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Spiritual Warfare Attack Team (SWAT) In NJ

Meeting Location: To be disclosed
 Basking Ridge, NJ  
Meeting Time: Saturday 9:30 PM

We are a Holy Spirit-led group which focuses on intercessory and spiritual warfare for our nation and the state of NJ especially. We pray for God's agenda to be fulfilled for this nation. We pray against all wicked schemes of the enemy. We pray for unity in the churches and pray for the President of the US. We are looking especially for people who live in NJ, but all are welcome. Once a week, we will a live conference call meeting online. Our goal is to invade the gate of Hell and take territories back from the enemy. We focus a lot of Ephesians 6. The group is dynamic and bold. We will also provide free training to get you up to speed. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact me directly. We do our prayer meeting online through Shalom. God bless.
June 10th, 2020 Victoria Zee Father i come in the name of Jesus bringing thanks and praise unto You as Father, Creator, only true God, thank you for revealing yourself to Israel and through Christ, and through the WORD. Thank you for helping me to learn the truth and that have honored your word to me that those who seek You find You and Who the Son sets free is freed in deed. So Father i pray for all the residents of in every city in the state NJ, that you would do a work in their hearts and lives like you did in mine, that led me to seek you. Stir up a disgust in them of sin and give them a hunger for truth and righteousness and purity of heart, and a desire to read and your word and worship you in spirit and truth in obedience.. Father do a work in each and heart, clearly reveal the difference between religion and relationship, and let people know and understand that your desire is a one on one relationship with you, that no one else is really necessary although you have raised people up in the church and gifted them to teach and prophecy but the reality is you want us yo look directly to you, not to man, and that you are committed to helping each and everyone of us build a great relationship with you. Father deal with the crime and corruption of NJ, let the criminals be caught red handed and brought to justice, i pray for the police of NJ that you would help each and every one apprehend criminals in a humane but effective manner without brutality or abuse physically or emotionally, to hate the crime and to oity the criminal not despise them. deal with all forms of racism in NJ and help people to understand that YOU created the races from Adam and love us all the same, that none are superior in your eyes, father free the racially oppressed and give them the confidence and determination they need to see themselves as free not a victim, father raise up Godly and effective leaders and programs to assist with this and especially in the churches, Father break the cycles of sinful addictions of every kind,Help people to find peace and fulfillment in goodwill toward to and others. Father heal our government and judicial system. Let no criminals get off without justice and let no innocent be unjustly punished, provide every evidence necessary every time! Father expose and correct all the false doctrines in each and every religious denomination and church in NJ. Pour out your Holy Spirit and teach the people of NJ and admonish them in season and out of season, all including the children. Heal
Our families our marriages, our children our teens. Help people to rightly spiritually discern how to achieve that and how to overcome whatever is holding them back. Father greatly convict and save our politicians! End all corruption and give them wisdom to make good and righteous laws. Begin raising up
The next generation of Godly politicians. Father expose andvend all abuse and oppression of every kind in NJ, especially child abuse, human trafficking, pet abuse, Spouse abuse, convict the abusers and turm them to you for healing and heal the abused. This is alot to ask but is a small thing for you know how to reach and woo and fix each and every heart and each and every situation, and we pray you would do it. Help people respect you and themselves and others enough to resist sin and even loathe it and to see and love the beauty of Godly love toward everyone. Thank you for doing all this!!! We look expectantly to see you do all these things being in NJ! thank you!


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