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Submitted Prayers (2) for Shirley Weber

Herb J
June 21, 2022, 9:22 pm
Lord I pray that Shirley Weber would come under the conviction of your Holy Spirit and not be able to function and feel the terror you put in her heart , in the night, would be resolved ..and her hardness in her heart be softened and turn her from her evil ways-, in Jesus name..Amen
Sonya S
December 29, 2021, 2:15 pm
Heavenly Father, Great is your Name and greatly to be praised. I believe Lord that you are Lord of all and your wisdom stands forever. I pray for Shirley Weber. As the Secretary, of State for the State of California, may wisdom, righteousness, justice, and duty guide and direct her. I pray that she will know you as her Lord and Savior. I she will be commendable and honorable. I pray she will be trustworthy and honest. It is you Lord who arms with strength and makes our way perfect. Teach and train her in this position of Secretary of State. Lord please influence her office and cause the righteous to stand with our leaders in prayer and faith. Let the righteous pray for our representatives like Shirley Weber. I pray for her to judge rightly, to see correctly, to be fair and accountable in all that she does for the state of California residents.


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