South Dakota Democrat characterized abortion as an act of “killing” during a Thursday press briefing at the state capitol in Pierre.

While speaking about exceptions for rape, Democratic state Rep. Erin Healy, from Minnehaha County, warned that a woman might face risk of prison time “for killing her… her fetus.”

She questioned whether an alleged rapist would have to be convicted in court in order for a woman not to face prosecution for her abortion.

When it comes to other exceptions, I’m assuming that we’re talking about rape and incest here, it opens up a great area for what does a rape mean? A woman should always be trusted when they say that they were raped. But how would they prove that? Does it have to be in the court of law? If that rape is found … if it had gone to trial and the person was not convicted, would that abortion now be something where we’re putting a woman at risk for being imprisoned, for jail time for killing her… her fetus…. (Excerpt from


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