Once again, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar – using fraudulent absentee ballots to win the Democratic primary held on September 12 of 2023. And once again, our corrupt political class and their acolytes in the media are circling the wagons – not so much to protect Ganim – but to protect the abuse of voting rights that keeps them in power.

This is the system that will be used in the swing states of the 2024 presidential election with the goal of the Democrats holding the presidency, no matter who the Republicans nominate.

Democratic challenger John Gomes had a significant lead of 3173 to 2644 until the absentee ballots rolled in. These ballots broke overwhelmingly for Ganim 1545 to 779 giving him the victory. Under Connecticut law, absentee ballots are supposed to either be mailed or placed into a drop box by the individual voter or his or her caretaker.

Of course, this law is ignored with zero consequences. Democratic operative Wanda Geter-Pataky was videotaped illegally stuffing absentee ballots into the voting bins on at least four occasions. Our feckless Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas blamed this event on “a few bad actors” and “an uneducated electorate.” Bridgeport Police Chief Roderick Porter was upset that the video was leaked. Which makes sense. If you are going to commit voter fraud, at least keep the videotape proving this under wraps as part of “an ongoing investigation,” our corrupt judicial system’s favorite excuse.

Governor Lamont with patrician bemusement stated he found the video “disturbing” but stated, “Don’t jump to conclusions.” Maybe he thinks the video of Ms. Geter-Pataky was generated by AI. Or maybe he agrees with Democratic chairman Nancy DiNardi that this is another opportunity to blame Donald Trump for lack of trust in our elections. (Excerpt from The Connecticut Centinal.)


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