Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson recently attended a press conference discussing his team and his new record-breaking five-year contract with the team. During the conference, Jackson spoke of the incredible effect God and prayer have had on him, his life, and his career as a professional football player.

At the press conference, which was hosted on May 4th, Lamar laid out his goals as a quarterback. He is planning to finish his time with the Baltimore Ravens and “win a Super Bowl here.”

After the conference, Jackson took to Twitter where he posted, “THANK GOD” along with the hashtag “cantthankhimenough.”

This should not come as a major surprise, as Jackson has previously shown his devout faith as a Christian. Per Christian Headlines, Jackson previously appeared on ‘The Wunderkind Show’ encouraging kids who have struggled academically or to make sports teams to “keep God first.”

“You gotta keep God first [and] pray to God. You gotta be consistent with God,” Jackson said “It’s not like making a wish … like seeing a shooting star. … It’s not just one time. He’s gotta pay attention to all of us, [so] it’s not just you praying to God. All of us [are] praying to God.” (Excerpt from DC Enquirer.)


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