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Floridians for Christ

Godly interceders praying for the November elections in Florida. Pray that lies, deception, corruption, and partisan manipulation be exposed. Praying for Godly goverment that reflects kingdom values. Praying for God-fearing believers to come together to promote peace and order in this election. Coming against all attacks of the enemy to create confusion as to the truth . I pray for Ron Desantis to be the next governor of Florida. I pray for Rick Scott to be elected Senator of Florida. I'm calling for a red psunami of all key Republican candidates be elected for it is God who establishes goverment and delegates this authority to mankind to accomphish His will on earth. Rom. 13:1 Glorifying Our Saviour!
September 6th, 2018 carmen gomez Heavenly Father According to Your Word in Matthew 16;19 I have been given the keys to Your Kingdom of Heaven and whatever I bind and loose on earth shall be bound and loosed in heaven. So I ask You to loose Your angels in great abundance into Judge Brett Kavanaugh, (wife) Ashley Estes,(daughters) Margaret and Elizabeth's Presence, the presence of his courtroom hearings, and their homes. Now I bind in the Name of Jesus Christ, all of satan's evil principalities and command them not to manifest and transfer into Judge Kavanaugh and his family's presence. You are our deliverer give Judge Kavanaugh the wisdom to be use as Your instrument during this confirmation process. If it is Your will Lord Jesus give Judge Kavanaugh the knowledge of what You would want him to say. I have faith in You Lord and I than You Lord for being in all decisions that are going to be made during his confirmation process. May all decisions and declarations be used to glorify You, Heavenly Father. I apply the Blood of Jesus over everyone present during the hearings. I ask You to loose Your mighty warring angels and leave them there to guard and protect all those involved in these procedure. To God be the Glory!!! In Jesus Name I pray.

September 2nd, 2018 carmen gomez

September 2nd, 2018 carmen gomez

August 31st, 2018 Jelena Fine Prayers for/against:
1. Voter fraud: Voter fraud has been especially bad in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and even parts of Miami-Dade (South Miami area).
Pray that these crimes are PROSECUTED

2. Red Tsunami: Praying for massive turnout of Republican and Conservative voters. Praying that the schemes of the other side are suppressed: they stay at home.

3. Positioning: Pray for DeSantis and Scott to triumph, as well as all righteous people in smaller offices.


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