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The Rocky Mountain Vibes, an independent baseball team in Colorado, canceled its Family Night event where award-winning Christian singer Matt Hammitt was scheduled to sing along with his son, Bowen, due to objections to two pro-life organizations partnering on the event.

In an emailed response to The Christian Post, the group Save the Storks, which identifies as pro-family and pro-women, said they were informed that the Rocky Mountain Vibes had “received concerns from their biggest sponsor and threats from several sponsors that they’d pull their contracts if they went through with the event.”

“Family Night sponsors have been shut out,” Save the Storks added in a statement to CP on Friday, the day event was to be held.

The Rocky Mountain Vibes in Colorado Springs is part of the Pioneer League, which is an MLB Partner League, canceled the event just hours before the first pitch. … (Excerpt from The Christian Post)


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