the best way we can personally serve communities around this message of transforming revival. By the end of the month we will be removing sites that are not yet ready to engage at this level so as to better steward our relationships. If The Journey to Transformation is something you want to learn more about I want to encourage you to contact Larry at I will also be including him in this conversation.

Many blessings to you. Let us know how we can serve you.

Rick Torrison
National Director of Transformation and Mobilization
Intercessors for America

July 17th, 2013 Dan Root Pray for local prayer warriors who have received a faith vision from the LORD revealing His ability to begin and sustain-until-His-return, a new "Jesus Movement" from Berkeley or Oakland, California. We are seeking prayer teams of two or more from each church or ministry or household where those assigned to pray for revival in Oakland and the East Bay, believe that "nothing is too difficult for the LORD!"

Pray for revival fire to fall on the entire east Bay (greater Oakland ) if God's people are willing to fall before Him pleading for His mercy to send workers into His harvest and convict men and women of desperateness for God because of our fallen nature, our need for His righteousness and accurate awareness of His powerful justice to dealt out when He judges every man and woman for each of our works and according to what we have done or NOT done to honor our Father in Heaven,

July 16th, 2013 Dan Root Pray for prayer partners dedicated to knowing God more deeply and helping others live to know and please Him also.


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