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Submitted Prayers (1) for Tim Griffin

Tess K
July 18, 2023, 6:43 pm
Father, I pray for AR Attorney General, Tim Griffin, today. I pray for his salvation as well as for the salvation of his household. I ask for Your protection of him, his family and others he holds near and dear to his heart. Father, bless him for his recent stand, along with 6 other Attorneys General, signing the letter blasting Target for targeting children with transgender/satanist attire and products. Bless him as he is looking forward to combating big tech against the harvesting of our youth's identity through social media. Governor Sanders speaks positively about him. I pray he is worthy of her trust. I pray they are both worthy of our trust and Yours. Father, open their eyes to criminal behavior within their own camp. Help them to clean up the corruption swiftly. Father, You know his true associations during his many years in politics. Father, bless his decisions that positively undergird and represent Arkansas. In turn, block and dissolve any and all decisions that will bring our state into harm's way. Father, please work in and through Attorney General, Tim Griffin, to help set up Arkansas for success. Block any temptation to sell out our good state for the benefit of enemy's within and/or abroad. Bless You, Father. Amen.


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