RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — The North Carolina Legislature voted to successfully override six vetoes by Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday afternoon, putting the measures into law.

One of those was Senate Bill 49, the Parents’ Bill of Rights.

After the Senate voted to override, the House later overrode the veto of SB 49, enacting the Parents’ Bill of Rights into law.

“This legislation (SB 49) codifies the rights of parents and guardians to guarantee their direct involvement in their child’s education,” said Rep. Brian Biggs, R-Randolph, on the House floor during the override debate. “This bill brings much-needed transparency and openness to our schools.”

Sen. Amy Galey, R-Alamance, added, “Democrats want to keep North Carolina’s education system shielded from parental accountability. They want to use our schools to advance their partisan, political agenda instead of working to improve student outcomes. The Parents’ Bill of Rights fights back against those efforts. It increases accessibility to what’s being taught in our schools, notifies parents of the well-being of their children, and keeps school curriculum focused on core subjects.” (Excerpt from 11 Eyewitness News.)


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