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Transform Kansas

Transform Kansas is a part of the response to God's call to the Body of Christ in Kansas to work together in bringing Transforming Revival to the state.
We are a network of relationships with a shared vision and commitment to The Journey to Transformation. Our desire is to see the Transforming power and presence of God move across the state of Kansas one community at a time.

This site is for shared communication around the principles of Transforming Revival as well as an expression of corporate Transformational Prayer.

You will find teachings, testimony and information related to the Transformation of Kansas. While we are building relationships across the state we believe that the transformation of Kansas will come one community at a time.

This is not a site for personal prayer requests. However, you can sign up to pray for our state on the prayer wall. We share a vision to have Kansas covered in prayer 24/7.

If you have questions or comments please message the host team at>

Making Kansas irresistible to God one community at a time!
August 8th, 2020 Susan Smith Good evening all,
I hope you all are doing well. I'm new to the groups so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help

We recently had our day for voting for those who will be in our general election. I pray that the Lord would be in the midst of the elections in Nov. Not only for the President but also for the Senate seat that is open in our state.
GOD BLESS you all!!

July 17th, 2014 Rick Torrison Just a reminder about the Transformation Conference Call today at 12:00 EST our guests will be two revival catalysts from the UK Tim Fellows and Adrian Lowe. They helped to bring the JTT and DW into the Black Country last month. They will be sharing their journey with us as well as praying for us and allowing us to pray for them.

call in 712-432-0075
code 1412452#

May 12th, 2014 Rick Torrison Blessings my friends!
I wanted to touch base with you all and to encourage you in your journey. We just returned from South Africa where we were encouraged, strengthened and provoked by all that the Lord is doing in the nations of the world. We are not alone in this journey. There are communities just like yours around the world pressing in and seeing God order steps and give vision.

Here are a few thoughts to encourage you as you continue to move forward
1. Join us this Thursday on the national conference call if you are able at 12:00 pm set to hear more about our time in South Africa
Call in number: 712-432-0075
Participant access:

2. As you continue to gather together and seek the Lord for your personal lives and your community be sure to include times of inquiry and listening. While His presence should be our greatest desire and starting place, we need to begin or continue to ask Him for His heart of our communities. We must see the true condition of the land and get His heart. . The key to inquiring of the Lord is to do so with a blank slate and to ask him to direct your inquiry. Lord, how would you have us prepare the way for you to come?

I want to encourage you to listen to the 8 minute teaching George shared with us in Cape Town on Presence and Need that was in the last Mobilizer.

3. You do not need the Journey to Transformation to get God to come. We should only be a resource to your journey. You can and must go directly to Him for your life and your community. Two of the biggest obstacles to transforming revival is distractions and lack of hunger. Transforming Revival is not a part time endeavor. We heard this over and over again from catalysts around the world.

4. Pray for up coming DW's in Mexico May 27 - 30, Grand Junction Co June 12 - 14

Praying God's Kingdom Come and His will be done in me, my life and my community as it is in heaven!
Is what I see when I look around does not look like God's Kingdom on earth then I am not done praying, fasting and inquiring.

Preparing the way UNTIL...

April 22nd, 2014 Susan Powers Thank you Rick for the adjustment of perspective....again! How awesome would it be if Jesus were ALWAYS the distraction! And though we must live IN this world with all it's little no gods calling our names....we are not OF this world any longer...and so by His power and His Spirit within us, we are able to MAKE time without distraction. We all have 24 hours a day to decide what we do within that time frame. And yes, there are jobs to be diligent in doing...though THAT is NOT our identity, there are family and friends to love and cherish and serve...though even THEY are NOT our identity...and somehow with all the other THINGS...our actual time crying out for Jesus and the Mighty Presence of His Majesty is usually relegated to a short time start of the day and perhaps a short time before we sink exhausted into our beds. But what IF...what IF...what IF we decided to take a sick day or personal day...when we DIDN'T do our usual stuff...and we DID just keep adjusting our focus on Him...His greatness...His Word...His Spirit within us...His Kingdom...His people...His Power and His Presence...not just fleetingly...or as led during a worship service...but honestly before His feet...refusing our cell phones...our lesser gods to call our names...our importance...and wait...what if we did THAT on a regular on purpose as a sacrifice to Him? Our small unity kernel met last night and intentionally watched a message from George that reminded us of our burning hearts...that somehow go from a raging fire when we remember our encounters with a smolder ash heap when we get caught up in what we call life. Beloved...let us seek His face as Rick encourages we encourage one another...time IS ticking. And yes and amen Rick, the Resurrection of our Lord makes our transformation possible...and probable for those willing to allow Him to do just that...TRANSFORM us with His Presence. Some days it seems just an impossible dream...others, we can "smell the smoke"...feel the pressure of His weighty Presence...taste AND see that the Lord is Good...and our lives, our communities, our nations transformed IS His way or another....thank You Lord!

April 22nd, 2014 Rick Torrison he Resurrection... The ultimate in personal and corporate transformation!
There has been a lot of chatter around the transformation communities about the challenge with distractions. I thought I wood share a thought for us.

Remember in session 10 on Defeating Distractions we talked about the idea being impossible. We can not defeat distractions and if we try we will become distracted with the distraction of trying to become less distracted. Think about it, we can prioritize our distractions, we can limit our distractions, we can manage our distractions but in the end they are still distractions.

What we need is to recognize our need to find intentional times to remove ourselves from the distractions. We can do this daily. Maybe we should create a sign that we put up in our offices or places of work that says "Distraction Free Zone"

Bless you all. Pray for me as I pray for you! What would it look like if we went to our bosses and those over us and said, sorry I was not able to get that project done, I got distracted by Jesus!

Love you guys!

February 7th, 2014 Rick Torrison Blessings Kansas Catalyst

You all are awesome! We are excited about the journey you all are on. We are here to continue to support and encourage each of you and where God has placed you on the wall. Let me continue to remind you of a few things that may help you as you continue to inquire of the Lord about the things that draw Him, hear and obey.

1. Great job in the personal pursuit.

2. continue to look for ways to share the vision and give away what is happening in your heart in your area. You want to reach beyond your group and invite others to the journey. continue to seek God's heart
* One thing you may want to consider is inviting your relationships to join us in Liberal KS for the DW March 27-29. We will send you the invitation you can share with your relationships

3. If you are continuing to go through the sessions, spend as much time as you need. Share the mp3's. As you go through the sessions you are looking at the content from both a personal perspective and from your specify geographical perspective.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY - resist the urge to add to or chase after other good things. When you pray and inquire of the Lord be sure to inquire of His heart around what He wants. Resist the temptation to inquire around an issue and focus on inquiring about His presence. What is your heart for ME? What is your heart for US? Remember when He comes in presence he brings his hands and deals with the issues.


January 22nd, 2014 Rick Torrison Just in case you missed it...

TOMORROW at noon (EST.) for anyone interested in hearing more about Transformation and the global Journey to Transformation message there will be a...


with DawieSpangenberg, President of The Sentinel Group and Isebel Spangenberg, International Fellowship of Transformation Partners.

As we begin the new year, many exciting things are happening around the message and journey of transforming revival. Dawie and Isebel will share with us what the Lord is doing through The Journey to Transformation not only in the United States, but also across the earth.

Call in number: 712-432-0075

Participant access: 1412452#

12:00 PM ET

January 16th, 2014 Rick Torrison Blessing Favored State of the Lord!

We have a lot of exciting things to share with you this year and we want to continue to improve how we can serve you. We are thankful to each of you and especially to Kathy for your heart and faithfulness to the Lord. I have been talking to Kathy as well as many of you over the last few months and there are some exciting things happening both in your state and with the JTT and our team. We will be sharing more with you over the next few months

As we start this year it will be important to to remove ourselves from distractions (remember we can not remove distractions as much as we must remove ourselves from distractions) We must also be mindful for the little birds that will come and steal the seed that has been sown.

here are some things to consider so we can serve you better:
1. As you continue to pray and seek the Lord for your life and your community we want to encourage you to continue to call and meet with others around you for prayer and to continue to go through the DW sessions together. You can also pray and ask the Lord is there is one session or principle that He wants you to press into and spend some time around that direction.

2. Many of you have set up a community site. We want to do a better job to serve your specific needs and requests. If you have not invited me into your group please do so so I can upload as needed items to your site. and you can ask me specific questions for your community

3. You will see the Transformation and Revival you long for in Kansas one Community at a time. Stay connected to each other and begin to focus on your assigned place on the wall. Transformational Intercession from a posture of humility and purity is critical. Our focus in on preparing to host His presence in ever increasing measure. Inquiring of the Lord is key, we need to be careful however that we are not only inquiring around specific needs or issues. Our first place of Inquiry should be around what he desires of us as we prepare the way for Him.

4. As you begin a new year I would suggest that this time be about a couple things:
FIRST - Begin/continue to gather and build a shared vision, pray and begin to go back over the 12 sessions and the next steps booklet together
SECOND - Seek to expand your ranks, cast the nets and share the stories and vision to as many as possible, give them copies of the mp3 to listen to and invite them into your time together.

Remember you are building toward the Community Encounter which is the High Bar of commitment until He comes. It looks like this will not take place fully until the Fall when we will be able to release all the materials. We are getting the completed Facilitator Guide that many of you leaders received in KC and will be sending that to you by the end of the month.

1. There will be another DW in Kansas in Liberal in March the 27 - 29. This would be a huge opportunity for you to get others from your community more connected to the message. I would strongly encourage you to begin to plan on sending or bringing with you a group from your community. You know the impact the message had on you and it will only serve to help you develop shared vision and focus with others.
2. Begin to pray about setting up a FIRE Tour to Manchester and Lynch KY in May. You can get more information at and look at FIRE Tours. Spots are limited so if you want to go as one Community we would need to hear from you in the next month or so.

Blessings to each of you. I look forward to what the Lord will do this year.

December 6th, 2013 Rick Torrison Merry Christmas,
As you are preparing to celebrate the birth of our Savior I want to thank you for your commitment to the Lord and encourage you in the journey.

One of the principles we talk about is distraction. I am sure we all can relate to the power of distraction in this season. There are many good things we can be about but the key is what are the few things God is wanting us to be about. It is a daily discussion I have with the Lord.

Remember what it is you are seeking! Ultimately it is not healing, justice, salvations, revival or even transformation. What we must be about is seeking Jesus, His presence and His purposes. Do not be discouraged or grow weary in well doing. This journey is not about an event, program, moment or even a ministry. This journey is about a lifestyle, where our primary pursuit is personal holiness, humility and hunger. As we have shared with you, all our good ideas, programs and human activity will not result in that which we ultimately seek. Our God is not impressed with what we can do, He is not attracted to human initiative and planning, God is attracted to our posture, to clean hands and pure hearts. He is drawn to humility, holiness, true desperation and hunger. He is a jealous for you the question is how jealous are we for Him?

May we journey together as we prepare our lives personally and our communities corporately to host the King. Don't get distracted, Don't get discouraged, remember Hope with Expectation!

October 25th, 2013 Barbara Murphy The Manhattan Transformation Group meets every other Tuesday. We were led to take the off Tuesdays to fast and prepare our hearts. The Lord is so very good and He is ever present with us as we gather. We were all inspired by the conference call, Rick. Thanks! The Manhattan Project is generating power through the transformation of hearts. Barbara

October 25th, 2013 Rick Torrison It is a blessing and honor to serve with each of you. I am encouraged by your faith and obedience to the Lord. I use your journey in Kansas as I share with other communities around the nation.

Let me continue to encourage you in your journey to stay single focused and on your knees. We can put our gaze toward those things that need justice or we can put our gaze toward the one who brings justice. The first is not wrong or bad but the second is better.

I want to encourage you to read Exodus 33: 12-23
I am reminded this morning of Moses who told the Lord if you do not go with us then we do not want to go and God placed moses near him (v.21) in the cleft of the rock and passed by with all His Glory. Moses then came out from the cleft of the rock, God removed His hand and moses saw God's back. As if to say follow me, gaze upon me.
Moses did not get to see the face of God, His glory. His back was enough. His eyes were not on the troubles though they were many.

Today we are ones with unveiled faces able to contemplate the Lord's glory and therefore being transformed into his image with every-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord. (2 Cor 3:18)

We are given access to His face and when we focus there we will get His hands and justice comes like a river.

The Journey to Transformation is all about His face from which we are being transformed into His likeness. Transformation is always personal before it is corporate.

Continue steadfast, do not grow weary and remember you are able to join with all creation around the thrown encountering the ever increasing glory of out God (Rev 4). Seek First His Kingdom... (Mt 6:33).

A Matthew 9 fast is all about His presence and our prayers being first about our own desperation because He is not yet with us fully. It is the revelation of His absence and a longing for His return. When He comes He will bring healing and justice and salvation.

God bless each of you.

October 24th, 2013 Donna Lippoldt The Wichita group is happy to say the Lord called us to fast last Monday before Rick's teaching on Tuesday night. It looks like He's speaking to us and we are going to obey. Our group meets every Monday evening. That will be our fast day. We have made a commitment to pray: Lord, give us a heart for the lost, keep our hearts clean before you, and please release the spirit of adoption in Kansas. This group is committed and faithful. We have grown in unity and in love with one another.
You are all a blessing,
Donna Lippoldt

October 23rd, 2013 Kathy Weyrens Thank you Sue-I'd love to have you share what you are hearing from Him.

October 23rd, 2013 Susan Powers thanks for the update Kathy...appreciate your diligence (and Rick's also) in getting information to us across the state! Our leadership already fasts one day a week and then "reports" in a short email to one another what God has shown us during that fasting time. We are seeking God's pattern and set times for this Matthew fast also. We know God will meet us in our ability to reach for Him! Blessings...

October 23rd, 2013 Kathy Weyrens The Lord is speaking to several in the Unity Kernels about fasting as a regular part of our lives as we wholeheartedly seek God's manifest presence in our communities. I am encouraged that He is confirming His guidance to us. Some have already been fasting; let's all ask Him to guide us into a fast that He will give us grace to sustain until He comes. Matthew 9 tells of fasting when the bridegroom is taken away, implying a fast out of hunger and desperation for His presence. Rick Torrison suggested that we use the Life Appetite Test, being honest with ourselves about the level of our hunger for His presence.
Rick also shared information about the Matthew 9 Fast and 7 Basic Steps for Fasting, which are posted on this site.
The Lord has directed me to fast once a week. If you would like to share how He is directing you on this, your obedience will encourage others.


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