Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen announced on July 31 that more than 60 Nebraska Army National Guard soldiers will be deployed to the U.S.–Mexico border in Texas to support Operation Lone Star.

Mr. Pillen said in a press release that the troops will assist with securing the state’s border with Mexico for around four weeks, departing Nebraska on Aug. 2 and returning home in early September.

While in Texas, the group of soldiers will provide “additional observation and reporting near the border,” the Republican governor said, adding that this immediate assistance will aid the agencies that are currently in the area conducting security and law enforcement efforts.

“This mission is critical to the security of Nebraska as well as other states,” Mr. Pillen said. “We need to maintain the safety of our citizenry and stem the ongoing influx of illegal drugs, weapons, and criminals into our borders.” (Excerpt from The Epoch Times.)


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