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Transform San Francisco

Meeting Location: United States
1783 Ray Wise Lane  Tracy, CA  95376
Meeting Time: 5:00 pm Sundays

We are asking God for 10 righteous prayer warriors who will pray regularly with us for the Holy Spirit to convict the churches, their leaders and all believers in San Francisco to turn from everything displeasing and unprofitable to God's Kingdom and to seek Christ without reservation while serving Him with 100% obedience in all personal and public life. Praying that honesty, justice, righteousness and compassion and all the fruit of the Spirit will be evident in all San Francisco believers thus fulfilling Jesus' prayer(John 17:23). The unsaved in San Francisco can believe that the Father sent Jesus to save us all from eternal death if they see believers are united in Christ's unconditional love for one another and authentic in serving the most needy people as Jesus did.
February 14th, 2014 Rick Torrison Hey Dan
If you want to give me a call feel free
is the number on this page your number?

We are not trying to sell anything or promote speakers. If you have not read through our materials yet I would encourage you to take a look at both the site as well as the site and you should be able to get a great picture of what we are talking about when we refer to Transforming Revival. It is very different then most other groups and ministries.

We are carriers of a message and we tell stories of what God is doing and the proven principles that attract him.
There is an intentional process and journey called The Journey To Transformation and we have communities across the country and the world that have chosen to engage in this journey and our role is to coach and facilitate the process.

At the end of the month we are adjusting the focus of this site so as to better serve those communities that are intentionally engaging in The Journey. The other groups will be moved over to our prayer communities and have all the same functionality that they currently enjoy.


February 13th, 2014 Dan Root Hey Rick,

I'm not sure if you mean that "engage" means purchasing materials and inviting speakers to a local area or beginning a grass roots prayer team.
Please clarify for us so that we know what to expect. Please call me personally about this and another matter for clarity. Thanks! Dan

February 10th, 2014 Rick Torrison Hey Dan
I know you have several communities that you are working with and serving so when Larry contacts you, you all can talk about how to help each of the areas you serve move forward.

Larry will be hosting a Discovery Weekend in April in Chico as well. Be sure to ask him about this.


October 9th, 2013 Dan Root Pray that the upcoming Healing School to be held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds Nov. 19-21 will bring together believers that can unite in God's desire to heal sick and lame people while sparking revival in all the local churches of the San Francisco Bay Area. See for details about this a special event that will help inspire more prayer for obedience in all things to Christ.

July 16th, 2013 Dan Root LORD, please bring 120 prayer warriors to join in the spiritual warfare over San Francisco's current state of affairs and future. We need committed "doers" of the WORD and not hearers only. Bring us pairs and small groups of serious disciples with faith to bring to the table of intercession for Your will to be done no differently than it was done in Nineveh thousands of years ago after Jonah reluctantly obeyed Your call on his life!


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