Teachers’ Union Boss Randi Weingarten Says Conservatives Are Working to ‘Undermine’ Teachers

“Conservatives are working consistently to undermine educators in this country,” Weingarten said at the New York State United Teachers conference this week. “They’re in the same race as we are between fear and hope, aspiration and despair, democracy and autocracy. And they’re doing this because our members worked so hard during COVID.”



A Twitter thread from AFT presented some of the other highlights of Weingarten’s address.


“I know how exhausted you all are,” Weingarten told NYSUT members. “But you continue this work because that’s who you are. That’s what this administration is trying to do: Help working families. This new #InflationReductionAct will help keep costs down, invest in the environment, lower drug prices.”

Referring to teachers’ unions as “trusted messengers” in a “post-truth society,” Weingarten said it is up to union members to “strengthen democracy.”.. (Excerpt from The Virginia Star)


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