Actor and author Kirk Cameron told Newsmax on Thursday that more than 50 public libraries have refused his offer to hold a story hour for his new book that promotes “biblical values” such as peace and love.

Those same institutions, Cameron said while appearing on “John Bachman Now,” allow reading events for LGBT friendly books.

Cameron was on the show to discuss his new book, “As You Grow,” which is published by Brave Books.

“It’s a book to teach kids biblical wisdom through the seasons of life, and growing the sweet fruit of the spirit — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control,” Cameron told Bachman. “These are biblical values.

“I wanted to have a book reading at a public library, and over 50 woke libraries denied my book. At the same time, they’re hosting drag-queen story hours. And when I asked them why, or what we could do, one public library, in Rochambeau, Rhode Island, said, ‘Well, we’re a queer friendly library and our messaging does not align.’ ”

Cameron asked the library employee whether there was a process by which he could request to hold a story hour.

“They said, ‘You could fill out a form; you could reserve some space, but we will not run your program,’ ” he told Newsmax… (Excerpt from Newsmax)


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