Attorney General Jason Miyares said new regulations included in the budget will allow his office to crack down on the sale of “THC copycat” products – THC-infused edibles packaged to look like mainstream snacks. The announcement came after a warning from the FDA about the products, and after an April report from the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office that several toddlers were taken to the emergency room after exposure apparently linked to goldfish crackers laced with THC.

In a Wednesday press conference, Miyares’ staff showed 27 examples of copycat products from 10 separate geographic locations in Virginia.

“My personal favorites – I’m saying that in air quotes – is Trips Ahoy! Having three daughters, I have a large amount of normal-packaging Chips Ahoy! in my house,” Miyares said.

“This is not by accident. This is not somebody messing up the label. This is direct action, directly marketing products, directly to our children,” he said.

Consumer Brands Association General Counsel and Senior Vice President Stacy Papadopoulos said that the copycat products use famous companies’ brands and trademarks, often with only the letters THC on packaging to distinguish them from their legitimate counterparts. That makes it difficult for children to tell the difference. Additionally, labels often incorrectly identify the amount of THC in the product, and often don’t identify recommended serving sizes…. (Excerpt from the Virginia Star)


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