California’s 2021 budget allocated $12 billion to alleviate homelessness over two years, but the state has spent $23 billion over the last five years.

“Our residents deserve to know how (homelessness) dollars are getting there and how they are being invested. What’s working and what’s not, and I think we need to know that as well. Adding transparency will help both the state and local jurisdictions work together to figure out how to best spend these dollars going forward,” Senator Dave Cortese told the Joint Legislative Committee.

In a bipartisan request, California’s Senators Dave Cortese (D – San Jose), Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R – San Bernardino) and Roger Niello (R – Sacramento) and Assemblymembers Evan Low (D – Silicon Valley), and Josh Hoover (R – Sacramento) asked the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to authorize an audit of public funds intended for the relief of homelessness throughout the state.

“We would like to know how the state and cities use state, federal and local funds to address the homelessness crisis and how effective the investment of public funds has been to date,” the joint letter read. (Excerpt from Just the News.)




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