According to the Illinois Attorney General, if the legislature fails to follow constitutionally-prescribed procedures, the court is not the proper venue for a complaint.

In response to a temporary restraining order (TRO) from 14th Circuit Court Judge Joshua Morrison against the Protecting Illinois Communities Act, lawyers for Attorney General Kwame Raoul wrote that “the 1970 Constitutional Convention … ‘determined that the legislature would police itself with respect to procedure’.”

On Monday, Raoul’s lawyers petitioned the court to rescind the TRO claiming that the plaintiffs failed to meet the legal threshold. In a statement released that day, Raoul expressed confidence that the new law would eventually be upheld in court.

“Over the last few years, my office has become accustomed to facing a barrage of challenges to newly-enacted state statutes and executive orders. As we have done previously, we are prepared to defend the Protect Illinois Communities Act in courtrooms around Illinois,” Kwame’s statement reads… (Excerpt from The Epoch Times)


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