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Little Rock, AR 72201-1061

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Submitted Prayers (1) for Leslie Rutledge

Teresa K
July 18, 2023, 2:01 am
Father, I just felt the nudge to pray that You will give Leslie Rutledge a sweet hug tonight. I pray she senses You and Your presence in a profound way. If she does not know You, I pray she will have every opportunity to do so. May this be true of her whole household. Father, I pray she will desire to do what You've called her do while she's in this office. May she work mightily on behalf of our own borders in Arkansas. Let not person, place or thing trespass over Arkansas' borders illegally. Any/all illegal activity taking place within Arkansas borders will be dealt swiftly via our amazing law enforcement. Crime will dissipate, not escalate. Father, please bless, fortify and protect all who are in place to keep the citizens of Arkansas safe. You have set boundaries in place, oh Lord, for a reason. Please bless the state of Arkansas to be at the helm representing law and order. And please bless and equip Lt. Governor Rutledge as she steadfastly works toward that goal. Amen. Thank You, Father.


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