A charter school teacher in Utah was placed on leave after boasting on social media about her “queer” talks with fourth-grade students.

In a video originally posted to TikTok, fourth-grade teacher Jenna Hall talks about her influence on past students at Renaissance Academy in Lehi, a southern suburb of Salt Lake City.

“My kids from last year are now in fifth grade and they come to visit me almost every day after school,” Hall said in the video. “And a lot of them are queer, because I am queer, and they figured it out, so I’ve become their safe space.”

Hall added that she saw those students playing popular board game “Guess Who,” but in “not a normal way.”

“They use things like ‘this person looks like a lesbian baddie who is going to come over make you dinner,’” Hall continues in the video and shows a card of a female character named Olivia. “Which character looks gay? Well, meet Mike.”

Her students are “figuring out who they are” and being “happy with who they are,” Hall said in excitement. “I could never imagine being in fifth grade saying these things out loud. I grew up super religious where nothing was okay, and so seeing this happen, I’m like, ‘Aah!’ but I’m also like, ‘Yay!’”… (Excerpt from The Epoch Times)


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