Oregon and Utah have mandated GPS trackers be added to every electric vehicle so they can be taxed by the mile. Michigan is next.

The excuse for this is electric vehicles don’t purchase gasoline, and it’s gasoline taxes that pay for road maintenance. Obviously, this is the government’s camel nose wedging its way into the liberty tent. The end result will be much more sinister:

Here’s how the Utah Department of Transportation spins it:

Utah roads are maintained using taxes from gasoline sales. As vehicles become more fuel efficient and the number of electric vehicles grows, the Utah Department of Transportation and Division of Motor Vehicles is changing to a per-mile fee as a way for drivers to pay their portion of roadway operations and maintenance…

You will pay [one cent] per mile, deducted from the prepaid wallet, up to the amount of the flat fee. Enrolling in Utah’s Road Usage Charge program gives you access to DriveSync® for Utah DOT, an app that makes your driving safer and more productive through trip tracking and driving reports. (Excerpt from Breitbart.)



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