A Wisconsin pro-life organization that was firebombed last week says it keeps receiving death threats and harassing phone calls from pro-abortion radicals.

CBN News reports Wisconsin Family Action shared recordings of several of the phone messages it received, including someone singing, “Burn, little Jesus freaks! Burn, burn, burn!”

The pro-life organization is one of a number of pro-life organizations and churches that have been targets of arson, vandalism, threats and harassment since a leaked draft U.S. Supreme Court ruling shows the justices overturning Roe v. Wade.

Last week, someone threw a Molotov cocktail into the Wisconsin Family Action office, setting the building on fire and causing moderate damage. Local authorities said they are investigating the incident as arson. Vandals also spray-painted the words, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either,” onto a wall.

Micah Pearce, executive director of the organization, told Not The Bee that he and his staff have received several death threats and harassing phone calls this week. He shared an audio recording of one woman saying the “good Lord … took action” through the arson to show pro-lifers “an example of hell.”

Most of the messages were riddled with profanity and death wishes, telling the pro-lifers that they are “going to hell” because that is what “they deserve.” In another, someone described the arsonist as a “true American patriot.”

“You people are just utter filth of the planet,” one man said in a message to the organization. “And it’s too bad your whore mothers didn’t abort each and every last one of you. Hopefully, you all get cancer.”

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Jack Posobiec, a journalist at Human Events, shared an audio recording of several of the messages on Twitter. Warning: The content is disturbing…. (Excerpt from LIFENEWS.COM)


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