Pastor Jack Hibbs says that prayer in America dates back to colonial days, when the Founding Fathers knew they could never mitigate a man or woman’s heart “to pray, to be religious.”

And that spirit of religious freedom was cemented in 1791, as part of the First Amendment.

With more than 230 years of American history on his side, Hibbs was overjoyed, but hardly surprised by last week’s Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Joseph Kennedy, a former high school football coach in Washington state who sued upon being suspended from his job — after refusing to stop leading on-field prayers with players after games.

“We can invite people to join us [at the 50-yard line]. We can invite and exercise our First Amendment,” Hibbs said on Newsmax Sunday morning, while appearing on “Wake Up America” with hosts Carl Higbie and Amanda Brilhante.

“God bless America! This is an awesome judgment for our freedom,” he added.

Hibbs, also a best-selling author, believes the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Kennedy case (by a 6-3 decision) “takes us back to the good normal.”… (Excerpt from Newsmax)


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