A city councilman in Naperville, Illinois, suggested that residents of the affluent community begin to take migrants into their own homes as the city of Chicago, just 45 minutes west of the Windy City, has been repeatedly overrun by illegal migrants coming into the United States via the US-Mexico border.

Councilman Josh McBroom suggested that residents step up to take in migrants during a city council meeting on Tuesday. “In light of the fact, I’m not going to support using other people’s money to house or [for] aid. I do know that there’s a lot of people that do care, and I think we live in a compassionate community, so before we go down the road of, you know, following suit on some of these other cities are taking action on, my idea would be, let’s find out, let’s find out who’s willing to help,” the Naperville official said. (Excerpt from DC Enquirer.)


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