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Submitted Prayers (1) for Jason Mumpower

Susan H
February 24, 2023, 2:56 pm
Father, I lift up Jason Mumpower before your throne! Your throne O God is established FOREVER in Heaven and Your Kingdom rules over all! May you be exalted High above the Heavens and your Glory throughout all the earth. Abba Father, the King's heart is in Your Hand! You turn it whether soever you will! May Jason come to know who you are in a richer, deeper, and fuller way. May He turn to you for wisdom and guidance and not follow the counsel of wicked and ungodly men who suppress the truth in all unrighteousness. May He NOT bow the knee to Ba'al or Mammon, in the Mighty Name of Yashuah of Nazareth. May he use honest weights and measures and not be influenced by flattery, fear of man, or bribery. May you give him clean hands and a pure heart to serve you. May you show him the narrow path that leads to life eternal. In the Mighty, Marvelous name of our Messiah Yahshuah and SOON-coming King! AMAD! - (Hebrew word and war cry to agree and stand with the Kingdom of Heaven on earth!)


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