A multisite megachurch based in North Carolina has baptized 282 people in a single day, with all but three of the baptisms taking place at an outdoor ceremony.

Biltmore Church, a congregation with seven campuses in the Tar Heel State, held a mass baptism event at a property in Fletcher on Sunday, baptizing 279 people there. The church baptized three others at their morning worship services.

Devin Goins, who serves as pastor of Culture and Engagement at Biltmore, told The Christian Post that he believes “this can only be attributed to God moving in people’s lives.”

“Additionally, our team has worked through numerous personal conversations, and we devoted a large portion of the sermon a few weeks ago to the subject of baptism,” said Goins.

“Each person was individually counseled to ensure they understood the Gospel and professed Jesus as the Lord of their life. We hope to always be ready for when God moves so that as many can take their next steps as a disciple of Jesus.” (Excerpt from The Christian Post.)


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