The first Latin mass in over 50 years was held on the Delmarva Peninsula this past week.  

Delmarva is the Peninsula on the Eastern Coast of the United States that includes much of Delaware and parts of Maryland and Virginia.

Jake Smith, from WGMD, shared about this event in his Friday monolog at The Talk of Delmarva.  Smith was there with 20 or so others to celebrate the Latin mass.

Here’s a portion of what Jake Smith shared.  He said that the participants at the service were like-minded Roman Catholics who:

…reject church left-wing politics.  Like-minded Catholics who wonder why Pope Francis attacks church traditionalists while embracing enemies of the faith, such as Joe Biden and the China Communist Party.

You have heard me discussing this topic over the past couple of weeks and you may be already sick of hearing me talk about it.  Quite understandable.  In this age where many of us have already have had to surrender to the enemies of freedom, and the enemies of God and his natural law.

Yes, my friends, there are those Americans.  There are those Christians who are pushing back against our enemies and what transpired last night localling in a conference room in a hotel, provided all those attending mass with proof that God is helping us.

All we need to do is fight on His behalf….(Excerpt from The Gateway Pundit)



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